Sunday, June 3, 2012

nutshell oct '10 - jan '11 ...

NUTSHELL will be recaps at the end of each month.* because of the random order of topics (well ... maybe except for weekend fiber breaks and bonus fiber breaks) i share on this blog, it helps out for my own reminiscing-ish.

october '10 ... shared blogkets (security-blanket-blogs) that i visited, journaling a little about my looking to SHED and CYCCYL, always several fiber breaks and pop culture related posts, just a few cubeopolis posts, several happy place posts, and just a few food related posts.  (time to roll over some food pics from facebook into a little blog post)

november '10 ... shared the blogket that i visited most this month, did a little CYCCYL, joined two efforts beginning in december, had quite a bit of fiber breaks (including several fave comedians) and pop culture moments, a bit of cubeopolis activity, started (re)cubicle (or r|cubicle) for sharing thoughts about returning to cubeopolis after 13 years, several happy place posts, a few food places, and began the visit with me section of nutshell. 

december '10 ... daily posts for reverb10, a few security blogkets, did a little CYCCYL via teleconference workshops, began healthmonth with team CDWL@edi, just a few fiber breaks including SNL bits and nostalgika, not much pop culture, not much cubeopolis except through a few reverb10 posts, several happy places, mini homage to friends, and several visit with me links.

january '11 ... daily posts listed in a mish-mash order. with the new year, quite a bit of getting in the groove for health month, the love project, and my your heart's desire goal setting. also, a new weekly effort of supporting 3 virtual friends as part of blogger bosom buddies (aka B3) - our way of encouraging each other in our inter-webs ventures. a few highlights included having an AWESOME new year's day FMK brunch moment with breakfast buds, seeing rex navarrete's live performance, starting an 8-week improv class, thinking about amy chua's tiger mom book, and my little share about initiating on-line dating contact with younger men. many fiber breaks this month!

* idea take from over here

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