Sunday, August 12, 2012

r|alex refresh & #improv

alex and me
san diego's art walk, little italy (2007)
reconnecting ... through improv and then some. time to refresh r|alex.

r|alex back story & time line ... it has been 4 years and 8 days since i did an r|alex blog post (on a former blog - Relo'd to BA from SD) for my friend alex. alex lives in the san diego 2-bedroom flat, which i lived in for many years.

after i moved to the bay area late in 2006, in may 2007 i visited san diego. in june 2007, i began sharing with alex about my weekends and out & abouts in the BA - my getting comfy and cozy with the BA after many years of a SD lifestyle (of lightweight clothing, open-toed shoes, sandals, flip flops, fabulous weather, etc.).* after several r|alex posts, in march 2008 alex posted a comment on Relo'd to BA from SD -
"OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Wow, looks like you're really acclimated now. Are you going to keep the name of your blog? I mean, seriously, you've been gone like, over a year now. :) The plants you bought for the balcony.... STILL F***ING ALIVE!!!, dontcha know. Woo Hoo!! Sorry for not at least saying hello on here for a while. Be well!"
ultimately, i wrapped up Relo'd to BA from SD and have been at girl nutkin in the BA since jan 2010.

BA is not SD ...  there are truly a few days when i forget i am in the bay area, as if i'm in san diego, and i have been in the bay area for nearly six year. after cubeopolis, i have thought about heading out to get sushi, as if i am heading to ono sushi. i remember wanting tea and dessert one evening and i was wondering whether it would be too crowded at extraordinary desserts. the funkiest mix-up was when i was getting ready to head to the airport and thought, "HEY WAIT! it's way too early. i have LOTS of time." . . . right answer in SD; wrong answer in BA. in san diego i was very comfortably not more than 40-minutes from my-front-door to airport-gate (luggage in trunk - lock up home - long term airport parking - shuttle to airport - ticket counter/kiosk check-in - security line - coffee - gate - laptop on). in the bay area, i'm lucky to make it on the airport shuttle by the 30-minutes mark, and that is without freeway traffic.

michael lewis (via MUT)
"Improvising Through Emotion"
future r|alex memories ... i last saw alex in august 2009 - 3 years since i have hung out in san diego. and when we have touched base - a few phone calls and facebook interactions - we pick up chatting rather quickly. and while i have enjoyed touching base here and there, i'm missing the eyeball-to-eyeball interaction, so i'll head down to SD within the next few months.

sharing improv ... MEANWHILE, alex and i share improv lovin' - with him learning in san diego and me learning in fremont. yesterday afternoon, i totally thought of going to alex's place (forgetting i was in the BA again) to tell him about the very cool workshop i took - a 3-hour workshop at made up theatre (on webfacebookyelpfoursquare, youtube) - Improvising Through Emotion Workshop with Empire Comedy's Michael Lewis (about him, empire comedy on webfacebook). about michael's workshop -
"Improvisation is the art of acting without a script. Often improv appears more grab ass, and like we are making it up as we go (in the bad way), not the fun magical way we strive for. This class will focus on letting your emotions take the lead and giving you a clear point of view to improvise from. Improvisers almost always have an emotional response to their scene partner; however we are often too distracted by our words to notice how we really feel. Let's focus on finding out how you already feel and bring that into your scene work."
a great way to spend the afternoon 
learning and playing!
looking forward to an
improvised alex and shirlnutkin scene

*memories shared with r|alex ... for a little over 1 year, i shared with alex about my mundane and not so mundane activities including - peet's coffee, ATM visits, chores and errands, a friend's dance recital, car wash, laundry, movie watching, nieces softball game, farmers markets, concert in the park, semi-private swimming pool/rec center, dinners with friends and clients, friend's baby's 1-yr old birthday party italian luncheon, concert at shoreline ampitheater (the fray, gomez, eisley), dating stories, family friend's funeral and mass, visit to san diego, filipino cultural event, hanging out at SF coffee shops, college reunion picnic, tales of burglary of my home, arts and wine festivals, tidbits about my first week workin' for "the man" after 13 years, tidbits about my vermont vacation, blogs i enjoy, new music, a dinner party extraordinaire, house-sitting with 2 dogs, annual chamarita festival in pescadero, niece's basketball game and pizza afterwards, hanging by the bay journal writing, angst about not blogging, and top chef's tour visit to the sf bay area. (PHEW!)


  1. OMG, thanks so much for the r|alex post. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I had a great improv class yesterday. Yesterday was the beginning of Level II. We did "What are you doing" as a warm up (with both themes and letters) and then we did One Thing which is where you need to start if you're eventually going to do Five Things. We did some other stuff too but honestly, I can't remember what it was because I was having such a good time. Nine of the people I did Level I with are in my Level II class. Only two people are new ( and very cool) so there's that familiarity already with the group, which makes things much easier.. and fun!

    When are you coming down here? Miss you!

    1. thank YOU, alex! so excited you are continuing. yeah - there is always alot to remembering what's being done. even the warm ups are totally fun, also! i started the short form class yesterday - so we'll be doing 4 classes - show - 4 classes - show. keep you posted, of course!


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