Saturday, August 25, 2012

PR epi6 - nutkin'rs' scores

#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs proclaimed their chosen few for episode 6, and THANKS to harold's girl for texting the top3/bot3, winner, and loser (while i was out and about on thursday evening). once again (like last week), i was eating french fries and drinking a hefeweizen at old ship saloon (but that's not relevant here). so here are we go - nutkin'rs predictions for epi6 shuffled the herd -
close scores among the herd, with only a 2.25 point spread
(details of the math in this post)
last week's 1st is tied for 4th/5th
last week's 5th is now 2nd

episode 6 happenings ... check out the recap links in an upcoming post for a flavor of the ven-is-a-butthead-meany-man episode. although i watched the episode after my very fun thursday evening out, my evening haz a sad watching and listening to ven. i'll let the recaps dish about ven.

short version - fashiontestants worked with "normal people" for head-to-toe make-overs, e.g., hair cut, hair style, hair color, and PR designer special outfit. after a teaser by heidi that one or two designers may be AUF'd ... fake. (just an excuse to make us stare at mean-ven, alone on the runway, being lightly scolded in that heidi-practice-your-acting moment - and then sheer disappointment that he wasn't AUF'd.)

9 fashiontestants heading into episode 7
4 women, 4 men, 1 butthead-man
math time for nutkin'rs ... with a few competitive nutkin'rs, as a just in case, i'm deconstructing EACH NUTKIN'RS score for episode 6. here are each nutkin'rs' predictions and then the math explained - point system explained in this post over here, with an added SUBTRACT 0.50 points if a nutkin'rs' top person was on the in the bottom and if a bottom was one the in the top.
(click on image to read predictions and results)
standings after episode 6 ... yes, nutkin'rs were shuffled around, but the point spread is only 2.25. it's close.
  • squirrel + 9 - 1 = + 8 points for 1st place (last wk 2nd) ... + 1 (final 3/4 in tact) + 4 (nathan listed in pair 'em ups) + 2 (predicted two in top 3) + 2 (predicted two in bottom 3) - 1 (predicted two in reverse of top & bottom). bummed to see nathan AUF'd but not bummed enough.
  • shiny penny + 10 - 1 = + 9 points for 2nd place (last wk 5th) ... + 1 (final 3/4 in tact) + 3 (nathan listed in pair 'em ups) + 5 (predicted three of the top 3) + 1 (predicted one in bottom 3) - 1 (predicted two in reverse in the top). shiny penny's strategy of bulking up on his top 3 picks - VERY strategic. will shiny penny inch forward?
  • harold's girl + 7 - 2 = + 5 points for 3rd place (last wk 2nd) ... + 1 (loser predicted) + 1 (final 3/4 in tact) + 3 (nathan listed in pair 'em ups) + 1 (predicted 1 of the top 3) + 1 (predicted 1 of the bottom 3) - 2 (predicted four in reverse of top & bottom). harold's girl just edged out pho queen by one point (by predicted the loser). oh so close!

  • pho queen + 6 - 2 = + 4 points for tie 4th/5th (last wk 1st) ... + 1 (final 3/4 in tact) + 3 (nathan listed in pair 'em ups) + 1 (predicted 1 of the top 3) + 1 (predicted 1 of the bottom 3) - 2 (predicted four in reverse of top & bottom). quite the rollercoaster with pho queen, who may likely be back in 1st place episode 7, if history repeats itself. have faith!
  • zoe's buddy + 7 - 2 = 5 points for  tie 4th/5th (last wk 1st) ... + 1 (final 3/4 in tact) + 4 (nathan listed in pair 'em ups) + 1 (predicted 1 of the top 3) + 1 (predicted 1 of the bottom 3) - 2 (predicted four in reverse of top & bottom). zoe's buddy has been on the cusp of 4th these past three episodes. episode 7 may be the breakout episode - landing zoe on the in the top nutkin'rs - and maybe even the big dog.
corrections from nutkin'rs? ... show me the math, and i'll make adjustments.

recaps in a separate post

Thursday, August 23, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - epi6 chosen few

those who are remaining heading into epi6
#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs selected from the remaining 10 fashiontestants for episode 6 - winner, loser, more pair 'em ups, and who nutkin'rs think will be part of the top 3 and bottom 3 pool of fashiontestants.

