Saturday, May 28, 2011

i spy an almost all-nighter ...

i spy STUFF
should i really clean this shit up
before i relo-cube-alize?

cubeopolis ... until ~3:30 am and back in by ~8:30 am, this is the after-math of the near-all-nighter. i'll continue to reside in this squalor until i start to relocate on wednesday (june 1) to a coveted-by-others spot down the aisle. meanwhile, i'll add to this post later ... as i did back in april over here ...

deconstructed cube-o-rama slice o' life ... i have STUFF. let's begin with may 27 and one slice of cube-o-rama. let's i spy STUFF (roughly from left to right)...
[update on 05/29 ... from L-R-ish]
  • coffee cup 1 (of 4)
  • tim gunn bobblehead (the original)
  • soda (sprite) can 1 (of 3)
  • coffee jacket, aka java jacket (of many distributed randomly across squalor)
  • telephone headset
  • yellow sticky, small (of various sizes and distributed randomly - and not so randomly - across squalor)
  • scissors
  • bejeweled monitor
  • red pencil sharpener
  • coffee cup 2 (of 4)
  • orange
  • red flocked wrapping paper (as cubeopolis wallpaper)
  • my health month rules
  • whiteboard pen holder (with rogue "girl with raised pigtails" pen from pho queen)
  • glasses (for distance)
  • soda (diet coke) can 2 (of 3)
  • not-yet-assembled john fluevog pencil holder
  • paper-umbrella i-quit-my-corporate-job and here's-why mini-flyer, handed out during the going away luncheon
  • soda (pepsi) can 3 (of 3)
  • not-yet-eaten raspberry muffin (which STILL remains uneaten and in my backpack)
  • zen board (desk version of a buddha board)
  • coffee cup 3 (of 4)
  • to-go soda container (from chipotle) with diet coke
  • pictures and paper galore, including niece+nephew, pigdog, malia+javier, guac monster, sculpture (once at laguna art museum), tim biskup mini-cards
  • colored felt markers strewn on my desktop squalor
  • penguin coffee mug (without coffee)
  • folders under desk
  • felt marker pen holder
  • tarsier with red fez and red wine
  • printed box with girl stuff in it
  • solo cow in moonlight
  • chipotle to-go bag with 2/3-eaten chicken bowl (aka compost, later in the morning)
  • stimpy (of ren & stimpy fame - or infamy - created by john k) peeking out behind the chipotle bag
  • shoe magnets
  • pedestal desk first drawer ajar (aka the napkins collection area)
  • coffee cup 4 (of 4)
  • albert einstein bookmark (with quote "great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds")
  • hard drive
  • signed glossy (to top chefardy) from top cheftestant, ryan scott (on web, facebook, also is 3 sum eats that is at OtG here/there) - and here's the deal about the glossy ... he and top chef, season 4 winner, stephanie izard (on web, her restaurant girl & the goat, ), were featured at the top chef tour many years ago when the tour dropped by the bay area ... i've given a cubester stephanie's glossy
  • incase maroon laptop sleeve
  • magnetic container (regularly used for spices) with coveted small binder clips
  • fake roses in a coffee mug
  • some sort of writing pad (i didn't realize that was atop the shelf)
  • and ... apparently not a window cube, but that's o.k. ...
(not in picture - plant trimmings
hanging on for dear life
... and more squalor)

answer to question:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

magz silver lining tips ...

SL Tip #2: on the project management book

(repost 02/13/2006)
Try to read the Project Management book
sooner rather than later;

it will take longer than 50 minutes.
- Silver Lining

the book says it's a 50-min. commitment. this is suppose to mean 50 minutes on EARTH ... it's not. it's probably more like jupiter (or is it the other direction, and it's like mercury?) anyway, as noted on the internship syllabus-lite, you will get a workbook on project management. SL's tip is good. keep it in mind.
side note: here is the book over here


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

magz silver lining tips ...

missin' magz ... also known as silver lining, margaret (or magz) was nicknamed silver lining (or SL) while she had a summer internship with us back in 2006. magz ALWAYS had a great silver lining approach with a few good, healthy moments of snark.
[pic L-R: amabelle, margaret,
moi, todd at influx, san diego]

tips for other interns ...
SL had a few tips for other interns, and in fact, her tips simply remain no-nonsense in the workplace - well, depending on the workplace culture.

