Wednesday, January 2, 2013

f|break: eyebomb away

seen it, been there, done that - eyebombing.

my first encounter ... on the streets of san francisco, i spotted what i later learned was eyebombing (explained here).
and after that day, i became much more aware of prime eyebomb real estate, spotting several victims (even outside of san francisco) over the course of a few weeks.

my turn ... shortly thereafter, let's just say that i live near a crafts store, and i quickly learned that one must remember to purchase the peel and stick version, which comes in several sizes (like the cute ones over here), so that you can keep them in your wallet.

not just for public space ... while eyebombing's goal of "humanizing the world one googly eye at a time" is awesome for public spaces, it's equally enjoyable for personal touches. this was evident after my greeting card effort for a friend and my boston terrier socks adornment. in fact, for new year's day, my squirrel socks were treated to eyebombing.

beyond bite-sized ... my stash of googly eyes fits nicely in my purse, wallet, lipstick holder, etc. however, this christmas, the family got me a pair of giant googly eyes (via archie mcphee) - a pair that i can't quite shove in my hip pocket. (woohoo!)
there's an app for that ...  yup, turns out, if i want to googly eye a picture, guess what? there's an app for that by anglesong creations llc over here for the android phone, as well as for iOS over here.
a little SF bay cruise
near the golden gate bridge
organic eyebombing for nature ... finally, for the gardener in you (or your gardener friend), enjoy a fiber break with christopher walken - the googly eyes gardener (over here) for ~ 3:45 min greenhouse gab.

cactuses are dangereous ... pricklers ... stab you ... don't turn your back on them
these are my ferns ... what if it did?
you see - i've made eye contact
winston churchill once said ...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

REFRESH shirlnutkin


25 things*

curious discoveries ... with each turn of a new year, self-reflection continues because of my curious discoveries mindset that i carry around.

2013 is generally no different, as i do a few tweaks of my 2012 mash-up for 2013.

my 2012 mash-up ... when i approached 2012, i did so inspired by pulling together elements of my your heart's desire (or the "YHD" thing i've done since 1999) + 3 words via chris brogan + tiny habits via bj fogg and behavior design.

mid-year(ish) readjustment ... within a few months of 2012, i pursued trimming down my mash-up and memorialized this as part of my springtime thanks. from spring cleaning, several activities, interests, and topics jumped out as being more prevalent than others - anthrocubeology, improvisation, servant leadership, and shirlnutkin-ness (aka the random sh** i find entertaining and thought-provoking). oddly, however, my blogging frequency definitely diminished through the year.  

2013 refresh and reignite ... given some math and a calendar, 2013 is my half-century mark, as well as a 50 by 50 fluevog goal. as i approach my 10 core YHD areas -
  • health and body
  • finances
  • relationships
  • home
  • creative expression
  • work
  • spiritual
  • travel and adventure
  • special intentions
  • possessions
- by infusing each with my 3 words for 2013 -
  • deliberate
  • expressive
  • shift
- framed as part of my tiny habits "after ..., i will ...", i am looking forward to being more mindful of this shirlnutkin blog, contributing to for the love of vogs, and building upon anthrocubeology. and along the way, a little more eyebombing ...
Fluevog Prepare Hi | Steady with
Socksmith Squirrel and Acorn socks
 happy transition 
from 2012 
into the 2013 new year!

* that was kinda fun
revisiting 25 blah-blah things
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