Monday, March 5, 2012

tiny habits - gimme more!

thanks again, @bjfogg ... i'm going for another opportunity to be part of 3 tiny habits this week. i shared about my initial experiences, i gots me some habits that have formed solidly and a few that i'm modifying and tweaking.

traveling this week ... i purposely signed up to see how i would fair with 3 tiny habits while on travel. i've chosen the following anchors and tiny habits, which represent a bit of tweaking from some of my initial experience ...

  • after i brush my teeth, i will floss one tooth.
  • after i take off my shoes, i will stretch my legs.
  • after i use the bathroom, i will stretch my arms.
recap of habits from initial experience ... i had 7 tiny habits, and 4 of those habits are part of the fabric of my life - 
  • after i sit down in my office chair, i will place my water glass next to my phone. ... i am a water-drinking-freak-a-zoid! LOVE. IT.
  • after i park my car at home, i will clean out one thing from my car. ... i am no longer driving around a secondary closet or mini-storage unit. i don't apologize for any disarray when passengers enter. what disarray?!
  • after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool. ... no more scavenger hunting in the morning before i go to work. i actually look forward to being relaxed before i start my morning commute to work.
  • after i use the bathroom at work, i will walk once around the floor before going back to my desk. ... this not only has stuck as a habit, i find myself choosing the longer routes, picking up my walking-pace, and even just making sure to get enough walk-time (rather than plopped in my office chair). AND i am as (or even more) productive.
tweaking habits ... meanwhile, there are a few other habits - primarily related to stretching and teeth brushing - that i'm tweaking, and this week's effort is my tweak week. i have not been feeling the anchors from before, so i'm trying out other anchors. the anchors i have chosen for this week should be fine - EVEN when i'm on travel. an interesting part will be how the habits stick when i'm back home, as well.

got anchors?!
get habits!

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