(repost from 02/12/2006)

SL Tip #1: on the socratic approach

My tip? Just answer the question.
(I mean that in a good way!!)

- SL (aka Silver Lining)

SL's tip is a good one for our socratic approach for our interns. it's really that simple. remember, we can't read minds.

(repost from 01/28/2006)

There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.
- Socrates
TEACHING BY ASKING QUESTIONS ... One of the different characteristics of our internship program is our approach - a Socratic approach. We didn't purposely set out to do this; it evolved out of our realizing we enjoyed the internship program when we were in "teacher" mode. It's one thing to tell interns to do a task and give them details about getting to the right answer. It's another experience to encourage interns to approach a task by understanding the goal, developing and executing a plan to complete a task, and asking questions about their accomplishing the goal. Critical thinking is important in the work-force. And frankly, because of my curious nature, this whole Socratic thing is a bit unavoidable.

WHAT IS IT ? ... google and see what ya get? Just a few here - Wikipedia's description includes a description of method and application. Interestingly, the last item in W's blurb is "Socratic Method in Psychotherapy ... It can be used to clarify meaning, feeling, and consequences, as well as to gradually unfold insight, or explore alternative actions." (Later on that, maybe.) I like the "difference between dialogue and debate" on StudyGuide. And I'm certain that those with whom we have had as interns have heard several questions we have asked from the Socratic Questioning Cheat Sheet. Those who have interned - we did NOT have this cheat sheet, really. But you've likely heard many of these questions.

A GOOD PRIMER FOR FUTURE INTERNS ... From my web search, the socratic questioning highlighted on this site is a good primer for anyone interested in our internship. The types of questions you would hear from us ...
  • conceptual clarification
  • probing assumptions
  • probing rationale, reasons, and evidence
  • questioning viewpoints and perspectives
  • probe implications and consequences
  • questions about the question
For some interns, it may take a while to become comfortable in such a work setting, particularly if you expect an internship experience where you are just "resume building". It's an investment on our part to take on interns - and we hope that interns will also see our approach as in investment in their professional development.
hope you are doing well, magz!

Monday, May 23, 2011

gimme #improv ...

gimme fun ... @madeuptheatre (MUT on web, twitter, facebook, youtube, and yelp) is where i have spent my monday evenings. since the end of january, i have been taking improv classes for nearly 16 weeks - 8 weeks of class A and finishing up class B. (MUT classes over here.)

our instructors ...
bobby and ben (over here) have been our instructors, and they are great. it has certainly been quite different from how i spend my day - in a cubeopolis setting of minding one's Ps and Qs, to say the very least. i'll just say that i am glad my colleagues in cubeopolis are curious about what i'm learning in class. it's great to have support!

WAIT?! ... what does that last bullet say? support ...

"perform in a show for family & friends"

SHOWTIME!!! ... YUP - SOON! i'll be in a show with my other improv classmates -
  • saturday
  • june 11
  • 8:00 pm
  • fremont
  • reserve your spot - let me know, or give made up theatre a call to save your spot -
    (510) 573-3633
  • enjoy an evening out!
hope to see you in a couple of weeks ...
come support us!

f|break: monday early morn

sade ... LOVE @sadeofficial (on web, twitter, facebook). got my tickets (back in november) for the august 25 san jose show. also now have the ultimate collection.

enjoy a music fiber break this morn with sade (over here)
at that san diego show which i saw her from row h
for ~ 8 minutes singing is it a crime

it dives and it jumps ...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

generations and @greenleafcenter

the servant as leader ... in our last class on may 7, i was pleasantly surprised about the thoughts that came to mind. and as shared in the may 7 post, i believe my friend jengyee is a spirit carrier ... and with the context of generations - my being gen X and jengyee being gen Y.

