Saturday, October 29, 2011

f|back (oct '10): got cow?

MOO-ME! ... @craigyferg @geofftherobot am heading down from SF bay area to see the halloween day taping of the late late show with craig ferguson as part of my 48th halloween birthday gifts to myself!!! (or thirty-eighteenth, as a friend suggested) i am VERY excited - to see the show, though not so much about the drive a bunch of hours yet it is well worth it. totally hoping to touch meet craig ferguson and geoff ... and maybe even secretariat. i will later pull together the little lists a few friends have for the top 7 reasons why i should meet craig ferguson in the intro portion of the show. (7? yes, seven, because it's a prime number.) meanwhile, about that costume i'll have on somehow under my real clothes ...

DIY cow costume resurrected ... as i've done so for some past halloweens, the cow is coming back out of the pasture and will be distributing its methane molecules - via burping or pooping. i'll have to figure out how NOT to be in costume while i'm in costume per the audience rule thing.
(image from s. colbert's 2010 keep fear alive)
(oh, and maybe with a little bit of ammonia, but i still have to get those pom-poms glued molecules together.) i'll have some methane molecules to give away while standing in line and a few extra udders (three to be exact) to tug on!

and just to rehash - here is a bit about the cow costume history - a repost of part of a flashback post from 10/15/2010. in other words, i cut and paste shit i have posted before.

(repost from 11/02/08)
halloween '08 cow costume repurposed ...

... for an enviro theme.
(what else, eh?!)

"burp-utot-cow" persona ... had the dmv allowed a nice standard headshot (or maybe a costume-shot) ... my license would have be more fun. (side note: halloween = birthday)
CH4 methane molecules ... as fashioned by 1 black pom-pom with 4 white pom-poms and SEVERAL of them glued to white pipe cleaners just spewing from my "BURP" ...

"thirsty meg" (or maybe "lonely meg"?) ... l.a.g., dolled up as family guy's meg, was at first somewhat gentle, until she got a bit greedy.

and if you can't quite see them ... there are dingleberries with some methane molecules, also. (they look like little humps on the lower back.) here they are - hiding at night.
geek cow.

(repost from 10/31/08)
it COULD happen once a year ...
... if you don't pay attention to the little date above the little picture of your head. your driver license may be expired (or soon to expire - like really, really soon).

turns out ... my driver license expires today. (i discovered that unintentionally this past wednesday night at dinner.) that means, i'm celebrating a b-day ... this morning ... at the dmv ... in a machine+hand sewn cow costume (which has seen better days) that i swore i'd retire.

cow costume history ... goes like this ...
  • 1st time out = cow
  • 2nd time out = cow with more fancy cow stuff (a cow bell)
  • 3rd time out = "holy cow" ... cow with big glow-in-the-dark cross (no, not flames), a makeshift priest's collar, a rosary, a scapula, and at some point, a make shift halo. (i had a tiny bible, but without pockets (note to self - make at least one pocket), the bible was set aside). and yes, this was stuff worn at the same time.
  • 4th time out = "mad cow" ... a machine+hand sewn make-shift straight-jacket and those glasses with the crazy eyes hanging off of metal springs (another note to self - make an "escape" hole for each of your arms. turns out you can't eat dinner with your arms wrapped around toward your back. in fact, you can't do much drinking or anything else.)
... and THEN there was a hiatus, UNTIL NOW. hopefully someone will have a camera at work (yes, not only will i be in costume at the dmv this morn, i'll be in costume at work.) i am going to try to pull off ...

"renewable resource energy" cow
"bovine methane generator"

(yeah ... we'll see if the idea can be pulled off.

HINT: the carbon molecule is represented by a black pom-pom.
the hydroden molecule is represented by a white pom-pom.
and micheal's (the arts-crafts store) has my money. )

Friday, October 28, 2011

f|break: friday morn

music ... excited about this friday evening's show at the fillmore with kings of convenience (on web, facebook, twitter, myspace), who are the duo of Erland Øye and Eirik Gambek Bøe.

enjoy a music fiber break with kings of convenience (over here)
for ~ 5:07 min with i'd rather dance with you

enjoy a BONUS fiber break with KOC (over here)
for ~ 4:13 min with i don't what i can save you from

(early happy b-day out & about)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

f|break: tuesday morn

bacon me ... who doesn't like bacon?! (it's rhetorical.)

enjoy a food fiber break with bacon (over here)
for ~ 47 seconds with think geek

i'm bacon!

