Saturday, March 20, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

a quick fiber break -
well, 5 minutes of kids in the hall (over here)
"i just want to get even with the lanky yo-yo boy!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

f|back (jan '06): caught wifi squatting in SD

(repost 01/26/06)

My picture was taken a few times by a gal writing an article on wi-fi equipped coffee shops.

I am at my favorite coffee house - Influx ... sitting in a little corner of the coffee shop - laptop on, blackberry adjacent, project work sprawled, and (most importantly) coffee within arms length.
a corner with a view ...

..."slighlty" angled pic of the Influx entrance from Broadway.

(BTW, their sandwiches, salads and pastries are GREAT!)

Anyway, don't know if she'll use any of the pictures she took this morning.

If she does, then I have my R|CAT baseball cap to thank for succesfully dealing with my "pseudo-bad hair day".

As far as after the ReLo, in addition to the wi-fi capability of whatever hotel I will stay at when in San Diego, Influx will be my on & off SD office. It's so convenient at 20th & Broadway --- easy access to key places - Downtown, Hwys 5 / 94 / 163, and the airport.

RESOURCE FOR WI-FI LOCATIONS ... Regarding wi-fi (aka HotSpot) locations, I usually rely on a web-based resource that cnet has from jiwire. But because jiwire has had Paddy's place listed for quite some time, I've bonded with jiwire. Point is - as part of my ReLo and just for general work out-and-about town or when on travel, I make a point to find out where (free) wi-fi squatting is offered. And if great coffee is served - that's even better!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

f|break: tuesday evening - saturday's breakfast musings

get booked.

breakfast buds chatted it up this past saturday with a new friend. we've now balanced out our chats - 2 guys & 2 gals. and once again, a spirited conversation at full house cafe just as we had done so a couple of weeks ago over here.

five ... that is the answer to the question, "how many on-line dating sites have you checked out?" (well, kind of five, when you count the time i helped my friend manage her profile on one of the sites where i didn't have a profile. short story.) nevertheless, five - over the past 10 years. these include:
  • match (once back in SD around 2002/2003 and then again in 2006/2007 when i was moving back up to the BA),
  • perfect match (for maybe 2 weeks because a guy pal wanted to commiserate - and yet eventually met his now-wife through perfect match!),
  • chemistry (as the "profile manager" of a friend),
  • eHarmony (first time back in SD around 2004 because i think a lost a bet or something; more recently a "thanks" to gadgetman for the gift subscription), and
  • okcupid (at the major poking by my gal pal, piragua, currently on)
okcupid (aka OkC) ... it's fun to have piragua to bounce off tales and tidbits about our experience. when i was on eH with my friend gadgetman, it was great to bounce stories, as well. he's no longer on eH, so it's not as fun, and i've got until around mid-/late-may for the end of the subscription - but i'm still on eH.
(note to self: repost on this blog
the series of eH experience from my previous blog.)

day 10 ... as far as the OkC experience, i am just getting used to it. there are quite a bit of features for anyone OCD, AADD, or just curious. and admittedly, i didn't actually post anything at all on OkC (no photos, no content, no nothering) until day 2/evening (as a consequence result of the nicey-nice-nastygram-nudge from piragua, all with hugs and kisses and a gentle kick in the ass, of course). however, now my profile is up. i poached some content ideas from piragua and SD buddy, as well as eH content. massaged the content just a little bit. and all for what?



"it's all about getting booked," as my SD buddy reminds me. as a result, i have passed his wisdom along to others. get booked. when i call SD buddy up about dating prospects' emails, I/Ms, calls, etc., if i'm not talking about a location, date and time, all he hears is blah-blah-blah. and then all i hear is blah-blah-blah in my head. i've been trained. get booked.

sarah haskins comes through again - "it's airborne but not contagious." (OVER HERE)

(and her "grooming" segment OVER HERE toward the end of that blog post may be kind of related to this on-line dating thing ... well, kinda sorta, maybe. but perhaps i digress. ... now back on track.)

on-line dating ...
wait! did you just call yourself "daddy"? oh the tales we all have. straight. gay. bisexual. old. young. divorced. single. separated. confused. i have a few tales. my friends have a few tales. i'm likely the subject matter for someone else's tales. and i'm sure there are more to come. all for a later date.

gotta get booked!

cCacao: the beginning ...

here is the original post - with a few edits to bring it up-to-date and to nix hyperlinks to other posts.

