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make me ponder ... ponder indeed, as i commute back and forth from the east bay and sf. as shared over here, history of philosophy without any gaps is serious, cerebral, and entertaining for my ears. (smile) with a new episode every week,

pause and catch-up ... i have a bit of catching up to do with a total of 73 episodes today. i have made it through the presocratics, which means that is 14 episodes. indeed, i've got a tad more to go to catch-up, HOWEVER, i'm not rushing to do so. i'm revisiting episodes and checking out some recommended readings. helps to have the information sink in not just from ear-educating (audio) but also from reading and maybe, if i'm lucky, even discussing with someone(s).

recap tidbits ... i started listening earlier this year, and i have completed 14 episodes, which begins with the presocratics and starts with greek philosophy in 6 BC. and 6 BC? it's all about fragments. my very breathy, quickie, "t-shirt take-away"* for the first 12 ...
  1. thales of miletus ... water.
  2. anaximander of miletus ... infinite. (author of on nature.)
    anaximines of miletus ... air. 
  3. xenophanes of colophon, ionia ... fire????
  4. pythagoras of samos ... math.
  5. heraclitus of ephesus ... opposites. (also of the fragment - no man ever steps in the same river twice.)
  6. mm mccabe on heraclitus ... (interview with)
  7. parmenides of elea ... metaphysics.
  8. zeno of elea ... paradoxes. (and infinite division; one being)
    melissus of samos, elea
    ... infinite.
  9. democritus (atomist) ... space.
    leucippus (atomist) ...(teacher of democritus)
  10. anaxagoras (mixture) ... everything-in-everything.
  11. empedocles of acragas, sicily ... four roots (air, water, fire, earth), love, and strife
  12. m. scholfield on the presocratics from milesians to parmenides ... (interview with)

14 listened, 12 listed ... i am taking a pause to delve a little deeper into what i've had a chance to listen. and i'll just "batch" list episodes by the dozen. (as an fyi, 13 = the hippocratics; 14 = the sophists). for each episode, there are recommended further readings with each podcast. also, i can check in the stanford encyclopedia of philosophy and ancient greek philosophy.

philosophy pause? not quite ...
in my commute-ear now-a-days -
(his philosophical speak, i dig)

*t-shirt take-away: 
tid-bit that fits on a t-shirt

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