Monday, May 21, 2012

congrats MUT Improv E!

our short form #improv show at @madeuptheatre (on webfacebook, yelp) yesterday evening was totally AWESOME.
our May 20th Improv E post-show WOO-HOO!
memories ... for me, a few fun games' (with list over here) memories include (but definitely aren't limited to) -
  • Story/Instruction Manual - a manual for "ball" - named harold or harolda ... LOVELY!
  • New Choice -  chasing a weasel ... chasing an antelope ... LOVED IT!
  • Replay - mary and contrary mary, way to take "recess" into the world of romantic comedy and horror! ... TOO FUN!
  • Boo-Yay! - fun suggestions ... especially enjoyed the "glasses" exchange.
  • Love Song - singing about inka who likes homework and wants to be a neurologist!
  • Playground Insults -  well, well, well ... "horrendous gorilla" didn't quite come to fruition but it was lots of fun!
  • Blind Line - having fun with the suggestion "lobster" and AIDS (uhm ... a bit of a wtf?! moment, and that's how improv goes!)
  • 185 - great way to wrap-up a show (... and oh! the suggestion of "engineer" definitely had a memorable punchline!)
see a SHOW and/or take a CLASS at Made Up Theatre!
thanks, again, made up theatre 
and fellow improvisors
for a fun time performing 
for friends and family!

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