Monday, March 26, 2012

f|break: beagle-hamster

or hamster-beagle? either way, when i saw this commercial during a weekday and NOT on a saturday night (as in SNL time frame), i realized this commercial was a REAL commercial. trifexis. beef-flavored. for protecting your dog from parasites. even includes a list of side effects for which to watch out.

enjoy a commercial fiber break with a beagle (over here)
for ~ 1:02 min because even beagles need drugs (?!)

BONUS: enjoy a fiber break with a talking dog (over here)
for ~ 31 secs, a dog that is talking about the wrong drug
(acid or shrooms ... not likely weed)

"Hey Lindsay? I wish you didn't smoke weed. 

You're not the same when you smoke. 
And I miss my friend. 
I'll be outside."

one more commerical fiber break - SNL style (over here)
for ~1:27 min - classic turlington's lower back tattoo remover

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