Monday, October 24, 2011

reminder about improv

show time on thursday ... in fremont at made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
  • thursday, oct. 27
  • 8:00 pm start time (door opens at 7:30 pm for family and friends. the show will run about an hour)
  • $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please).
  • rsvp ... if you are thinking of going, feel free to let me know and/or give the theatre a call - 510-573-3633.
improv ... among the eleven of us in made up theatre's (MUT's) improv b class - several beginners making their debut and a few not-so-beginners getting to play again! montage to start and la ronde to close.

thanks in advance to made up theatre and to sean, who'll be our host for thursday's show.

hope to see folks thursday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

f|break: sunday eve

music ... thanks karine for @airborne_toxic (on web, myspace, facebook, twitter, ilike). i missed them when they were here in SF.

enjoy a music fiber break with the airborne toxic event (over here)
for ~ 4:16 min with all i ever wanted

Thursday, October 20, 2011

f|break: thurs night

antoine & blaine ... in living color! back in the day, my brother and i totally looked forward to watching in living color. antoine merriweather (david alan grier) and blaine edwards (damon wayans) were part of our faves.

enjoy an evening fiber break with antoine & blaine (over here)
for ~ 5:33 min on men on televsion

a story about two mens ...
i gotta shift my seat
hated it!
the one time only patty-cake snap

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

f|break: wed morn

gadgetman ... oh my, @joelpk! guess who i thought of when heard about drive suits?! here's how this came about - dinner before improv class, get-to-know, new hire chit-chat, indiegogo, drive suits. that's it. random conversation stuff and nifty find and share!

enjoy a morning fiber break with drive suits (over here)
for ~ 3:38 min while you ask "really?!"

(yes, really!)

indiegogo ... here's drive suits's indiegogo campaign to raise funds ($20,000) - every little bit helps. their contribution level blurbs alone are pretty clever and entertaining. though i don't know the drive suits folks, it's pretty cool looking.

gadgetman, wanna be night hawk?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

improv again? yup!

where ... @madeuptheatre (on facebook, web, yelp, twitter, youtube) in fremont - more specifically - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).

who ... this handsome group of folks!

when ... thursday, oct. 27, with the show starting at 8:00 pm (which is a pretty firm start). door opens at 7:30 pm for family and friends. the show will run about an hour.

how much ...
what a bargain - $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please). and if you are thinking of going, feel free to let me know and/or give the theatre a call - 510-573-3633.

what ... improv among the eleven of us in made up theatre's (MUT's) improv b class - several beginners making their debut and a few not-so-beginners getting to play again! it's kind of like a graduation-ish thing. woo-hoo!!! this will be my third time, having started back in january as part of their first folks (check out MUT's classes), with the first time over here and the second time over here. (note to self: talk to dustin about getting a copy of the show's video) and for those familiar with improv, we'll do a montage format and la ronde.
check out the pros ... head over to MUT's shows each saturday for definite chuckles. it's a great casual and fun setting. who knows? maybe a show will whet your appetite to try improv, also!

thanks in advance to the made up theatre guys for continuing to make as chuckle lots! and thanks to sean, who'll be our host for next thursday's show.

hope to see folks thursday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

springpad (for now)



i'm using my springpad.

'nuff said.

thank you.

(... so PLEASE stop asking me not to text when i'm actually taking notes without pen and paper but with fingertips and thumbs. heck! i'll email or bump you, if you want a copy of my notes. just let me springpad. thank you, again.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

f|break: sunday morn

me gift me ... i puffy heart @craigyferg @geofftherobot, so i want to check out the late late show with craig ferguson.


happy halloween birthday ... as part of rolling into 48 years, i'll be southward bound. i do not think i'll be wearing either the vintage cow or tri-lighter-ish costume(-ish), but we'll see. so about the whole puffy heart ... previous posts for my little crush ...
there are certainly many more interviews, opening monologues, and banter with geoff. will just keep on for future fiber breaks! meanwhile, visit a tweetmail jingle ...

enjoy your fiber break (over here) for ~ 20 seconds

touch me with your emails
me with your tweets
text me with your fingers
me with your feet

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DISC me and then dog me ...

wordle me ... i may (or may not) be addicted to wordle, or perhaps i have a crush on it - mentor application, final greenleaf1 paper. for the potential mentor process, here's my wordle of my basic characteristics disc profile (about DISC on wiki) that i recently took this week.
(or view over here)

adaptive and natural style ... on each page of the report, there are two little graphs, side by side, and my little graphs are these. the natural style is suppose to represent how i see myself and who i am. the adapted style is suppose to represent how i respond to my environment. so mine are relatively close. what this means? i dunno (yet).

who am i? ... disc is considered one of those tools to discover answers to this question. but there are other tools (in addition to the voices in your head, the writing in one's journal, the truth serum speak after too many drinks, the catholic guilt that may be instilled in one, 31 days of reverb10, and/or the ba-boom-boom-boom of your heart). as mentioned in a flashback fiber break (over here), there are lots o' other tools.

dog me ... my FAVE EVER in the world of - who am i? who are you? who cares? Gone to the Dogs has a faux "personality" test (see the "Game" link to the left of the website) ...

and woo-hoo!!!
once czesky terrier ...
interim mini schnauzer interim ...
and now ...

got me back that czesky terrier!

