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weeks 4 + 5 MUTers #improv

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fun (on webfacebookyelpfoursquareyoutube) as we wrapped up our fifth week of short form improv (and advanced long form improv). while we are a fun group of players, WE MEAN BUSINESS! (... with a smile, of course)

short form MUTers mean business!
(not pictured: carmen, will)

past weeks' games 

week 1 over here (4 games) - acronym-mania, hostage negotiations, chain murder, one eighty five. week 2 over here (6 games) - blind lines, dime store novel, naive replay, no you didn't, what'd you get, last action hero/joke. week 3 over here (5 games) - rhyme it, irish drinking song, love song, one eighty five, no you didn't, last action joke/hero, world's worst, pick-up lines.

weeks 4 + 5

it is wonderful to be back after missing weeks 3 and 4. week 4 included warming up with gibberish/mime, and there were 5 games, of which there were 2 new ones - foreign movie, five things - were introduced. week 5 included intense warm-ups with drills (of pairs and thengroups of four) practicing gibberish/mime (3 things ... as we work up to 5 things), and there were 3 new games introduced - four square, hey waiter, and i can do better. the following includes all the games (even refreshers) - 

FOREIGN MOVIE - gibberish, scene game ... players performing a scene speak in gibberish; other players translate ("dub") in regular english. those translating can make statements that contribute to the scene's story as the players continue the scene in gibberish.

some short form MUTers
take this sh** seriously!
(not pictured: carmen, will)
FIVE THINGS - gibberish, guessing, time limit ... one player leaves the stage; a suggestion of an activity is sought form the audience. then five things about the activity are changed. during week 5, we guessed the activity and changed two things. so for instance, the activity was robbing a bank, the gun/weapon was changed to a corvette, and the money was changed to a squirrel. (we are working our way up to 5 things.)

LOVE SONG - singing ... players sing a song (ABCB) to an audience member based on the person's name, occupation, and hobby.

WORLD'S WORST - verbal wit ... given an audience suggestion, players line/semi-circle up and one steps up with a witty/punchline of worst possible ways of doing/being what the audience suggested. other suggestions also are asked again of the audience through the playing.

I KISSED A (. . .) LAST NIGHT / NO YOU DIDN'T - verbal wit ...  a suggestion is given, a player starts off by saying "i kissed a *BLANK (from suggestion)* last night." and other players yell, "no you didn't" . . . then the player replies with something witty/punchline.

short form MUTers all smiles!
(not pictured: carmen, will)
FOUR SQUARE - scene game ... four players begin with each at the corners of the stage. suggestions for each of the 4 pair combinations are sought from the audience. two-player scenes are performed between the pair of players that is in the front of the stage. each combination of pairs does a short scene based on the suggested words. the host directs the players to rotate (left or right) and the pair at front stage performs their scene (with time having passed). 

HEY WAITER - verbal wit ... an audience member is front-center on stage as a restaurant customer. given an audience suggestion, players line/semi-circle up; each player is a waiter. the customer states, "hey waiter, their is a *BLANK (suggestion)* in my soup." each player/waiter comes up with a witty/punchline in response to the customer's compliant. 

I CAN DO BETTER - scene game ... a scene between two players begins based on an audience suggestion accepted by the host. other players watching the scene can challenge one of the performers by yelling to the host "i can do better". the host acknowledges the challenger, and the challenger states "i can (. . . verb . . .) better than (. . . whatever is being performed by a player on stage . . .) ". if the host accepts the challenger, the performer is tapped-out by the challenger, who then continues the scene.

i can do that!
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