Wednesday, March 7, 2012

tiny habits - just before hump day

well @bjfogg, this second time around with tiny habits is a bit unlike the first timefor which i believe in my first experience, i hit the mark each day with my anchors and the tiny-ness of my habits.

two days into this week, my 3 tiny habits have been -

  • after i brush my teeth, i will floss one tooth.
  • after i take off my shoes, i will stretch my legs.
  • after i use the bathroom, i will stretch my arms.

bravo-ish! ... my little victory-awesomeness cheer has been exercised when doing my habits, albeit not 100% of the time.

  • day 1 - accomplished each of my tiny habits
  • day 2 - accomplished 2 of my 3 tiny habits consistently
super habits ... in my daily report, for day 1, i did share that i am on travel. i learned a new "term" when bj fogg responded - 
travel is really tough on habits. 
if you can do these habits, then they are what i call "super habits" - things you do no matter the situation.
swirling thoughts ... indeed, after my day 2 experience and thinking about how i am making an effort to develop a my tiny habits, i shared the following - 
i am on travel, and i appreciate [bj fogg's] comment about "super habits" - for which i have come to realize a few things:
  • visualization - i am thinking that my "visualization" for preparing for tiny habits was too "specific". that is, i actually envisioned my taking off my shoes at home (after coming home from work, from socializing, from exercising, e.g., familiar home environment settings). my tiny habits seem simple enough. i was thinking it's not a difficult thing to do while i'm on travel, BUT i realize the setting/environment is different enough. i've been (re)visualizing in a "generic" context setting - JUST the anchor and action.
  • blog post with tiny habits written - HAVING written the tiny habit AND a "public place" (blog) makes a difference for me.
  • my "n" on my tiny habit "bathroom / i will stretch my arms"
  •  - i have actually done this habit MOST of the time, today, HOWEVER, i reported "n" because i did NOT do it when i arrived back at my hotel room and used the bathroom. i just wanted to freshen up, change attire, etc, and completely forgot to stretch. in fact, i realized it because i opened up this email and reported my results. HOWEVER, at the work venue where i spent most of my day, i stretched afterwards each time - usually after i dry my hands.
  • awesomeness - i have not been consistent with the "awesomeness" celebratory statements and "happy dance". i do believe this makes a difference to celebrate, as you have advised and shared.  
SIDE NOTE: from my other existing tiny habits, VERY HAPPY that i continue to "touch my water glass" (aka drink water), i have a designated area in my hotel room to "corral" my work bags, and i'm getting my walking in! in fact, i am STILL celebrating these when i do them!

got anchors
getting habits
celebrating victories

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