Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PR prepping

what are their names? ... @jenimvt, it's THAT time - project runway's episode 3 on product placement lifetime t.v. is THIS week, and soon you must CHOOSE. here are the chosen few who began the season -
from lifetime's PR site over here
your choices ... after this week's episode, choose who will be part of the following categories -
  • pair 'em up ... "who will go first between X and Y" predictions, e.g., we agree on "pairs" of people remaining after episode 3 and decide who will get eliminated first among each pair 
  • drama ... pick the 2 who you think will be part of the meltdown / quitting in the middle of the night, as described on lifetime's PR blog and on TLo's post over here
  • revisit / readjust ... after epi 9, we'll revisit pair 'em up and can readjust for final 3 (but you'll lose a few points)
  • tail end ... final 3 and final 4 (in case PR throws a curve ball)
  • winner ... not gunnar (or maybe i'm wrong)
point system and reward(s) ... i'm still working on that, kind of a wait-wait-don't-tell-me approach or progressive point or trade in points or ...  i dunno, yet. any ideas? meanwhile, perhaps the reward(s) can be from the PR lifetime shop. let's decide how we'll treat/shop for ourselves.

nicknames, row & number, or point to your screen ... we can practice learning their names (maybe) or simply use the fun monikers that david dust and/or tom and lorenzo provide. meanwhile, going into episode 3, the remaining potpourri PRers -
at the end of episode 2
recap fix ... as for recaps, nope, i won't be doing recaps because a other bloggers provide them just fine on their blogs -
david dust blogging PR recaps OVER HERE

tom & lorenzo multi-posts PR recaps OVER HERE

Team BPR, blogging project runway with PR recaps OVER HERE
- and i will provide links on f/b posts, as well as epi updates here on shirlnutkin. need more to read? other PR perspectives
monikers ... (because it's easier that way, sometimes) here are monikers (to date) poached from ddust and TLo -
  • row 1
    • 1 - alicia ... sapphic sister with the dreads
    • 2 - andrea ... professor cat lady
    • 4 - buffi ... buffi the taste slayer, betsey johnson on acid
    • 5 - christopher ... costello-lite (as in michael costello)
    • 6 - dmitry ... ballroom dancer
    • 7 - elena ... the other freaky chick
    • 8 - fabio ... freegan, dumpster hipster
  • row 2
    • 1 - gunnar ... evil gay, quentin w. sweetcrackers
    • 2 - kooan ... frokeman
    • 4 - melissa ... goth ashley-kate
    • 5 - nathan ... earnest dude in nerd glasses
    • 6 - raul ... (hmmm ... didn't catch a moniker for him)
    • 7 - sonjia ... tootie
    • 8 - ven ... jedi master of designers, rami of the season
okay, get ready to make your selections
after this week's episode 3

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