Sunday, August 19, 2012

r|alex refresh friday

dessert, dinner, a show... that's how my weekend started. i was not in cubeopolis on friday, so thursday became my work-week-friday; friday became my feels-like-saturday. then back on track with saturday as saturday, etc.
natural licorice at
mr and mrs miscellaneous
i spent friday morning out and about with my mom (and an auntie visiting from hawaii) for her appointments. (question: what does one do when a man is flirting with my mom and my auntie in the hospital lab waiting room?)

dessert ... eventually i made my way to s.f. to begin a night out which started in the dogpatch neighborhood (the story of...) - dessert at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (on facebook, yelp, google+, 2012 best of) for a scoop of turon-flavored ice cream of banana ice cream with caramel tidbits (based on the filipino dessert turon, on wiki). and after ice cream, i tried out their natural licorice - each of the four flavor offerings.

chicken parm at guido

dinner ... then by simply walking across 3rd street on 22nd, just a block away, had dinner with girlfriends at the pop-up restuarant guido (on facebook, yelp, grub street) at just for you cafe (on facebook, yelp, web). guido pops up on wednesday - friday nights. my dinner choice? classic chicken parmigiana (plus green beans, sphaghetti). i also tried their arancini fritti (saffron risotto, house made pork and beef, and fried with lots of lovin'). oh ... and some chianti among the gals. (gulp, gulp, gulp) side note - the co-chef couple includes stephanie, who is the daughter of a good friend of mine from high school.

show ... then two of the three of us gals headed over toward our next destination in the financial district. but before the show, we stopped by the old ship saloon (on web, yelp) for a pint (i tried the poppy jasper amber ale) and to meet a few other show-goers. then we foooted it over to eureka theatre (on web) for the 10 pm show at the 2012 san francisco improv festival (on web, facebook, twitter) - five play improv (on web, facebook) and of sketch comedy performed by killing my lobster (on web, facebook, twitter).

killing my lobster

five play improv

five play improv (L to R): ben, dustin, bobby, sean

audience story suggestion? ... let me tell ya, alex ... five play improv treated us to their long form improv based on the audience-suggested-story-title that went something like - flip that mother f***er. (yes, that suggestion beat out the bicycle chef and one other suggestion, which i forget)

more r|alex refreshing 
as i continue to relax!

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  1. I just did my second Level II improv class and we played 5 things.. although it was only 3 things since we are new. I'm not sure how I did it, but I successfully got my teammate to guess "cheerios". That was a major breakthrough for me and am very happy about it. It's getting more and more fun!


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