Thursday, August 23, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - epi6 chosen few

those who are remaining heading into epi6
#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs selected from the remaining 10 fashiontestants for episode 6 - winner, loser, more pair 'em ups, and who nutkin'rs think will be part of the top 3 and bottom 3 pool of fashiontestants.

nutkin'rs' scores and epi6 predictions ... nudge, nudge, choose. out the chute was pho queen choosing, and others followed shortly. (AND something went funky with the on-line form; thanks for your patience - you know who you are.)
scores heading into epi6
predictions for the whole enchilada
PR episode 6 nutkin'rs' predictions

prediction themes? ... everyone's (almost) bottom includes alicia, elena, and nathan EXCEPT pho queen has nathan in her top pick. shall be interesting. and everyone's top picks include dmitry, melissa, and sonjia. as far as the new pair 'em ups, there will be a herd of points given if any of the following are auf'd this evening - gunnar, alicia, nathan, fabio, elena.

you can do the math ... i'll miss the "live" broadcast this evening, so i'll catch it later on my dvr and post results. however, if you want to forward me what you think you've scored, have at is how to do the math -
  • ADD 1 point if your predicted OVERALL winner is still standing
  • SUBTRACT 1 point if your predicted OVERALL winner is AUF'd
  • ADD 1 point if your final 3/4 are still standing
  • ADD 1 point if you predicted the episode's winner; ADD 1 point if you  predicted the episode's loser; ADD 2 more points if you predicted both winner & loser
  • ADD 1 point for each pair 'em up you got correct. in other words, whoever gets AUF'd, if that fashiontestant is in your pair 'em up group, you get a point each time his/her name appears
  • ADD 1 point for every TOP or BOTTOM person you predicted correctly
  • ADD 2 more points if you picked all top 3; add 2 more points if you picked all bottom 3
drum roll into this evening's  episode6
which nutkin'r will be the head honcho?

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