"weird hairy undercarriage"
(heehee - now go dog yourself!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

mentor match me ...

or not ... it's gonna be a match-making morning this wednesday in cubeopolis. according to wordle (over here), these are the 100 words that pop-up from the questions i answered to be a mentor - - well, more accurately, to be potentially chosen by a mentee.
choices, choices, choices ... the mentee pool will have quite a bit of mentor options, so whether someone considers me a match, shirlnutkin shall see.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

poached pics from the 30th ...

high school reunion
of class of '81

(i know, huh, 30 years?!)

pretty nice lookin' group of peeps
(thanks to joe o - i poached these pics)

low-key-ish ... on saturday evening (10/08), as a kinda-late-registered attendee, i arrived ahead of time of the few friends who asked that i save seats. upon arriving, i ran into one of the high school fellows whom i see during the reunions (and who was good friends with my buddy, dave, that didn't make it up from san diego for the reunion - new dad), along with a few other reunion goers. checked-in and put on the obligatory badge, scanned the room, spotted a few friends, and bolted over.
(oh! and for my fluevog iv sisters, yes, those are my rubens ... but you knew that already, and i took my red operetta clutch for an evening reunion spin.)

din-din tables ... as i have done so often at a few of the past reunions, i sat with louis. a fellow took pics of other reunion goers' tables, so i'm including them here, along with and one of two options of the tasty meal.
missed you, new daddy, dave ... folks say "hi!", and i can't believe a forgot to bring the picture of sebastian david with me. nevertheless, here are pics of other reunion goers.

thanks to deedee who keeps the reunions going on!

Monday, October 10, 2011


inspire and create ... thanks @deedottiedot for your creative thoughts, ideas, and support. and for the no-need-to-over-analyze, go-with-gut-feel encouragement. time for me to un-hibernate and select a dang wordpress theme for anthrocubeology.

un-hibernating ... from this, i want another excuse to have a bar graph where my october activity exceeds september. done. and like the stay-cation i had a few weeks ago, on this faux holiday (of columbus day), i'm back in brainstorming creativity mode.

gimme tunes ... for creativity mode, i likes me my music - full album. this afternoon's choice? lamb (on website, myspace, youtube, twitter), of which gorecki is one of my faves! nevertheless, for now ...

between darkness & wonder

Sunday, October 9, 2011

got academic probation?

sure ... just a couple of times (or was it a few times?) during my 5 years in college. it's what happens when things like this happen during class. (sweet!)

nostalgia ... thanks, sci-fi guy, for returning a couple of notebooks. i totally enjoyed this little find in my chem e 140 (elements of chemical process analysis) notebook. (you know, the class i took over? was it a class sci-fi guy took over, too? i know it was the one with that cute guy - WB #1 guy - who was taking the class over? ... yes, that one.)

score?! ... after looking over problem sets that apparently i worked on, it was a bit of a roller coaster. and after reading the table of contents of one of my lab books - what the heck?

  • viscosity of a polymer solution
  • knudsen effusion method for vapor pressure determination
  • bomb calorimetry (heat of combustion)
  • adsorption from solution of organic dyes
  • infrared adsorption spectrum of HCl, DCl, and CH4
  • acid catalyzed inversion of sucrose (polarimetry)
  • mean activity coefficient of HCl by EMF measure
what the ...?!

Friday, October 7, 2011

f|back (oct '07): i'm here

four year's ago ... @jenimvt and @billn6 welcomed me to their vermont home. in fact, this is when my soul sister love affair with harold's gal began, and a fabulous friendship was borne. shortly after starting in cubeopolis, i took my already-planned vacation to visit my friends in massachusetts and vermont. my plan? not much, really. just wanted to head east. this mini-vacation was my east coast virgin leaf-peeping experience, along with many other perks.

miss you all - xoxo -
jen, bill, junior, and senior!