nutkin'rs' scores and epi6 predictions ... nudge, nudge, choose. out the chute was pho queen choosing, and others followed shortly. (AND something went funky with the on-line form; thanks for your patience - you know who you are.)
scores heading into epi6
predictions for the whole enchilada
PR episode 6 nutkin'rs' predictions

prediction themes? ... everyone's (almost) bottom includes alicia, elena, and nathan EXCEPT pho queen has nathan in her top pick. shall be interesting. and everyone's top picks include dmitry, melissa, and sonjia. as far as the new pair 'em ups, there will be a herd of points given if any of the following are auf'd this evening - gunnar, alicia, nathan, fabio, elena.

you can do the math ... i'll miss the "live" broadcast this evening, so i'll catch it later on my dvr and post results. however, if you want to forward me what you think you've scored, have at is how to do the math -
  • ADD 1 point if your predicted OVERALL winner is still standing
  • SUBTRACT 1 point if your predicted OVERALL winner is AUF'd
  • ADD 1 point if your final 3/4 are still standing
  • ADD 1 point if you predicted the episode's winner; ADD 1 point if you  predicted the episode's loser; ADD 2 more points if you predicted both winner & loser
  • ADD 1 point for each pair 'em up you got correct. in other words, whoever gets AUF'd, if that fashiontestant is in your pair 'em up group, you get a point each time his/her name appears
  • ADD 1 point for every TOP or BOTTOM person you predicted correctly
  • ADD 2 more points if you picked all top 3; add 2 more points if you picked all bottom 3
drum roll into this evening's  episode6
which nutkin'r will be the head honcho?

Monday, August 20, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - EPI 6 pick time!

#ProjectRunway ... the epi 5 results are over here. remember the designs that walked the runway?  remember your scores from your predictions? remember kooan haz sad from episode 4 - who later danced it off (video)?
from blogging project runway (over here)

time to shake it off, stretch, breathe deeply in and out. (done?) now it is time to select from the remaining 10 fashiontestants - winner, loser, more pair 'em ups, and top 3 / bottom 3!

10 designers remaining into episode 6
main picks refreshers ... after nutkin'rs guessed chose wisely their overall winner and final 3 (or 4), i know some are scratching their heads and hoping their winner isn't prematurely ejacu ejected via an AUF.

on our mark, get set, SUBMIT!

make it work!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

r|alex refresh friday

dessert, dinner, a show... that's how my weekend started. i was not in cubeopolis on friday, so thursday became my work-week-friday; friday became my feels-like-saturday. then back on track with saturday as saturday, etc.
natural licorice at
mr and mrs miscellaneous
i spent friday morning out and about with my mom (and an auntie visiting from hawaii) for her appointments. (question: what does one do when a man is flirting with my mom and my auntie in the hospital lab waiting room?)

dessert ... eventually i made my way to s.f. to begin a night out which started in the dogpatch neighborhood (the story of...) - dessert at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (on facebook, yelp, google+, 2012 best of) for a scoop of turon-flavored ice cream of banana ice cream with caramel tidbits (based on the filipino dessert turon, on wiki). and after ice cream, i tried out their natural licorice - each of the four flavor offerings.

chicken parm at guido

dinner ... then by simply walking across 3rd street on 22nd, just a block away, had dinner with girlfriends at the pop-up restuarant guido (on facebook, yelp, grub street) at just for you cafe (on facebook, yelp, web). guido pops up on wednesday - friday nights. my dinner choice? classic chicken parmigiana (plus green beans, sphaghetti). i also tried their arancini fritti (saffron risotto, house made pork and beef, and fried with lots of lovin'). oh ... and some chianti among the gals. (gulp, gulp, gulp) side note - the co-chef couple includes stephanie, who is the daughter of a good friend of mine from high school.

show ... then two of the three of us gals headed over toward our next destination in the financial district. but before the show, we stopped by the old ship saloon (on web, yelp) for a pint (i tried the poppy jasper amber ale) and to meet a few other show-goers. then we foooted it over to eureka theatre (on web) for the 10 pm show at the 2012 san francisco improv festival (on web, facebook, twitter) - five play improv (on web, facebook) and of sketch comedy performed by killing my lobster (on web, facebook, twitter).

