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PR epi5 - nutkin'rs scores & recap links

#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs proclaimed their chosen few for episode 5, and i watched the epi5 while eating french fries - stress eating (ugh, team six!). two teams were pulled together -
"... to create a cohesive line of professional women's wear for the sophisticated and fashionable woman ... directed your own photo shoot ...winning team's photo will appear in a fashion spread on the pages of marie claire @ work" ~ heidi on the runway
how'd nutkin'rs survive their predictions for epi5?
scores after episode 5
Bravo (errr lifetime?) to you, pho queen!
from last place (over here) to first place
(what a different a week makes?!)

episode 5 happenings ... check out the recap links below for a flavor of the episode. among the two teams, the freakin' teams tied, so all the designers were up for winner and loser, so it's not like the winner was from the winning team, blah-blah. (WHATEVER! yawn) and for the curious, here were the teams -
  • team six - alicia, dmitry, elena, melissa, raul, sonjia
  • team five -  christopher, fabio, gunnar, nathan, ven 
- and listening to team "EEO" six yip-yap was one-french-fry after another-french-fry of stress eating. (ARGH!) go figure, after seeing the initial composition of team five (the boys!), i thought team five would be the more annoying. not so much, as it turns out. NEVERTHELESS, team six's photo shoot made marie claire @work. and after the runway pro forma, here are the remaining designers -

heading into episode 6, these are the remaining designers

some epi5 yip-yap-quotes for my earholes ... we're missing a bag (elena) | ... and i'm not a f**kin' tailor (gunnar) | boy, that was lackluster (tim) | even if they say they like her, they hate her (dmitry) | ... is one way monkey ... oh no, he's one trick pony, that's what i meant (dmitry) | i can feel the tension from team six (nathan) | gunnar, i don't love this one, explain this (heidi) | i just don't like that top; it's a dull idea (joanna coles - guest judge) | ... BUT my faves -
"... because i was anticipating walking into a hot mess"  ~ tim
"... dress came down the runway ... two puppies wrestling in a sack"  ~ joanna
details, details ... with the nutkin'rs' predictions for episode 5 and pair 'em ups, here are the details to applaud and encourage each nutkin'r -
(click on table to read the predictions)
dishing about the details ... for each of the five nutkin'rs and their standing at the end of epi5 -
  • pho queen + 8 points for 1st place ... came completely from behind in 5th place (last week) and now leads the pack in 1st place. AWESOME job on predicting both winner AND loser, which gotcha a total of 4 points!  
  • harold's girl + 3 points for 2nd place ... just 0.50 behind pho queen. last week, harold's girl's 1st place showing was from her psychic prediction of both winner AND loser. 
  • squirrel + 5 points for 3rd place ... now running in the middle of the pack. 
  • zoe's buddy + 5 poings for 4th place ... breaking last week's tie with shiny penny. solidly 2.0 points ahead of shiny penny, esp. because of choosing raul across the board for being auf'd before others AND for being auf'd in episode 5. quite committed!
  • shiny penny + 3 for 5th place ... just 2.0 points behind zoe's buddy, missing out on a point by choosing elena over raul in the pair 'em up.  
looking toward epi6, in the pair 'em ups, points will fly if elena is auf'd. right behind elena are alicia, fabio, and christopher. i'll be coming up with a few more pair 'em ups (gunnar and nathan pairs). and if that ven keeps on with his "one way monkey", well ...  (yes, i chose ven as the winner; just sayin')
recaps ... i'll update this portion of the blog as more recaps are posted. i especially will add the BPR pic of the final designs.
david dust manages an eddie munster reference
in his episode 5 drag queen cocktail hour recap

tom & lorenzo multi-posts of episode 5 include:
T LOunge: epi5 - comments during the show are awesome
Judging the Judges: epi5

Shrieking Howler Monkeys: epi5 (incl. winner & loser)
Team Shrieky: epi5

Boys Town: epi5

Team BPR, blogging project runway - check-out the comments and the recap
play-by-play/party: epi5
 reactions to: epi5
recapalooza: epi5
and more recaps ... read on about other PR perspectives -
  • lifetime's PR blog
  • WSJ's speakeasy PR tv recap - epi5
  • bitch magazines PR recap - epi5 (not recapped?)
  • hollywood report's fashtrack- epi5 (mondo guerra recap)
  • project rubino - epi5
epi6 ... more whining

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