Thursday, March 22, 2012

unleashing soulwork ...

image from bindlestiff studio
thanks @MaxaliShines ... you don't know me (yet), but i'm glad we have a friend in common.

i don't think i've been bit by the performance-bug (if there is such a bug), however, i do believe this "bug" is part of my 3 words shared earlier this year - believe, foresight, expressive. (and in fact, now i am wondering how close or far the idea of performance is from the desire to be expressive.)

expressive ... i am creatively expressive. writing and speaking are my first go-to places for being expressive. i'm chugging along to create and experience these opportunities. also, i have started my second year of improv with made up theatre. i have my little brunetti cartooning tidbit. and a few other express-yourself ideas brewing, such as aarp's expressive drawing on-line course.

coming sooner ... soulwork: creating, acting, living begins april 1 (afternoon) for 6 sunday afternoons, and signing up is easy. created and taught be nicole maxali (on web, twitter, facebook, youtube), this workshop will be at SF's bindlestiff studio. nicole shares -
"Inspired by books like The Artist's Way and real life experiences, this experiential workshop includes reflective writing exercises, improv games, scene work and theater basics to help participants get out of their own way and manifest their deepest desires. By being in the moment, actively listening (to oneself and those around you), finding your true intentions and taking risks, you can become a better actor and if the world is a stage better you as well."
expressive inventory ... for me at this time, blogging, improv, cartooning, soulwork, long walks, journaling, and meditation are those activities i have engaged that come to mind.

and for my dear @TKSaville (aka tracy, on twitter), creator of the digital magazine LeadingPossibilities, i will indeed give birth to writing what tracy likely already has seen in my future, while i work on my unleashing the thoughts from my head with the passion of my heart through the fingertips on my hands! (virtual hugs, tracy!)

what does expressive mean to you?
how do you express yourself? 
and if you don't, why not?

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