Monday, June 11, 2012

week 2 MUTers #improv

MORE @madeuptheatre fun (on web, facebook, yelp, foursquare, youtube) as we wrapped up our second week of short form improv.

(4 games we played during week 1 over here - acronym-mania, hostage negotiations, chain murder, one eighty five)

six more games ... after a quick warm-up of interviewing between two players, we had quite a sprinkle of games using verbal wit, listening, scene work, and a l'il bit of guessing ...

  • BLIND LINES - scene game ... everyone playing leaves the room. lines of dialogue are collected from the audience and written on strips of paper that are then strewn around the stage before the players return. the performers do a scene, and every so often, they pick up a strip of paper with a line, read a line, and incorporate it into their scene.
    • Tips:  explore, say exactly what is on paper when you pick it up, don't make line more convoluted- just say it, make bold choices, WANT (!), develop strong relationships, create concise story lines, do scene transitions
  • DIME STORE NOVEL - scene game, give and take of focus ... with four players, one person is the NARRATOR (who  is the writer of the novel), while the remaining three players serve as CHARACTERS for the story/scene. after a first few set-up lines by the narrator, the other players being the scene. the narrator sets up the scene, may set up transitions, keeps the scene going and moving along. characters respond to the narrator's set-up.
    • Tips: make bold choices, characters give and take of focus, give gifts to each other, be mindful of the beat of the story
  • NAIVE REPLAY - scene game, l'il guessing (kinda) ... with four players, one player leaves the room, while the remaining three players do a scene as if the character, who is outside, is in the scene. when the player outside returns, the scene is replayed exactly the same way with the other player stepping into the scene and filling in/responding to the lines
    • Tips: remember your scene, keep dialogue short and concise, set-up a ton of action, guessing player does alot of "yes-sing"
  • NO YOU DIDN'T - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i kissed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* last night." and other players yell, "no you didn't" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE
    • Tips: think of word association, pun
  • WHAT'D YOU GET? - verbal wit ... a suggestion is given, and a player starts off by saying "i crossed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* with a *BLANK (player's choice)." and the other players yell, "what'd you get?" . . . then the player replies with something witty/PUNCHLINE
    • Tips: think of paired word association to create punchline, pun
  • LAST ACTION HERO/JOKE - verbal wit ... player kills someone with the suggestion and says a cheesy "action hero" line associated with that suggestion.
    • Tips: think of word association, pun
until next week
and more bold choices!

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