greenleaf and generations ... although there is not an explicit and lengthy discussion about generations and servant-leader attributes, on this past friday morning, i thought about servant-leader within the context of the panel i was involved this past wednesday.

gen x ... i represented a "gen X" perspective of interacting with other generations. the gen Y representative presented a list of 5 lessons learned she experienced as a gen Y interacting with baby boomers and a list of 3 gen Y suggestions she wanted to communicate to baby boomers when interacting with gen Y. on the panel, i didn't quite story about gen X versus other generations, but i did find my thoughts evolved from my wednesday morning prep. on friday morning, here is what i shared via our class wiki as part of my thoughts about generations and servant-leader attributes ...

just a quick share and not necessarily directly related to our june class reading, but maybe, kind of.

10 characteristics and the generations ... the short version is that i have been thinking of the 10 characteristics within the context of multi-generational/cross-generational communications - within the context of diversity. i am not yet sure where my thoughts will lead me, but i do know i am intrigued by pursuing an opportunity to communicate the simplicity of these characteristics as not being more prevalent in one generation over another. the 10 characteristics can (and do) exist among the diverse population. needless to say, this is obvious, but i feel there can be a way to integrate or infuse this as part of existing and familiar formats and context.

how this thought came up? ... on wednesday, i was part of a small panel of cubeopolis folks encouraged to share 1-2 stories about their interactions with another generation. the hosting group was the "older workforce initiative". my thoughts in process the morning of over here as i was trying to organize my 10 minute presentation.

although i intend to post what i finally presented, the gist of it was as follows - interacting with different generations gives an opportunity to further enhance one's life experience. the question i posed (also on the blog post) was as follows:

"GENERATIONS ... We are surrounded by the wisdom of generations, but sometimes we lose sight of generations' gifts. What moment during the past 6 months might you have lost sight and had a bias and expectation of someone in a different generation? Consider within the next 6 months initiating an experience of acceptance and discovery of a generation's gift.
my main message of my presentation went something like this - - - we can live in a comfortable place of bias and expectation when communicating with people, or we can choose to have a transforming experience when we engage in listening. as such, we can challenge ourselves to live in a place of acceptance and discovery.

generation bent ... what i found interesting was that other panelists expressly described their generation in certain terms, as if they "owned" the characteristics more so than other generations. and i remember having an "ah ha" moment during the panel when one of the generations used characteristics that were part of the 10 characteristics.

and not that i'm saying one generation may have more 'servant-leader' potential than another. but given the context (and to some extent bias) that some may have regarding generation differences, i certainly heard this (via the characteristics and traits described) intimated through other panelists and through audience discussion and questions.

