Saturday, August 4, 2012

PR nutkin game prep

#ProjectRunway ... as we prepped (over here) for heading into episode 3 of project runway, there were 14 (fourteen) remaining designers.

at the beginning episode 3, these were the remaining designers
see more about each at lifetime's PR site over here
getting ready for epi 4 and game ... this post is for shirlnutkin'rs playing the PR nutkin game - info about the point system, status on reward(s), and monikers - a reminder about designers' monikers given by other bloggers so players can become familiar with the designers.
  • row 1
    • 1 - alicia ... sapphic sister with the dreads
    • 2 - andrea ... professor cat lady
    • 4 - buffi ... buffi the taste slayer, betsey johnson on acid
    • 5 - christopher ... costello-lite (as in michael costello)
    • 6 - dmitry ... ballroom dancer
    • 7 - elena ... the other freaky chick
    • 8 - fabio ... freegan, dumpster hipster
  • row 2
    • 1 - gunnar ... evil gay, quentin w. sweetcrackers
    • 2 - kooan ... frokeman
    • 4 - melissa ... goth ashley-kate
    • 5 - nathan ... earnest dude in nerd glasses
    • 6 - raul ... (hmmm ... didn't catch a moniker for him)
    • 7 - sonjia ... tootie
    • 8 - ven ... jedi master of designers, rami of the season
PR nutkin game among shirlnutkin'rs ... a few shirlnutkin'rs have already chosen who they think will win, who will be the final 3 (or 4), who will have a meltdown (as described on lifetime's PR blog and on TLo's post over here), and "who will go first between person X and person Y" predictions. and before each episode, each shirlnutkin'rs choses who s/he thinks will win and will be AUF'd.

point system ... well, it's gonna look/read complicated, but it's not. it's just adding and subtracting. plus point(s) for choosing correctly, minus points if your winner is AUF'd before his/her time, and even more minor points if you reverse the order of who wins and loses on an episode. keeping in mind that i will do the math each week, here you go -
  • STARTING OUT: just because you are plahing, ADD TEN points
  • WINNER: if your winner is prematurely AUF'd, MINUS ONE point beginning the episode your winner is AUF'd and for each episode afterwards (until episode 10)
  • FINAL 3 (or 4): if your final three remains, ADD ONE point each episode they remain (and this includes your bonus person).
  • DRAMA FUGITIVES: if your primary two flee, ADD FOUR points. if a primary and your bonus flee, ADD TWO points. if one of your primary picks fled, ADD ONE point.
  • PAIR 'EM UP: if you chose correctly, ADD ONE point.
  • EACH EPISODE WINNER & LOSER: if you chose winner only, ADD ONE point. if you chose loser only, ADD ONE point. if you chose both correctly, ADD TWO points. if your winner and loser pair were reversed, MINUS THREE points.
reward(s) ... still not clear on what the reward(s) will be  an be from the PR lifetime shop. let's decide how we'll treat/shop for ourselves.

send in your survey picks ... get it outta the way - just make your picks. you can re-adjust after episode 9. sure that is six episodes away, but hey ... it's just a reality t.v. show on lifetime.

recaps ... meanwhile, don't forget to check out those who recap.
david dust blogging PR recaps OVER HERE

tom & lorenzo multi-posts PR recaps OVER HERE

Team BPR, blogging project runway with PR recaps OVER HERE
need more to read? other PR perspectives-

next shirlnutkin PR post ... 
epi 3 results, recap links, and prelim picks

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