Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - epi5 chosen few

#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs selected from the remaining 11 fashiontestants for episode 5 - winner, loser, and more pair 'em ups to add to the pool of duos.

nutkin'rs' scores and epi5 predictions ... you all chose pretty quickly, and there appears to be a bit of a theme for the new pair 'em up duos. let's see what we have - and by "see", i mean make sure to click on the image to see the selections better, or download the image.
scores after episode 4
predictions for the whole enchilada

epi5 predictions for bragging rights (well, maybe)
prediction themes? ... apparently, even though raul has returned because of two drama fugitives who voluntarily left, many do not see raul sticking around. in fact, 2 of 5 nutkin'rs see him being AUF'd, but then again, 2 of 5 nutkin'rs see elena being AUF'd. then there is the wildnutkin'r who thinks nathan (who? oh - R2:5, that guy) will be AUF'd.

now let's talk about the new pair 'em up predictions. a few nutkin'rs made some predictions that are not necessarily logical compared to their other pair 'em up predictions and winner / loser pics. HOWEVER, that's okay, because what we do know is there will be some major points given if any of the following are AUF'd on thursday - raul, elena, alicia, and fabio.

drum roll into thursday's episode 5
which nutkin'r will be the big kahuna?

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