i think it would be great to articulate the timeless aspect of being a servant-leader ... i know it's likely obvious to our class and others, however, expressly stating so would be great. perhaps that will be something i write out on my blog or part of the final paper?!
saturday morning mini ah-ha ... as i was reading our next assignment, i remembered there was somewhat of a generation reference, which i was certain i had book dart'd, in the servant as leader, so i revisited the book and found the following -
an older person who grew up in a period when values were more settled and the future seemed more secure will be disturbed by much he finds today. ... firm note of hope .. we are at a turn of history in which people are growing faster and some extraordinarily able, mature, servant-disposed men and women are emerging in their early and middle twenties. (p. 47)
book dart me quotes i ponder ... i made good use of my book darts. i figure i'd share a few quotes (which i shared with class) that resonated with me and/or continues to make me ponder, and perhaps, you will consider picking up the book the servant as leader, as well. i share a few of them here (while i shared a longer list on the class wiki) -
  • "faith is the choice of the nobler hypothesis" quoting dean inge ... not the noblest, one never knows what that is. but the nobler, the best one can see when the choice is made.
  • the servant-leader is servant first ... the leader-first and servant-first are two extreme types ... the difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant first to make sure that other people's highest priority needs are being served.
  • every achievement starts with a goal. but not just any goal and not just anybody stating it. the one who states the goal must elicit trust, especially if it is a high risk or visionary goal, because those who follow are asked to accept the risk along with the leader.
  • the best test of whether we are communicating at this depth is to ask ourselves, first, are we really listening? are we listening to the one we want to communicate to? is our basic attitude, as we approach confrontation, one of wanting to understand?
  • the leader needs two intellectual abilities that are usually not formally assessed in an academic way: he needs to have a sense for the unknowable and be able to foresee the unforeseeable.
  • there is usually an information gap ... the art of leadership rests, in part, on the ability to bridge that gap by intuition, that is, a judgment from the unconscious process.
  • awareness is not a giver of solace - it is just the opposite. it is a disturber and an awakener. able leaders are usually sharply awake and reasonably disturbed. they are not seekers after solace. they have their own inner serenity.
  • (on the privileged elite) it may be that the best that some of today's privileged can do is to stand aside and serve by helping when asked and as instructed.
  • evil, stupidity, apathy, the "system" are not the enemy even though society building forces will be contending with them all the time. the healthy society, like the healthy body, is not the one that has taken the most medicine. it is the one in which the internal health building forces are in the best shape.
  • in short, the enemy is strong natural servants who have the potential to lead but do not lead, or who choose to follow a non-servant.
and once again ...

all of this rests on the assumption that
the only way to change a society (or just make it go)
is to produce people, enough people,
who will change it (or make it go).

f|break: saturday morn

peace me! ... @wongfupro, during this month of celebrating asian american and pacific islander heritage, enlightens us about the "V" sign or what evolved into at least the peace sign.

wongfu productions (on web, twitter, youtube, facebook) and faobe gives shiny penny andy and me a new past-time with PPA or photographic posing accents. shiny penny andy and i are thinking an activities category should be added to the PPA-W (wide) set - one that captures the gimme fortune cookie pose and other "gimme" poses shown in the picture, but first ...

... enjoy your fiber break with this mockumentary
for ~14+ minutes from wongfu productions

"... but something strange happened among east asians,
... china, japan, taiwan, hong kong, and south korea "

"i don't know. but it's cute, huh?!"

"unfortunately, some of our PPAs have not
been as successful as others"

"educational outreach program ... ethnic groups ...
share their cultural PPAs"

PPA ... this acronym is GREAT for us to describe the cuboga (cubicle + yoga) "gimme ..." poses that i've been doing here and there for no reason other than to do the pose for fun.

why are you grabbing your leg? ... when often asked this while striking the gimme pose, sharing the genesis of "gimme" ("we were on a conference call, and then ... coffee, but shiny penny andy was being evil-ish in a good way and said, ... yoga dancer pose ... stretch, ... fluevog, ... cubeopolis, ... blah-blah, ... yawn) is more than a 30-second blurb. (i even get tired of describing it, and i talk as if words are going out of style.)

gimme ... = bastardized version of the dancer pose in yoga. (google it) even with pants, i've chosen not to go the major vajayjay-dancer-pose because ... well, really, do i need to 'splain?

nevertheless, until now, shiny penny andy and i only had the genesis story for describing the pose.
that is no longer the case -
thanks wong fu for "PPA-W"!

PPA-W ... from wongfu's POSER! video, shiny penny andy is thinking gimme can be inserted anytime after the 9 min, 36 second mark where PPA-W is introduced - "bigger, more outlandish poses" - i agree wholeheartedly, AND i think that a category called "activities" can (and should) be added. activities would be those poses normally associated with ... well ... activities. in this case, gimme is yoga-esque.

