Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wihtlft: as i get older ...

from aarp.org
well @jenimvt @billn6 ... as i continue recuperating, here is #2 of the series(?) after yesterday's post. and the dots i connected this afternoon - aging, early bird specials, generations, and ...

when i chatted with my mail man this afternoon, i realized i am going to continue getting mail (paper and electronic) - mail you all won't get for several years (unless you become a member). yup! with the half-decade mark in sight next year, i am eligible for ... wait for it ... membership with AARP. and i must say - COOL features and info on their website!

older workforce ...
a little side bar
- i learned that the fed's (as part of the age discrimination in employment act of 1967) define an older workforce member as one who is 40 years or older. (give THAT some thought)

AARP ...
formerly the american association of retired persons, i have learned AARP, for people 50 years and older, has quite the potpourri of stuff - lots of stuff. feel free to peruse AARP; for now, here's my quick tour for you -
my peeps and my generation ...  well, i can only imagine the discussions my friends and i will have as we - the mish-mash of late baby boomers, gen x, millennial interests - will be discussing. we already talk about our creaking joints, being asleep before 11 pm (heck, before 10 pm), new-found knowledge about a fiber-rich food, and reunions. though we are not quite spring chickens, we have our spirit - and soon, maybe we'll compare our drawings from the AARP expressive drawing course.

infographic me ... may as well have some sort of template for this "series", so here's an infographic - generation related. hmmm ... looks like some adult millennials may not be getting enough sleep. 

Created by: MBA Online


  1. I was excited to see deals available in my nation, the Second Vermont Republic. Unfortunately being less than 100 years old limits my interest in seeing something called "San Francisco Jazz." Everybody knows jazz is either from New Orleans (pre-1950) or New York (ever since, forever hence). Yes, I'm a jazz snob. SF has lots of good things including Shirlsd, but jazz is not a legitimate export.

    Bill N. in VT looking forward to another 60 years of living so I can enjoy "San Francisco Jazz."

    1. i'll save a seat for you and jen! ha!

  2. I just might be too old to understand that graphic about media usage!

    1. you are NOT too old ... it is ... what it is. lots of data kind of crammed in to a comparative image - which you gotta really decide the story being told to you. i'll try to interpret something from it and share (if i have a long enough attention span).


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