killing my lobster

five play improv

five play improv (L to R): ben, dustin, bobby, sean

audience story suggestion? ... let me tell ya, alex ... five play improv treated us to their long form improv based on the audience-suggested-story-title that went something like - flip that mother f***er. (yes, that suggestion beat out the bicycle chef and one other suggestion, which i forget)

more r|alex refreshing 
as i continue to relax!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

f|break: doggies do & don't

thanks ... @iamjustinsilver (on web, twitter, facebook) for a season of dogs in the city, which i understand was also the beginning and the end. (bummer)

while i don't yet have a dog, puppies and doggies are occasional breakfast/brunch conversation - gadgetman just watched an episode ("anger management") of dog whisperer, a friend just adopted ellis (ahhhh - puppy breath!), shiny penny is in love with max (his boston terrier) even after seeing this other boston have a pokemon moment, and i am in doggy-wanting mode. nevertheless, i immediately remembered the episode of dogs in the city with hubbell yoda where -
"Justin brings Hubbell Yoda to Bryant Park to get him out of his doggie stroller and closer to other dogs in order to boost his confidence."
enjoy a fiber break with justin, simone, and hubbell yoda (over here)
for ~ 3:35 min at bryant park with doggie in a stroller
BONUS fiber break of a deleted scene from episode -
for ~ 2:55 min on a cocktails and canines cruise

Friday, August 17, 2012

PR epi5 - nutkin'rs scores & recap links

#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs proclaimed their chosen few for episode 5, and i watched the epi5 while eating french fries - stress eating (ugh, team six!). two teams were pulled together -
"... to create a cohesive line of professional women's wear for the sophisticated and fashionable woman ... directed your own photo shoot ...winning team's photo will appear in a fashion spread on the pages of marie claire @ work" ~ heidi on the runway
how'd nutkin'rs survive their predictions for epi5?
scores after episode 5
Bravo (errr lifetime?) to you, pho queen!
from last place (over here) to first place
(what a different a week makes?!)

episode 5 happenings ... check out the recap links below for a flavor of the episode. among the two teams, the freakin' teams tied, so all the designers were up for winner and loser, so it's not like the winner was from the winning team, blah-blah. (WHATEVER! yawn) and for the curious, here were the teams -
  • team six - alicia, dmitry, elena, melissa, raul, sonjia
  • team five -  christopher, fabio, gunnar, nathan, ven 
- and listening to team "EEO" six yip-yap was one-french-fry after another-french-fry of stress eating. (ARGH!) go figure, after seeing the initial composition of team five (the boys!), i thought team five would be the more annoying. not so much, as it turns out. NEVERTHELESS, team six's photo shoot made marie claire @work. and after the runway pro forma, here are the remaining designers -

heading into episode 6, these are the remaining designers

some epi5 yip-yap-quotes for my earholes ... we're missing a bag (elena) | ... and i'm not a f**kin' tailor (gunnar) | boy, that was lackluster (tim) | even if they say they like her, they hate her (dmitry) | ... is one way monkey ... oh no, he's one trick pony, that's what i meant (dmitry) | i can feel the tension from team six (nathan) | gunnar, i don't love this one, explain this (heidi) | i just don't like that top; it's a dull idea (joanna coles - guest judge) | ... BUT my faves -
"... because i was anticipating walking into a hot mess"  ~ tim
"... dress came down the runway ... two puppies wrestling in a sack"  ~ joanna
details, details ... with the nutkin'rs' predictions for episode 5 and pair 'em ups, here are the details to applaud and encourage each nutkin'r -
(click on table to read the predictions)
dishing about the details ... for each of the five nutkin'rs and their standing at the end of epi5 -
  • pho queen + 8 points for 1st place ... came completely from behind in 5th place (last week) and now leads the pack in 1st place. AWESOME job on predicting both winner AND loser, which gotcha a total of 4 points!  
  • harold's girl + 3 points for 2nd place ... just 0.50 behind pho queen. last week, harold's girl's 1st place showing was from her psychic prediction of both winner AND loser. 
  • squirrel + 5 points for 3rd place ... now running in the middle of the pack. 
  • zoe's buddy + 5 poings for 4th place ... breaking last week's tie with shiny penny. solidly 2.0 points ahead of shiny penny, esp. because of choosing raul across the board for being auf'd before others AND for being auf'd in episode 5. quite committed!
  • shiny penny + 3 for 5th place ... just 2.0 points behind zoe's buddy, missing out on a point by choosing elena over raul in the pair 'em up.  
looking toward epi6, in the pair 'em ups, points will fly if elena is auf'd. right behind elena are alicia, fabio, and christopher. i'll be coming up with a few more pair 'em ups (gunnar and nathan pairs). and if that ven keeps on with his "one way monkey", well ...  (yes, i chose ven as the winner; just sayin')
recaps ... i'll update this portion of the blog as more recaps are posted. i especially will add the BPR pic of the final designs.
david dust manages an eddie munster reference
in his episode 5 drag queen cocktail hour recap