PPA-W activities ... based on the mild number of gimme poses, it looks like gimme activities include: eating, shopping, drinking, etc. and i'm thinking a new pose may be "cowbunga ..." where the pose is reminiscent of surfing.
regardless, i'm going to PPA-W this weekend
at artMRKT, possibly at artPad
possibly at ice cream at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

me - generation uhm ...

x? ... or baby boomer? i dunno. all i know is i was born in 1963, and the generation label i belong is dependent on which reference i choose.
  • tail-end baby boomer
  • front-end Gen X
  • sometimes mistaken for Gen Y
traits and characteristics ... from my random searches, traits and characteristics for each include -
  • tail-end baby boomer (over here) ... work-centric (commitment to workplace), independent (challenge status quo), goal-oriented (achievement-oriented & career-focused), competitive (hierarchical structure & rankism)
  • gen x (over here) ... individualistic (hands-off management preferred), technologically adept (electronic), flexible (adapt to change), value work/life balance (work to live)
  • gen y (over here) ... family-centric (work/life balance), achievement-oriented (meaningful work), team-oriented (inclusion & involvement), attention-craving (feedback & guidance)
why ponder generation-whatever this morning? ... writers block. public speaking block. this afternoon, i will be part of a multi-generation panel sharing 1 or 2 stories about our experiences with other generations. our story-share must be not more than 10-minutes. and

frankly, with many ideas swirling around about how to approach this topic, i'm not yet quite at a point where i have figured out my specific message - or messages. i thought i had a pretty good message some time monday afternoon. however, since then, i have thought about many experiences with baby boomers and millennials and that message has unraveled. so i've not quite woven my tale ... yet. (this morning's shower moment gave me some ideas!)

bias and expectations ... what i do know is that there are MANY ways to categorize a person and generation is straightforward. what year were you born? then of course, there is astrology - what signs are you? then there is family structure - where are you in the pecking order of siblings? then there is gender - man or woman? what's your myers-briggs? what was your major? so i'll get this out of the way -
  • 1963
  • scorpio / hare
  • oldest
  • girlnutkin
  • enfp
  • engineering
categories make it easier for us to put people in those figurative boxes. boxes make it easier for us to decide what to expect.

if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck,
looks like a duck, it must be a duck.

acceptance and discovery ... i recall the wisdom-ish of a former client almost 10-years older than me (who was into going to concerts) who told me back 2006 -
"power is something you take ... your status is not governed by some artificial chronological measure. if you believe you are a pseudo GenXer, then you are."
turns out, he's not a duck ... my bias and expectation plopped him into the pool of stay-at-home-boomers; however, my acceptance and discovery taught me that someone 10 years older can still hit the town and use napster. (his college daughter was using napster. like daughter, like father, i guess.) this man was getting ready to go to a snow patrol concert with his wife and who suggested i check out breaking benjamin because that was his next concert.

oh - and i saw the beastie boys open for madonna's first tour - the virgin tour - in 1985 at the civic center. gen X me.

my monday afternoon idea ... after taking a quick look at generic descriptions of baby boomers and gen x, my general outline looked something like the following -
  • introduction
  • share my vision statement (aka epiphany back in '94), which motivated me to go back to cubeopolis because why not share? what the heck! i have an audience (uhm ... this has nothing directly to do with the panel topic, but i'll figure out some nexus)
  • common denominator - numbers (everyone can relate to numbers!)
    • 30
    • 2.3
    • ~ 830 and counting
    • ~ 1,850 and counting
    • 17 and counting
then i figured i'd explain each number ...
  • my high school reunion this year
  • number of years until i turn 50
  • number of tweets (including retweets) since April 2010
  • number of blogs posts (among multiple blogs) that i've written since Jan 2006
  • the number if interns and mentees (all in GenY) who've taught me about life
then share a few quick anecdotes ...
  • while in the cubeopolis elevator, another person (boomer generation) said to me, "hey, you're not suppose to be texting. you're not in that generation."
  • while sitting in a "young professionals" meeting, there was discussion that people who were 40 years or older would likely not be interested in working with or for young professionals.
  • while talking with a friend about her new position as an executive in an energy company, she said, "i'm excited to be turning 50 this year. now the rest of the execs won't think i'm too young for this position."
  • at a movie theater with former interns, "are you old enough for a senior discount?"
then share my story ...
  • 17 (and counting) - much of what i have learned about technology, current pop culture, and a continued curiosity about life, i have learned from my experience with interns and with mentees in what has been characterized as gen Y.
  • maybe my story about jengyee and "no telling when i would have sat down ..."
  • maybe my story about creating an internship experience that considered gen Y attributes infused with cross-over generation attributes
  • maybe that i'm considered cougar - just kidding.
  • maybe something about pop culture
  • uhm ... now what? top 10 list? top 3 list? a new acronym?
TOO MUCH SPEW - shit! ... this can clearly be more than 10 minutes. okay - i'm still working on that "message" and how to frame one of they many stories and experiences i have had with gen Y.
take away exercise for closing ... although i know what my intro is with the numbers and anecdotes, i don't know the middle part - you know ... the meat of the story. however, here is what i came up with this morning during shower-time. similar to a "reverb 10" kind of approach, pose a prompt for people to ponder. reverb10 author prompts over here spurred my december daily blog posts listed here.

