Friday, March 2, 2012

f|break: bat-stalgic

THANKS @therealadamwest for my morning of nostalgia. i was thinking about the batman movie, the version back in the day - the 1966 movie - when adam west (on twitter, web, facebook, imdb) and burt ward (on imdb) were witness to the united world organization's security council members "transformation" - each was dehydrated and then re-hydrated, albeit not quite their original selves.

quote-a-licious ... why did batman pop up into my head this morning? i think it is part of in-my-head jibber-jabber - an extension of a conversation i had with a friend early yesterday morning, which included references to philosophy, ayn rand, coal-fired power plants, mnemonics (mister wet pets), and my friend's sharing of ...
"... the more implied importance you assign to [a person], the greater independence they will assume and the more difficult they will be to manage toward the established goals of the more informed."
... i have no idea if my friend watched batman (back in the day). however, whether he did or did not, SO worth the checking out the imdb movie quotes for the batman movie. meanwhile ...

enjoy your morning fiber break with batman (on imdb)
for ~ 3:04 minutes of movie trailer fun ... POW!

BONUS enjoy a fiber break with batman and robin (over here)
for ~ 3:46 minutes ... precisely robin!

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