Monday, August 20, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - EPI 6 pick time!

#ProjectRunway ... the epi 5 results are over here. remember the designs that walked the runway?  remember your scores from your predictions? remember kooan haz sad from episode 4 - who later danced it off (video)?
from blogging project runway (over here)

time to shake it off, stretch, breathe deeply in and out. (done?) now it is time to select from the remaining 10 fashiontestants - winner, loser, more pair 'em ups, and top 3 / bottom 3!

10 designers remaining into episode 6
main picks refreshers ... after nutkin'rs guessed chose wisely their overall winner and final 3 (or 4), i know some are scratching their heads and hoping their winner isn't prematurely ejacu ejected via an AUF.

on our mark, get set, SUBMIT!

make it work!

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