Monday, August 6, 2012

shiny penny chat

as learned from @jeffmiller79 @greenleafcenter academy class (applying the key practices of servant leadership) authentic conversations, one of the required readings of the class, is a way of differently engaging in workforce conversations -  
the decision to engage in adult-adult conversations rather than parent-child relationships
and about 2-3 months ago, shiny penny shared the foundation/framework of authentic conversations with others.

talk to me ... shiny penny is at it again - sharing with others about communicating, conversing, and engaging. however, this time he's looking at others' perspectives, approaches, and actually more tips and techniques - and different from authentic conversations. he asked if i would share a few i have come across in my readings. while some of the following do incorporate similar approaches as described in authentic conversations, each has a certain point of view - so here goes, shiny penny - 
 enjoy preparing 
for your next presentation

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