tom & lorenzo multi-posts of episode 5 include:
T LOunge: epi5 - comments during the show are awesome
Judging the Judges: epi5

Shrieking Howler Monkeys: epi5 (incl. winner & loser)
Team Shrieky: epi5

Boys Town: epi5

Team BPR, blogging project runway - check-out the comments and the recap
play-by-play/party: epi5
 reactions to: epi5
recapalooza: epi5
and more recaps ... read on about other PR perspectives -
  • lifetime's PR blog
  • WSJ's speakeasy PR tv recap - epi5
  • bitch magazines PR recap - epi5 (not recapped?)
  • hollywood report's fashtrack- epi5 (mondo guerra recap)
  • project rubino - epi5
epi6 ... more whining

it's over not under (period.)

THANKS @DavidDust (on web, twitter) for your truthery toilet paper blog post - which should resonate not only with east coast but west coast peeps. (smile)

your post reminded me of my 25 blah-blah things (about me) and my first declaration of the twenty-five -
"1. over not under ... that is the way that sheets of a toilet paper rolls should lay. i will fix the roll - at your home, my work, a restaurant, a department store, a gas station, wherever."
- and as david dust asks -
Question: Are you a "wrong way" 
or a "right way" person??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - epi5 chosen few

#ProjectRunway ... nutkin'rs selected from the remaining 11 fashiontestants for episode 5 - winner, loser, and more pair 'em ups to add to the pool of duos.

nutkin'rs' scores and epi5 predictions ... you all chose pretty quickly, and there appears to be a bit of a theme for the new pair 'em up duos. let's see what we have - and by "see", i mean make sure to click on the image to see the selections better, or download the image.
scores after episode 4
predictions for the whole enchilada

epi5 predictions for bragging rights (well, maybe)
prediction themes? ... apparently, even though raul has returned because of two drama fugitives who voluntarily left, many do not see raul sticking around. in fact, 2 of 5 nutkin'rs see him being AUF'd, but then again, 2 of 5 nutkin'rs see elena being AUF'd. then there is the wildnutkin'r who thinks nathan (who? oh - R2:5, that guy) will be AUF'd.

now let's talk about the new pair 'em up predictions. a few nutkin'rs made some predictions that are not necessarily logical compared to their other pair 'em up predictions and winner / loser pics. HOWEVER, that's okay, because what we do know is there will be some major points given if any of the following are AUF'd on thursday - raul, elena, alicia, and fabio.

drum roll into thursday's episode 5
which nutkin'r will be the big kahuna?

Monday, August 13, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - EPI 5 pick time!

#ProjectRunway ... the epi 4 results are over here. now it is time to select from the remaining 11 fashiontestants - winner, loser, and more pair 'em ups!
11 designers from which to choose

refresher about your selections ... here are your overall winner, loser, final 3 (or 4), and first batch of pair 'em ups! (you're welcome!)

remember to click the SUBMIT button on the survey. 
every pair 'em up point counts!

do well, nutkin'rs!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

r|alex refresh & #improv

alex and me
san diego's art walk, little italy (2007)
reconnecting ... through improv and then some. time to refresh r|alex.

r|alex back story & time line ... it has been 4 years and 8 days since i did an r|alex blog post (on a former blog - Relo'd to BA from SD) for my friend alex. alex lives in the san diego 2-bedroom flat, which i lived in for many years.

after i moved to the bay area late in 2006, in may 2007 i visited san diego. in june 2007, i began sharing with alex about my weekends and out & abouts in the BA - my getting comfy and cozy with the BA after many years of a SD lifestyle (of lightweight clothing, open-toed shoes, sandals, flip flops, fabulous weather, etc.).* after several r|alex posts, in march 2008 alex posted a comment on Relo'd to BA from SD -
"OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Wow, looks like you're really acclimated now. Are you going to keep the name of your blog? I mean, seriously, you've been gone like, over a year now. :) The plants you bought for the balcony.... STILL F***ING ALIVE!!!, dontcha know. Woo Hoo!! Sorry for not at least saying hello on here for a while. Be well!"
ultimately, i wrapped up Relo'd to BA from SD and have been at girl nutkin in the BA since jan 2010.

