Thursday, March 15, 2012

still pondering: share what?! ...

just share yourself

through servant leadership and improv
my morning thoughts after meditation ... while i am still in creating mode, i ponder the similarities of servant leadership and improv, i am very much interested in the ONE-on-ONE interactions that spurs those small cultural shifts - which frankly are the CATALYSTS for more palpable shifts. while i am sure others have explored servant leadership and improv, i am glad to be part of the exploration, and i intend to bring my little nifty tools to share with others. as i shared in my final paper with the greenleaf academy -
"By observing and reflecting on my workplace, I intend to explore the use of language – written, verbal, artistic expression – to affect workplace satisfaction. Three topic areas that I am pursuing include: systems ... storytelling ... philosophy."
For Now, I Choose the Petri Dish:
Unwritten Rules and Alphabet Soup
key practices paper, p. 1
key practices paper, p. 2

honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived  invention ... listen ... connections cannot be avoided ... respect choices made by others ... accept and build ... avoid preconceived notions ... welcome the silences ... there is action in thought ... reflect each other's ideas .
patience, perseverance, POSSIBILITY, and dogged belief ... i believe very much that one person can and should make a difference. and i further believe that sharing is part of making a difference. moreover i believe that HOW i have experienced making a difference (and continue to do so) - through lessons learned, from mentors, from observations, from family - can also be experienced by others. 
i believe a person can make a difference
in what may seem like an indifferent 
(or to some, uncaring) workspace.

choose BEHAVIORS ... in particular, because of the cubeopolis world that many people are part and participate, i recognize the healthy and unhealthy behaviors among various interactions. i have contributed both to the healthy and unhealthy - and i am continuing to strive to choose healthy. (every once in a while, i eat the figurative cubeopolis bag of chili fries, but at least i realize i have made the choice to do so and will experience whatever outcome from doing so.) although arguably rooted in my own value system, it is fair to say that within the context of cubeopolis's written and unwritten rules, the intent is to have a fair and happy cuebopolis culture. and likewise, such a culture would be rooted in its own value system.

LISTENING ... empathy . healing . awareness . persuasion . conceptualization . foresight . stewardship . building community . commitment to the growth of people . self-awareness . changing the pyramid . developing your colleagues . coaching, not controlling . unleashing the energy and intelligence of others .

as i re-read my morning's post-meditation yip-yap, 
i believe i'm moving toward...

HOW to BEHAVE in ONE-on-ONE interactions 

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