Sunday, July 1, 2012

@healthmonth for july

my #healthmonth themes include ... increasing veggies, fruits, seafood ... more body movement and relaxation ('cuz my reward is some personal health device for which i've been leaning toward fitbit, however, now i'm considering fuelband) ... new rules involving more anthrocubeology ... and classic rules that still are not quite habits for me. and big THANKS to the founders of Team CDWL@edi and our evolving team members for keeping it real!

i'm gonna have a weekend get-away 
after i rock july's health month

it's not about the number of rules ... although the 24 rules below that i have chosen may look like too much, in fact, i've been chipping away at them for several months ...

happy dance ... using tiny habits, accountability partners, and a little girl squirrel celebratory moments keeps me chugging along! several rules are listed to remind me of the awesomeness of what i'm working on (okay, a little self-congratulatory, and why not?!). also, several "don't" rules (aka "allow ...") are listed as a reminder for the summer month of barbecue, summer gatherings, and lazy days after work.

and most of all, i appreciate the support 
of other health month players - 
offering fruit, encouragement, and tips!

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