GENERATIONS ... We are surrounded by the wisdom of generations, but sometimes we lose sight of generations' gifts. What moment during the past 6 months might you have lost sight and had a bias and expectation of someone in a different generation? Consider within the next 6 months initiating an experience of acceptance and discovery of a generation's gift.
these go to 11.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

fluegasm ...

@fluevog ... fluevog + orgasm = fluegasm (by joanne), which is loosely defined as an excited pee-in-your-pants or oopsie-seat-cushion-event or do-i-have-to-dry-clean-this, which is somewhat related to occurring ...
  • ... when you give it to yourself - while (or after) seeing the artisanal fluevog(s) of your choice that your feet want need already know you are going to purchase,
  • ... when the store dealers folks (like the one's over here) or the online dealers shop (over here) give it to you - after trying on and/or purchasing that special pair(s),
  • ... when it's a group-frenzy thing - let's leave it at that.
today is THE 41st anniversary and the day where regularly priced in-store purchases are 15% off, ground shipping is free for online purchases (in u.s. and canada), and every 41st online purchase is free. (also, there are other specials from participating merchants over here - including goorin bros.)

and yes, since last summer, i've added five pairs to my pool o' fluevogs (over here), which i shall post about later. meanwhile, for the fluevog iv (over here), a haiku for the day ...

john fluevog today
haight street?! bay to breakers boo ...

(in other words,
not heading in to the city today
to get shoes signed by the man. oh well ...)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

comedy ... time to (re)stefon (via bill hader) after this past monday evening's fiber break (over here), here is stefon's '11 valentine's day outing suggestions ...

enjoy a fiber break with stefon (over here)
for ~ 4:06 minutes with seth on SNL's weekend update

"a wise old turtle ... quincy jones ..."
"12 dancing jewpids ..."
"like human suitcases ..."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

fluevog iv

the sisterhood ... @fluevog (on twitter, web) on haight street in san francisco this past saturday, the self-proclaimed fluevog iv (aka fluevog four) sisterhood met up - some for the first time (except via facebook chats) and others just reconnecting.

[on second thought ... fluevog iv may mean fluevog Intra-Venous?! but i digress ...]

time spent in the store ...
some spent 4 hours in the store while others starting off a little more than 45-minutes. here we are with jim and denny at the haight street store - love 'em! was probably a good thing that some of the fluevog iv got hungry and others had to head back to the east bay. we'd never have left.

[in picture: shirlnutkin (moi), dorothy (on twitter, web), gladys, and joanne (on web)]

gimme fluevog ... simply put, it was a great, relaxing, fluevog-trying-on, (for some) fluevog-purchasing, and fluegasms (coined word for fluevog-orgasms).

