Wednesday, August 8, 2012

commute + podcast =

from WTF with marc maron
@marcmaron ... i WTF with marc maron (on web, twitter, facebook) during my monday and thursday commute into cubeopolis, and my earholes LOVE it! (AND my on-line dating profile declares my WTF love!)

for this evening, i gots my VIP ticket (gimme stuff!) to see maron and arj barker at cobb's comedy club - benefit event. and i got my merch a little while back - still enjoying the first 100 episodes of WTF. YES, i likes me my marc maron.

on-line dating nexus ... there is a nexus. i mentioned over here that i'd give on-line dating a whirl (again). i included on my profile, under my faves content -
"and when it comes to podcasts, my faves are wtf with marc maron ..."
- and if you are still wondering who - what - huh? ... you can check out maron on hulu's a day in the life ... here's a little trailer.

enjoy a mini-fiber break with marc maron
for ~30 seconds on a day in the life

woo-hoo mid-week comedy
and meeting marc maron!

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