Sunday, March 18, 2012

wihtlft: as i get older ...

thanks @jenimvt @billn6 for yesterday's (saturday's) messages. though i wish we were next door neighbors, the 3-hour time difference and text messaging was awesome! and as a result, i'll start my short series of posts about what i have to look forward to ... based on whatever random thoughts collide and connect as i spend time on the web, e.g., emails, facebook, twitter, blogs, tumblr, ... inspired by our text messages and/or chats!
(NOTE: if you choose to read on, this post has references 
to scatology and "the change" ... just sayin')
what i have to look forward to ... as i get older,  inspired by this morning's web troll -
result? ... choices and aging. i started thinking about what choices i have as i get older - i can choose ...
  • to eat better, 
  • to exercise regularly, 
  • to decide how much social media to digest, 
  • whom to date,
  • when (and whether) i read my unread emails
... BUT i can NOT choose what perimenopausal / menopausal symptoms i have as i stroll into toward 50 years old next year. i fell down the interwebs menopausal rabbit-hole, curious about what choices i do NOT have. read on or don't read on, this is what i learned ...

. birthday . pro-choice . healthy habits . gathering information .  
. fiber . being a woman . menopause . symptoms . 
. hot flashes . poop . menopause . insomnia .

infographic me ... i looked for any infographics on my connecting the dots*. menopause? none. poop? yes, the facts about poop. sleep? yes, the secret to better sleep.

More Health and Fitness
News & Tips at Greatist.
* CONTEXT: because thoughts are like dots ... i like to connect them. sometimes the dots/thoughts relate (in the conventional sense), sometimes they don't (simply because others may not see the relationship), and always they make sense, at least to me, at the time i connect the thoughts.


  1. Shirlsd: I hope I never grow old (I am non-prime this year and next, but prime in 2014; that the year of 41). I know I will, but I hope not to.

    Be well and evidently sleeping is more important than I think.

    Bill N. in VT

    1. go figure re: sleep ... so many things to think about!


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