Wednesday, March 14, 2012

f|break: franco ramble

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yes, james franco (on imdb, whosay, facebook). i shared back in april 2011 a fiber break blog post with a few videos of franco on the colbert report and SNL. (chuckles)

crushing franco? ... hmmm, i don't think so because it's not like my mike rowe crush, though there is something about franco. je ne sais quoi. maybe it was his sleeping in a class. (it reminds me of when i fell asleep in a college lecture in the first row (front and center) during one of my classes; i knocked over a full cup of orange juice. i respect sleepers!) anyway, while i'm figuring that out, here's a franco funny or die clip about his ucla commencement speech - not.

enjoy a fiber break of james franco (over here)
for ~ 5:57 minutes on funny or die

college ... it takes minds into space like a rocket 
(this is where i get my jetpack, fire it up, fly over the audience)
who doesn't fucking fall asleep in class?
go out and make babies

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