Friday, March 16, 2012

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brownian motion? equilibrium
yesterday's share ... after yesterday's meditation, post-pondering and creating, exercising, locking myself out of my home, and other morning comedy, i also submitted a proposal to present something (at a september 2012 conference by applied improvisation network) - AND that something that i'd love to share would be related to my blog post content of still pondering: share what?!...   

lather, rinse, repeat ... granted, i have been in a bit of a lather, rinse, repeat mode of contemplating, compiling, and creating - and now with a "trigger" of a yesterday deadline to share a proposal, here are a few tidbits from my submittal (within the prescribed word count limits) -
  • still ruminating
    my bio ... 25+ workforce years in government, consulting, utility, and self-employment, my philosophy involves servant leadership, improv, behaviors, and possibility. educated engineer, also life’s workplace explorer and storyteller, catalyst, connector of randomness.
  • session description ... A TED Talk style session, my presentation would be around “HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions to be the CATALYSTS of
    from BJ Fogg's Beavior Model site
    POSSIBILITY through SERVANT LEADERSHIP and IMPROV.”  (Title would be shorter) I have never given this presentation and would love to do so. I would incorporate the teachings and learnings of Dov Seidman, BJ Fogg, T2 Performance Solutions, Robert Greenleaf, and the principles of mentoring and improv. I would present my background of how I have come to believe that this approach to “share____” (term still to be coined to represent the “shared equilibrium” of communications) can be readily part of one’s creating a more positive workplace experience. And I would give examples of the do’s and don’ts. 
  • from T2 Performance Solutions
  • communications related ... It is a one-on-one type of interaction that has a basic framework while using the characteristics of servant leadership and the "rules" of improv play.
  • transformation related ... The one-on-one approach I have is rooted in existing workplace basics, yet involves engaging in a shared and vested interest in another workplace person’s personal and professional development and values.
  • a few more thoughts ... Frankly, because I am still in gathering all my thoughts, I am not sure if what I have (will have) would be a 5-minute or 15-minute session. I do believe I can share my session in 5-minutes (with practice, maybe kind of like an "Ignite" format).  However, I also believe that I can create a 15-minute session (or up to 15-minutes).

be the change ... with the theme of the conference, we were asked "does your program related to be the change? if so, how?" here is my response via wordle.


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