BA is not SD ...  there are truly a few days when i forget i am in the bay area, as if i'm in san diego, and i have been in the bay area for nearly six year. after cubeopolis, i have thought about heading out to get sushi, as if i am heading to ono sushi. i remember wanting tea and dessert one evening and i was wondering whether it would be too crowded at extraordinary desserts. the funkiest mix-up was when i was getting ready to head to the airport and thought, "HEY WAIT! it's way too early. i have LOTS of time." . . . right answer in SD; wrong answer in BA. in san diego i was very comfortably not more than 40-minutes from my-front-door to airport-gate (luggage in trunk - lock up home - long term airport parking - shuttle to airport - ticket counter/kiosk check-in - security line - coffee - gate - laptop on). in the bay area, i'm lucky to make it on the airport shuttle by the 30-minutes mark, and that is without freeway traffic.

michael lewis (via MUT)
"Improvising Through Emotion"
future r|alex memories ... i last saw alex in august 2009 - 3 years since i have hung out in san diego. and when we have touched base - a few phone calls and facebook interactions - we pick up chatting rather quickly. and while i have enjoyed touching base here and there, i'm missing the eyeball-to-eyeball interaction, so i'll head down to SD within the next few months.

sharing improv ... MEANWHILE, alex and i share improv lovin' - with him learning in san diego and me learning in fremont. yesterday afternoon, i totally thought of going to alex's place (forgetting i was in the BA again) to tell him about the very cool workshop i took - a 3-hour workshop at made up theatre (on webfacebookyelpfoursquare, youtube) - Improvising Through Emotion Workshop with Empire Comedy's Michael Lewis (about him, empire comedy on webfacebook). about michael's workshop -
"Improvisation is the art of acting without a script. Often improv appears more grab ass, and like we are making it up as we go (in the bad way), not the fun magical way we strive for. This class will focus on letting your emotions take the lead and giving you a clear point of view to improvise from. Improvisers almost always have an emotional response to their scene partner; however we are often too distracted by our words to notice how we really feel. Let's focus on finding out how you already feel and bring that into your scene work."
a great way to spend the afternoon 
learning and playing!
looking forward to an
improvised alex and shirlnutkin scene

*memories shared with r|alex ... for a little over 1 year, i shared with alex about my mundane and not so mundane activities including - peet's coffee, ATM visits, chores and errands, a friend's dance recital, car wash, laundry, movie watching, nieces softball game, farmers markets, concert in the park, semi-private swimming pool/rec center, dinners with friends and clients, friend's baby's 1-yr old birthday party italian luncheon, concert at shoreline ampitheater (the fray, gomez, eisley), dating stories, family friend's funeral and mass, visit to san diego, filipino cultural event, hanging out at SF coffee shops, college reunion picnic, tales of burglary of my home, arts and wine festivals, tidbits about my first week workin' for "the man" after 13 years, tidbits about my vermont vacation, blogs i enjoy, new music, a dinner party extraordinaire, house-sitting with 2 dogs, annual chamarita festival in pescadero, niece's basketball game and pizza afterwards, hanging by the bay journal writing, angst about not blogging, and top chef's tour visit to the sf bay area. (PHEW!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