(repost from a may 24, '09 post)

cCacao+ clan: and it begins

as promised to the cCacao clan of friends (and then some - over in vermont!), aka those with whom i had saturday breakfast back on march 7 during the whirlwind weekend of a college reunion of sorts.

vicarious living for you ... i'll (politely) share my adventures as the 40-something single gal whose cCacao "sponsor" pony-up'd coin for an on-line dating/matchmaking service.* posts will be brief and simple - about what is going on over on my end with the voices in my head type of thing. so at this point, it's not intended to be moniker story-telling like over here (although ... i'll have to really try hard NOT to go to moniker-land!) ... (and warning - hyperlink hell and content)

day 2 ... reminds me that yesterday was day 1, when gadget man pony-up'd for the service. (note to self - before thanksgiving, make sure to CANCEL service.) i will be on-lining for up to 6 months; if i wanna go any longer, it's on my dime (and quite a bit of dimes it would be).

stats for this morn ~ 10 AM ... 15 matches (although there were 19 when i first logged on this morn). all live in the same state. all are within not more than a 2 hour drive. one is requesting communications.

day 2 update, already ... i decided to respond to the one requesting communications BEFORE finishing this post - so i can tell you that i did answer the Qs **and** took the time to send back Qs. however ...
15 is now 13.

so i'm thinking that the approach to these updates will be ... i'll start my post just shortly AFTER i login to the service, let you know what stuff i do, almost finish my post, logoff, and then close out the post. and i'll at least provide you with the numbers game.

*yes, i'm aware of the major issues of exclusion (as i am politely stating and biting my tongue!)
surrounding this particular on-line service. however, i'll hang for the 6 mos. and chat with
gadget man and the cCacao+ peeps, all while biting my tongue.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

f|back (oct '07): posts ... post-poned

when i first returned to the bay area, on a weekend basis i would r|alex - a little weekend photo-story a weekend recap for a friend in san diego. this is one of my r|alex posts. (gonna get back into that!)

(repost from 10/21/07)

after returning from vacation

(just last saturday evening!)
where during vacation ...

... i drove lots and lots, and

... i saw swooshes of green- yellow- gold- rust- red-colored leaves on the trees (and on the ground), and

... i decided it was a good idea occasionally to indulge because i was on vacation (or some other not-so-rational reasoning so i could be reminded to start back-up on kickboxing), and

... i hung out with fun-family (!), and

i (and good timing by the awesome photographer!) "bliss-memorialized" my tourist moment at cold hollow cider mill (yum!!!) ...
[and i have no idea wassup with this belly-phenomena?!]

and ... for whatever reason (with the original intent to visit with a fave artist), i decided to extend my vacation into sunday and check out the 37th half moon bay pumpkin/arts festival ... known for ... large pumpkins and stuff (with nostrils just waiting to be violated, in a nice way) ...

it was also necessary to visit the little local brewery along the way home - kinda to appease (or compromise or sedate or ...?) the friend who looked like he was having too much fun or something ...

... i opened my eyes on monday morning - just enough to see it was approx. 5:50 AM.

then, i actually closed my eyes, decidedly to "sleep in" until yoga (which, before starting my traditional job, was at noon - tho' on tuesdays/thursdays. ahhhhh ... the good ol' days!).

i then BOLTED-UP literally out of bed because my carpool buddy was already outside ... carpool buddy usually arrives approx. 5:45 AM. by 6:15 AM, i was ready and heading out of the door - still stopping by paddy's for coffee - and in at work by 7:15-ish or so.
... though this is **not** my view from the cube-ipolitan i reside ... i can walk down the road aisle and see this every once-in-a-while. ... and meanwhile, i'm just readjusting (still) and poking in on billn, spinning girl, sarcastro, and reina elena (as well as a little on-line retail therapy!).

[r:alex - i will write/post more, particularly about the vacation.
let me get over the shock that i have a traditional job.
apparently, i still don't quite "get it", i guess.]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

f|back (oct '07): trip tidbit

(repost from 10/13/07)

on thursday, i drove LOTS when i was in vermont. and i drank water. i ate sunflower seeds. i turned on my windshield wipers a couple of times. i drank water. i ate cranberry trail mix. i drank more water. i drove to the town of warren ... VIA hwy 12A - warren mountain road - over the GAP - to roxbury mountain road - and ...
(from google maps)
... eventually i made it to warren.
(more later on that drive)

first stop? the warren store. picked up some muffins, t-shirts and some more water.

second stop? sat to appreciate the colors, smell, sound of water ... rested, relaxed ... and ate muffin #1. then, it was all about ...

... and wondering, why
(when i step out of the restroom behind the warren store)
are these album covers on the wall?

i dunno.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

f|back (oct '07): i'm here ...

(repost from 10/10/07)
... just like i said i would be.
it's all about
(we no say "freeways")

... and coffee

... the capitol

... and cool stuff like old bridges

and cow-stuff

real cheese

ice cream


lunch in plainfield, vt

Monday, March 1, 2010

f|back (oct '07): leaf-peeping de-virginizing ...

leaf-peeping ... i learned what that meant back in october 2007, a couple of weeks after joining cubeopolis.

(repost from 10/06/07)
gonna see some colors
and drive around.

got my triple a maps + tourbook. got rental car. got airline tix. got credit cards. fly in to bradley int'l (ct), stay with friend in northampton (ma) for a couple of days, haul it up to somewhere in (vt) for a couple of days with billn + family & bop around wherever, then back down to (ma) before returning to (ca).

small tragic realization this morning? ... and i realized i left lennie (my iPod) at work. sh**!

solution? ... buy foliage (lennie's iPod nano buddy - video baby!) along with a little case and power adapter. can NOT be without m'music.

[thanks, andy f, for the apple gift card last christmas.
continued to go to great use!]

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