Sunday, August 5, 2012

no merpes on-line

dating ... yes @ecosmiley @jenimvt & pho queen - thanks to pho queen's facebook challenge comment about my recent haircut -
"you should go on a date and get laid with your new haircut. no merpes"
~ pho queen
- this pumpkin will join in on-line dating (again), with one of my mini-goals of no merpes (of course).

dating blog fodder ... stay tuned for shares and insights i gain from the experiences and date tidbits (e.g., phone chats, email exchanges, impolite remarks made, being encouraged to exit a slowly moving car, etc.), however, there will be no names (but maybe monikers) and no pictures (but maybe my cartoon renderings). 

i am older than pho queen ... i will be 49 years old in october, math and time tell me i will hit  F I F T Y  next year. no ex-husbands. no kids. no jail time. no comas. no around-the-world travel. single. back in march 2011, i shared celebrating age as part of yvette francino's 2011 the love project. (and actually, yvette, has been a columnist/dating adviser at

pho queen is just over 30 (not quite yet in her mid-30s), yet she also is well-versed on the '80s - which keeps our conversations fresh (for whatever fresh '80s means).  as part of thinking about age and dating,  back in 2011, pho queen shared her words of wisdom (with a bit of tongue in cheek) with me - her thoughts about my dating older (vs. younger) men -
  • a lot of experience in the bedroom (sookie sookie)
  • higher maturity level (hopefully!)
  • is looking to "settle down" with you (hopefully!)
  • if a divorcĂ©e with kids, kids will likely accept you because they are >18 yrs old ("adult kids")
  • think willem dafoe status ... he could be hot
  • he's a writer/blogger extraordinaire!
  • he thinks penguins are cute, too
  • he lives in the east bay somewhere
- and yes, pho queen ALSO has words of wisdom about dating younger men. will save that for another post.

think it matters - older or younger men?  
what say ... do share.


  1. Ooh! Can't wait to hear/read about the latest adventures!

    1. i just gotta start, right? keep my encouraged!

  2. Lots of thoughts......which I'll save for over beers!!!

    1. bring it on ... we need a virtual happy hour!


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