Monday, August 6, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - epi 3

#ProjectRunway ... SPOILER. we prepped (over here) and got the point system out of the way (over here).

after episode 3, there are only 13 (thirteen) designers left. and so the PR nutkin'rs game begins heading into episode 4.

heading into episode 4, these are the remaining designers
more about each at lifetime's PR site over here

about epi3 ... while the recaps tell it better, the 14 designers after episode 2 were paired up (keys, lexus cars in car colors, blah-blah criteria) and were tasked with designing an emmy red-carpet-worthy dress for one of seven past PR designers.

designers from the past? ... here they are below, with links to T LO's posts on ripping their collections -
anya | mila | irina | april | valerie | laura | kenley
photo credit: from

my reaction to the episode ... yes, i watched it - as i tired of the episode. i won't recap it because MANY OTHERS do it so well. i'll just say that in addition to the requisite drama interpersonal development, i also was hoping to see more about the dress design, construction, interaction with past designers, etc ... no. none. denied. also, i totally would have loved to see more of laura and april - and not the sourpuss scenes. (thank goodness kenley was pleased; i would not be able to survive her whining - i'm just guessing she'd whine, right?)

by the time we got to the judges, i watched just so i could relate to whatever recapping bloggers would share. in the end, i was not a fan of one of the pairs who made it into the top 2. and i realized that i tired of whatever program editing is conducted (although i am sure the editors must tire of editing!).

recaps ... check out those who recap for hilarity, snark, wit, and straight-talk about each episode. and i will update this post if any of the bloggers add posts for episode 3.

david dust didn't catch all of episode 3 so no recap for epi 3

tom & lorenzo multi-posts of episode 3 include:
T LOunge: epi3 - comments during the show are awesome
Judging the Judges: epi3
Streetwalkers and Drama Queens: epi3 overview
Various Trainwrecks: epi3 overview
The Undiscussed: epi3

Team BPR, blogging project runway - check-out the comments and the recap
play-by-play/party: epi3
reactions to: epi3 
recapalooza: epi3
and more recaps ... read on about other PR perspectives-
  • lifetime's PR blog
  • WSJ's speakeasy PR tv recap - epi3
  • bitch magazines PR recap - epi3 (i like how this recap is pulled together)
  • hollywood report's fashtrack- epi3 (mondo guerra recap - it's like he's talking to us)
next nutkin'r PR post ... 
epi 4 prep

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