Saturday, August 18, 2012

f|break: doggies do & don't

thanks ... @iamjustinsilver (on web, twitter, facebook) for a season of dogs in the city, which i understand was also the beginning and the end. (bummer)

while i don't yet have a dog, puppies and doggies are occasional breakfast/brunch conversation - gadgetman just watched an episode ("anger management") of dog whisperer, a friend just adopted ellis (ahhhh - puppy breath!), shiny penny is in love with max (his boston terrier) even after seeing this other boston have a pokemon moment, and i am in doggy-wanting mode. nevertheless, i immediately remembered the episode of dogs in the city with hubbell yoda where -
"Justin brings Hubbell Yoda to Bryant Park to get him out of his doggie stroller and closer to other dogs in order to boost his confidence."
enjoy a fiber break with justin, simone, and hubbell yoda (over here)
for ~ 3:35 min at bryant park with doggie in a stroller
BONUS fiber break of a deleted scene from episode -
for ~ 2:55 min on a cocktails and canines cruise

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