PR epi4 - nutkin'rs scores & recap links

#ProjectRunway ... well, the nutkin'rs chose, and i watched episode 4 of project runway. WTF?! i tallied the points, i re-tallied the points, and i added more bonus points because of the what-the-f**kness of episode 4. i know some nutkin'rs will want to check the math. based on the point system described below in more detail (NERD SNOOZE), have at it with the math.
APPLAUSE for the east coast player. 
ENCOURAGEMENT for pho queen foodie

episode 4 results ... in addition to the normal winner and loser, two people voluntarily left (well, unless there were voices in their heads and that may not be voluntary), and episode 3's loser - raul - was brought back. so here is how the pack of designers look for heading into episode 5 - 11 (eleven) designers remaining.
heading into episode 5, these are the remaining designers

epi5 teaser has heidi introducing the client, nina garcia (raaawr ... love her!)  -
"you will be working in two teams to create a cohesive line of professional women's wear"
- and with 11 designers, one team has 6 fashiontestants, while the other is spared whomever was chosen last (or pulled a button, or whatever fixed-for-drama chance selection) part of the teaser is that team six haz sad. (AHHH...)

the episode 5 prediction survey will be posted by tuesday. new "PAIR 'EM UPs" will be posted by monday. so for now, here are specifics on scoring. starting off, nutkin'rs main predictions -
  • the overall winner
  • the overall final 3 (or 4)
reminder: after epi9, nutkin'rs can change their main picks
  • which person, given a pair of designers, would be auf'd first (before the other designer) - among these pairs.

the point system (original) ... the 3 main categories for gaining or losing points: (1) winner and loser, (2) final three (or four), and (3) pair 'em up. and for each episode, i come up with a BONUS category based on the episode preview.  here is the main point system for every episode -
  • START with 10 (ten) points
  • MINUS 1 (one) point if your predicted winner is auf'd; continue losing 1 point through episode 9
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if your predicted final 3 (incl your bonus designer) remain; continue gaining 1 point through episode 9
  • GAIN 1 (one) point each time you predicted correctly for PAIR 'EM UP
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted the episode winner
  • GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted the episode loser
  • GAIN 2 (two) points (above and beyond) if you predicted the winner and lose
  • MINUS 3 (three) points if you predicted the reverse of winner and loser.
for epi 4's BONUS category, nutkin'rs predicted which two designers would voluntarily leave (also referred to as drama fugitives) prior to being judged on the runway (a 3rd designer could be chosen as an alternate). the epi 4 bonus point system as follows -
  • BONUS - GAIN 4 (four) points if you predicted both drama fugitives as your primary choices
  • BONUS - GAIN 2 (two) points if one of your primary drama fugitives and your bonus fugitive fled
  • BONUS - GAIN 1 (one) point if you predicted one of the drama fugitives fled.
photo credit: blogging project runway via lifetime

points adjustments for episode 4 ... the point adjustments are final. epi 4 had a curve ball by bringing back last week's loser, raul. some nutkin'rs chose one of the drama fugitives (andrea or kooan) as their "loser", so i decided i'd give those nutkin'rs 0.5 point. i also gave one of the nutkin'r 0.5 point because her bonus drama fugitive (kooan) left. and in pair 'em up for the kooan | buffi pair, technically, kooan (who left first) auf'd himself, and buffi was formally auf'd. if kooan was predicted, 0.5 points; if buffi was predicted, 0.25 points. |and i gave everyone 0.5 points because freakin' raul came back.
overall, everyone scored points - 
some more than others.
  • everyone's predicted winner remains, so no points lost
  • everyone's projected final 3/4 remains, so 1 point for everyone
  • everyone received 0.50 because raul came back.
  • no one predicted the pair of drama fugitives (even with the bonus), so no one gained 2 or 4 points. however, all nutkin'rs gained 1 point for choosing andrea over dmitry. when it came to the kooan & buffi pair, because kooan left first and buffi was formally auf'd, 0.5 points for kooan, 0.25 points for buffi. (don't worry, there will be other pair 'em ups.)
  • FINALLY - for winner and loser, one nutkin'r predicted winner AND loser, and this garners a total of 4 points (1 + 1 + 2). WOO-HOO!
recaps ... WOO-HOO! some recaps are up, so read on nutkin'rs!
david dust manages a scooby-doo reference
in his episode 4 FABULOUS recap

tom & lorenzo multi-posts of episode 4 include:
T LOunge: epi4 - comments during the show are awesome

Judging the Judges: epi4
The Track of My Tears: epi4
(incl. winner & loser)

