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PR epi4 - nutkin'rs scores & recap links

#ProjectRunway ... well, the nutkin'rs chose, and i watched episode 4 of project runway. WTF?! i tallied the points, i re-tallied the points, and i added more bonus points because of the what-the-f**kness of episode 4. i know some nutkin'rs will want to check the math. based on the point system described below in more detail (NERD SNOOZE), have at it with the math.
APPLAUSE for the east coast player. 
ENCOURAGEMENT for pho queen foodie

episode 4 results ... in addition to the normal winner and loser, two people voluntarily left (well, unless there were voices in their heads and that may not be voluntary), and episode 3's loser - raul - was brought back. so here is how the pack of designers look for heading into episode 5 - 11 (eleven) designers remaining.
heading into episode 5, these are the remaining designers

epi5 teaser has heidi introducing the client, nina garcia (raaawr ... love her!)  -
"you will be working in two teams to create a cohesive line of professional women's wear"
- and with 11 designers, one team has 6 fashiontestants, while the other is spared whomever was chosen last (or pulled a button, or whatever fixed-for-drama chance selection) part of the teaser is that team six haz sad. (AHHH...)

the episode 5 prediction survey will be posted by tuesday. new "PAIR 'EM UPs" will be posted by monday. so for now, here are specifics on scoring. starting off, nutkin'rs main predictions -
  • the overall winner
  • the overall final 3 (or 4)
reminder: after epi9, nutkin'rs can change their main picks
  • which person, given a pair of designers, would be auf'd first (before the other designer) - among these pairs.

the point system (original) ... the 3 main categories for gaining or losing points: (1) winner and loser, (2) final three (or four), and (3) pair 'em up. and for each episode, i come up with a BONUS category based on the episode preview.  here is the main point system for every episode -
  • START with 10 (ten) points
  • MINUS 1 (one) point if your predicted winner is auf'd; continue losing 1 point through episode 9
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if your predicted final 3 (incl your bonus designer) remain; continue gaining 1 point through episode 9
  • GAIN 1 (one) point each time you predicted correctly for PAIR 'EM UP
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted the episode winner
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted the episode loser
  • GAIN 2 (two) points (above and beyond) if you predicted the winner and lose
  • MINUS 3 (three) points if you predicted the reverse of winner and loser.
for epi 4's BONUS category, nutkin'rs predicted which two designers would voluntarily leave (also referred to as drama fugitives) prior to being judged on the runway (a 3rd designer could be chosen as an alternate). the epi 4 bonus point system as follows -
  • BONUS - GAIN 4 (four) points if you predicted both drama fugitives as your primary choices
  • BONUS - GAIN 2 (two) points if one of your primary drama fugitives and your bonus fugitive fled
  • BONUS - GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted one of the drama fugitives fled.
photo credit: blogging project runway via lifetime

points adjustments for episode 4 ... the point adjustments are final. epi 4 had a curve ball by bringing back last week's loser, raul. some nutkin'rs chose one of the drama fugitives (andrea or kooan) as their "loser", so i decided i'd give those nutkin'rs 0.5 point. i also gave one of the nutkin'r 0.5 point because her bonus drama fugitive (kooan) left. and in pair 'em up for the kooan | buffi pair, technically, kooan (who left first) auf'd himself, and buffi was formally auf'd. if kooan was predicted, 0.5 points; if buffi was predicted, 0.25 points. |and i gave everyone 0.5 points because freakin' raul came back.
overall, everyone scored points - 
some more than others.
  • everyone's predicted winner remains, so no points lost
  • everyone's projected final 3/4 remains, so 1 point for everyone
  • everyone received 0.50 because raul came back.
  • no one predicted the pair of drama fugitives (even with the bonus), so no one gained 2 or 4 points. however, all nutkin'rs gained 1 point for choosing andrea over dmitry. when it came to the kooan & buffi pair, because kooan left first and buffi was formally auf'd, 0.5 points for kooan, 0.25 points for buffi. (don't worry, there will be other pair 'em ups.)
  • FINALLY - for winner and loser, one nutkin'r predicted winner AND loser, and this garners a total of 4 points (1 + 1 + 2). WOO-HOO!
recaps ... WOO-HOO! some recaps are up, so read on nutkin'rs!
david dust manages a scooby-doo reference
in his episode 4 FABULOUS recap

tom & lorenzo multi-posts of episode 4 include:
T LOunge: epi4 - comments during the show are awesome

Judging the Judges: epi4
The Track of My Tears: epi4
(incl. winner & loser)

Boys on the Top, Boys on the Bottom: epi4

The Unremembered: epi4

Team BPR, blogging project runway - check-out the comments and the recap
play-by-play/party: epi4

 reaction to: epi4
recapalooza: epi4
and more recaps ... read on about other PR perspectives-
  • lifetime's PR blog
  • WSJ's speakeasy PR tv recap - epi4
  • bitch magazines PR recap - epi4 (again, i really like this recap's format)
  • hollywood report's fashtrack- epi4 (mondo guerra recap - it's like he's talking to us)
  • project rubino - epi4 (check out previous recaps epi1, epi2, epi3)
epi 5 team challenge next week
any mini-epi5-game suggestions, nutkin'rs?
send them by tuesday morn

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