Sunday, July 1, 2012

WOW weeks

THANKS @bjfogg @greenleafcenter @madeuptheatre @fluevog ... for a wonderful 2 weeks of WOW!

catching thoughts & breaths ... a bit of a whirlwind for me, i am calling these past several days and the balance of this upcoming week as my WOW weeks - and i am all the better of a person for keeping my heart, soul, and mind nourished. a quick tidbit about each of the four (i.e., servant leadership, behavior design, improvisation, artsy shoes) and more in future blog posts ...

greenleaf center for servant leadership ... next year i'll be back for the 23rd annual conference. and since the conference, i have been in creative-mode about speaking as part of a session, yet to be created. meanwhile, this past june was the 22nd annual conference of the greenleaf center (in indianapolis). while i have completed two of their academy classes (foundations and key practices), several firsts for me - attending the center's conference, staying in a place via airbnb, and visiting indianapolis (specifically mass ave district). 
with kent keith, former CEO of the greenleaf center
and author of the paradoxical commandments

my greenleaf WOW ... i've been on a servant leader journey at least since 1994, when i had an epiphany. having met (and listened to) many at this conference, i see there are many with whom i share this path, with whom are reflecting on their lives, and with whom i look forward to others joining along.

There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and
breathe in their ENVIRONMENT - AIR, LAND, and WATER. Egos stand firm
on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that
to get one step closer they must go one step FURTHER.

lovely setting along the river  in Sonoma County
bj fogg's persuasion boot camp ... the opportunity to be part of bj's persuasion boot camp became reality this past friday and saturday. it started with tiny habits, which i learned about through health month at the beginning of the year, and since then, i've been quite obsessed fascinated with tiny habits, the back-story, and the continued evolution of bj's behavior design model and his thoughts.
lovin' my little boot camp dog tag!

it has not even been 24-hours since the end of boot camp, and already i am very much seeing and hearing the world around me so differently. that's what i get for going to the campbell city farmers market - hearing people talk about how they want to eat healthier foods, watching people trying to make their dogs "more obedient", trying fruit samples, and looking at point-of-purchase displays in the little shops and boutiques.

lunch on day 1 of boot camp - 3 FABULOUS salad offerings.
thanks, denny, for wonderful meals made with love!
my boot camp WOW ... several outcomes as i pondered on my drive home from healdsburg to the east bay and from this morning's stroll around the farmers market. i am totally taking my broader abstract ideas and getting them clearer, MUCH clearer (and this means clearing the clutter physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially) - (a) revamping my 2012 mash-up goals, (b) baby steppin' my creation of anthrocubeology, and (c) identifying tiny habits and triggers for several july health month rules. i am practicing what i learned on me and sharing with others!

short form improv with Level E MUTers!
my pee-in-your-pants moment
of introducing "plaque"
as part of an instruction manual for a ball.
(yes - a ball. that round thing that bounces.)

made up theatre improvisation classes ... my, oh my, how i have missed playing with fellow improvisers at the sunday classes for advanced long form improv and short form improv. many games already learned in short form improv as of week 3. i'll be including week 4 and week 5 (today) in a combined blog post for fellow improvisers.

most of the short form peeps from made up theatre ...
still two more peeps to round us out!
today is week 5 of 8, which means our shows (long form and short form) are around the corner. and this evening, i will spend 4 hours with fellow improvisers after more than 2 weeks away from making bold choices and committing to fabulous fun on stage! what WOW will result from this evening's ruckus?! 

fluevog fluegasm ... what can i say that has not been said about my obsession love of fluevogs?! admittedly, i have been at 26 pairs of fluevogs that make me smile and make my feet happy. and as of thus past monday, i've got a wonderfully cute vintage pair - fellowship | cecily.
fellowship | cecily
thanks much, wendy bliss!

on thursday, i'll be at the haight street store - 3 of the 4 fluevog iv will hang out with others for a summer sale sneak preview. the "rest of the world" can shop the sale in-store and on-line starting friday. just a little perk of lovin' fluevogs.

shirl, dorothy, jim, gladys, joanne, denny
(we'll miss you on thursday, gladys, 
and will be thinking of you lovingly!)
love you fluevog iv!

an exciting way 
to start july for shirlnutkin!

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  1. it's exciting to hear about all you're going through! i'll be there in spirit with you ladies on thursday. i can't wait to see what pairs you decide on next, if any. shirl, you're THIS close to vogunteer status! <3


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