Boys on the Top, Boys on the Bottom: epi4

The Unremembered: epi4

Team BPR, blogging project runway - check-out the comments and the recap
play-by-play/party: epi4

 reaction to: epi4
recapalooza: epi4
and more recaps ... read on about other PR perspectives-
  • lifetime's PR blog
  • WSJ's speakeasy PR tv recap - epi4
  • bitch magazines PR recap - epi4 (again, i really like this recap's format)
  • hollywood report's fashtrack- epi4 (mondo guerra recap - it's like he's talking to us)
  • project rubino - epi4 (check out previous recaps epi1, epi2, epi3)
epi 5 team challenge next week
any mini-epi5-game suggestions, nutkin'rs?
send them by tuesday morn

Thursday, August 9, 2012

thanks @marcmaron

comedy ... @CobbsComedyClub (on web, twitter) enjoyed the meet/greet/swag with marc maron (on web, twitter, facebook) and arj barker (on web, twitteryoutube, facebook) as part of the vip ticket perks. going solo meant sitting with a few other solo peeps - gabriel from modesto and jay (justin) from iowa via new york - fun conversations and fun switching out of the gift bag goodies among the three of us!

good cause benefit ... great to hear that good money was raised for yesterday's mid-week chuckles benefit for the san francisco animal care & control (acc) shelter.

(side note: during meet/greet, the smell of poop drifted around the area - a little kitten went poopy. now i have the smell memory of maron + barker  + kitty poop.)

other performers' chuckles ... along with maron and barker, the other comedians who had some great chuckles included host rob f martinez, caitlin gill, and kevin camia, with special musical guest sean hayes.

maron earhole love ...  as mentioned over here, this morning's commute will be an enjoyable WTF with marc maron podcast.

make my commute maron - WTF!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

commute + podcast =

from WTF with marc maron
@marcmaron ... i WTF with marc maron (on web, twitter, facebook) during my monday and thursday commute into cubeopolis, and my earholes LOVE it! (AND my on-line dating profile declares my WTF love!)

for this evening, i gots my VIP ticket (gimme stuff!) to see maron and arj barker at cobb's comedy club - benefit event. and i got my merch a little while back - still enjoying the first 100 episodes of WTF. YES, i likes me my marc maron.

on-line dating nexus ... there is a nexus. i mentioned over here that i'd give on-line dating a whirl (again). i included on my profile, under my faves content -
"and when it comes to podcasts, my faves are wtf with marc maron ..."
- and if you are still wondering who - what - huh? ... you can check out maron on hulu's a day in the life ... here's a little trailer.

enjoy a mini-fiber break with marc maron
for ~30 seconds on a day in the life

woo-hoo mid-week comedy
and meeting marc maron!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

PR nutkin'rs - your epi4 picks

#ProjectRunway ... you prepped (over here), got score system (over here), and learned who was AUFd in epi3 (over here). now it's time to pick your WINNER and AUFd'er for EPISODE 4 among the remaining designers.
ROW 1 (R1) begins with alicia (R1: 1).
ROW 2 (R2) begins with gunnar (R2: 1).

and if you want to warm up to 
(bravo's) lifetime's project runway, 
you can check out the project runway blog.

PR nutkin'rs - wanna play?

#ProjectRunway ... rather than email the project runway "game" that a few nutkin'rs are playing, if you want to join along - have at it by making your initial selections.

we have already prepped (over here), we have a scoring system (over here), and we learned who was AUFd in epi3 (over here). if you still want to play. please join!

then EACH WEEK on tuesday afternoon, i will post another survey so you can choose the upcoming episode's winner and loser. results will be posted the weekend after each episode.
choose soon, 
before this thursday's episode 4

Monday, August 6, 2012

shiny penny chat

as learned from @jeffmiller79 @greenleafcenter academy class (applying the key practices of servant leadership) authentic conversations, one of the required readings of the class, is a way of differently engaging in workforce conversations -  
the decision to engage in adult-adult conversations rather than parent-child relationships
and about 2-3 months ago, shiny penny shared the foundation/framework of authentic conversations with others.

talk to me ... shiny penny is at it again - sharing with others about communicating, conversing, and engaging. however, this time he's looking at others' perspectives, approaches, and actually more tips and techniques - and different from authentic conversations. he asked if i would share a few i have come across in my readings. while some of the following do incorporate similar approaches as described in authentic conversations, each has a certain point of view - so here goes, shiny penny - 
 enjoy preparing 
for your next presentation

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