(repost from 10/06/2007)
gonna see some colors
and drive around.

got my triple a maps + tourbook. got rental car. got airline tix. got credit cards. fly in to bradley int'l (ct), stay with friend in northampton (ma) for a couple of days, haul it up to somewhere in (vt) for a couple of days with billn + family & bop around wherever, then back down to (ma) before returning to (ca).

small tragic realization this morning? ... and i realized i left lennie (my iPod) at work. sh**!

solution? ... buy foliage (lennie's iPod nano buddy - video baby!) along with a little case and power adapter. can NOT be without m'music.

[thanks, andy f, for the apple gift card last christmas.
continued to go to great use!]

(repost from 10/10/2007)
... just like i said i would be.
it's all about

(we no say "freeways")

... and coffee

... the capitol

... and cool stuff like old bridges

and cow-stuff

real cheese

ice cream


lunch in plainfield, vt

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

f|back (oct '06): h.s. reunion time

five years have passed ... yes 5! it's high school reunion time! the last time, it was my 25th. do the math.

in 2006 ... i was amidst relo-ing from san diego to the bay area - literally in the midst of ... working in SD, flying up to meet the movers and unpack, going to the 25th reunion, then flying back down afterwards, and then driving back-up the next weekend with what little i had to get me through a work week and ... several goodbye brunches, lunches, happy hours, dinners, bopping around SD, and a few client meetings.

now in 2011 ... i JUST signed up (thanks to deedee!), so i'll once again keep my 5th-year reunion pact-ish with louis. (ha!)

(flashback post - repost from 10/15/2006 - "25th reunion: quick thoughts & recap" ... some aged hyperlinks have been removed)

amidst the move activities, if you note the sched,

yesterday eve (10/14)
was my 25th high school reunion!
[class pic1]

[... 25th h.s. reunion? ... feel free to do the math, if you're bored and have found some loose change in your sofa or in other people's cars ... you can buy me a b-day/housewarming gift - perhaps gift card(s)/certificates from ... oh, say ... target, cost plus, sur la table, west elm, pottery barn, flor, room and board, dwr, smart furniture ... or some new pillows? o.k. ... if not, that's alright.]

[class pic2]

(so for dave's benefit ... here we go!)

pics will be posted here/there over the coming week's posts
as i get pics
from friends + my own camera
[sally, deb, shirl, valerie]
recap from start ... louis picked me up @ 5 pm (the agreed upon time), and i was not yet ready (of course) but not ready 'cuz 1/2-way through the blow-drying of the hair (prior to the straightening), the dryer started smoking ... and smoke alarm went off. (nice touch) took requisite pic w/dapper-looking-louis! (nice shoes, dude!) left ~ 5:20 pm to find out we'd be in traffic (880 north on a sat eve?! wtf?) ... so we missed the pre-reunion drinks at the hotel bar ... but there was another 'special bar' for the reunion folks.
[shirl, laura, ariel]
to the sign-in table ... caught up with deb, pat, valerie, laura, ariel on our way **to** the bar ... as they were heading **to** the reunion area. also met jack, who was in our class, on the way to the sign-in. walked w/them all to reunion get our name tags. checked out all the other names (aka other attendees). drinks to the left + dinner/ballroom to the right. yeah ... we turned left!
[valerie, laura]
drink room ... small, intimate setting, conducive to chit-chat stuff. round 1 - on pat (thanks!) ... and the start of the --- "omg" ... "who's that?" ... "isn't that ___?" ... "s/he looks totally the same!" ... "did we go to school w/that person?"... "what a cute dress?" ... "what does his name tag say?" ... "they are still together?!" ... "i don't think s/he'll remember me." ... "i'm going to say hi to him/her" ... "i had a crush on ___." ... "i'd like to see ___." ... "how many reunions have you attended?" ... "are there any teachers here?" ... "vodka gimlet over, please" ... "don't leave me alone" ... "where's my camera?" ... "how many kids?!" ... "and the top 5 are ___" ...
[valerie, brian, robert, raelene]
ballroom for dinner & dance ... tables of 10 ... and there were 8-9 tables ?! ... at ours - louis, me, laura, ariel, valerie, deb, pat, raelene, robert + empty. great table and great conversation! cameras all over the place. prime rib or chicken piccata or wild mushroom ravioli. survey says - not so great on the p-rib. chick o.k. and ravioli is ravioli. chocolate cake dessert - enough of a thumbs up. yes, spouses attended, also.
[deb + spouse pat (aka camera man)]
music for dinner & dance ... hopefully SOMEONE has a pic of the DJs ... really. and they did play brick house (ugh!) and the rest of the late 70s/80s music. just an evening of ... name that tune.
[glenn, cathy, arier, shirl, sally, louis]

[class pic3]

o.k. - more pics and thoughts later ...

(flashback sequence over)

this saturday ...
it's 30th h.s. reunion time
(wow .. thirty!)
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