Thursday, March 8, 2012

just checking in ...

... before i check-out from las vegas - a short 3 night trip. a cubeopolis trip. and as a non-gambler, no gambling losses to speak of. just eating, shopping, and doing cubeopolis stuff. no shows this time around. coming back? yes.

work travel much? ... meh. i used to travel quite a bit, pre-cubeopolis, a.k.a. when my boss was the voices in my head. however, not-so-much now-a-days. the voices in my head are dormant, and i don't have many cubeopolis-reasons for travel. when i used to travel, i was quite the organized and streamlined traveler - even with last minute request to fly across the country - overnight, couple of days, or extended stays (where i'd prefer a nice kitchenette). oh the memories! meanwhile, thanks to a fellow cubester, l.a.g., who sent me a nice picture to brighten up my travel moments!

and now, before i bolt home,
time for a little shopping at the forum shops
and seeking out a s'mores mocha!
from august 2007, san diego


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