yes - quite an afternoon of a range of emotions and expressions ...
  • excitement over meeting up for the first time,
  • professing love for john fluevog's shoes amongst ourselves, (as i have done in the past here when i broke in my rubens and here with my growing collection of sorts)
  • professing love for john's shoes with other customers, (gladys now has a southern california fluevog buddy - with the SAME shoe size!)
  • a hug fest upon the first gathering of the fluevog iv,
  • theories about whether (or how much!) happy gas is piped through the store,
  • our dealers (affectionately termed) - jim and denny - lovingly bringing out those shoes that needed to be on our feet, and ...
  • sadness over not-available-sizes in some of the fluevog iv's wish list, (oh how i will search the web for a size 6.5 in the mollie johnson)
gimme fluevog
(aka gimme ... or find me ... mollie johnson in size 6.5)

Monday, May 9, 2011

f|break: monday early eve

comedy ... bill hader (info on twitter, web), one of the cast members on SNL, has a great character, stefon, who occasionally is part of SNL's weekend update with seth meyers.

enjoy your post-mother's day fiber break with stefon (over here)
for ~4:47 minutes with seth on SNL's weekend update
"... like little empanadas"
"oh, i'm looking ..."
"bond while flying a human kite ..."

enjoy learning about how stefon came about
for ~ 3:07 minutes with bill hader on jimmy fallon (over here)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

f|break: sunday morn

comedy ... the whitest kids u' know (on twitter, web) are good chuckles with a few edgy OMG and WTF here and there - all entertaining. and i just realized that during the week preceding earth day, i didn't add any environmental-themed posts after the green team. well, i'm making up for it here.

enjoy a fiber break with the whitest kids u' know (over here)
for ~2 minutes with ocean 2.0

"i was angry at unified petroleum."

"this is an exciting, new time for our ocean. this is ocean 2.0."

"mother nature ... frankly, i'm excited to see
how she is going to adapt this time"

"the oceans have gained an attribute ...
but you couldn't always set it on fire."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

class with @greenleafcenter

the servant as leader ... just a quick post after finishing this morn's class. (yes, those are my book darts!) at the end of each class, we are asked to share one word - i (and another classmate) both shared -

- and honestly, for me, this word just barely scratches the surface to express the amount of deep thought and reflection that is part of this class. i love it! as mentioned about the ten characteristics in previous blog post, it is wonderful to be among people also experiencing and/or learning about servant leadership.

and today, i realize i have been part of the life of a spirit carrier ...
stepping out into the world today ... now then - time for keeping the rest of the day going - more cubeopolis-work, builders booksource for shiny penny andy errand, breakfast bud meet-up at rudy's, more cubeopolis at whatever wi-fi equipped coffee house, meet-up with the fluevog sisterhood (though gladys not in pic) at fluevog, coco-luxes yip-yap ... and

... reconnecting with the
liangs and others ... over thai food at sala thai. the liangs came up from southern california to celebrate awarding the first jengyee scholarship at the u.c. berkeley ieor annual award ceremony this past thursday.
spirit carrier ... jengyee, simply put, was (and continues to be) an inspiration. she died at the age of 25 years with lupus in november 2008 (in memory of jengyee ...). click on the pic to learn a little more about my friendship with jengyee and about jengyee's charity. she even wrote a book for college students preparing for the transition to the "real world" of employment (hello real world! a student's approach to great internships, co-ops, and entry level positions), which i had the opportunity to write the foreword.
(picture from february 2009)

In my view of the world, there are people
whom I would call spirit carriers…
those servants (who) find the resources
and make the intensive efforts to be an effective influence.
This spirit is power, but only when the spirit carrier,
the servant as nurturer of the human spirit,
is a powerful and not a casual force.

-Robert K. Greenleaf

Friday, May 6, 2011

rogue share for ...

shiny penny andy ... my inspiration, pseudo-muse, and partner-in-crime instigator, shiny penny andy is the inspiration behind cuboga and "gimme ..." and many other frivolities. and during the month of may, which happens to be asian-pacific american heritage month, i'll share more about andy as he shares about himself. but first ...

... my rogue share - with a bit of a formulaic approach that shiny penny andy is privy ...
I’m a child of ‘60s, born in the southeastern united states and raised as a navy brat (in the states and iceland). having come to the bay area in the 70s, i was schooled in the public system with many other kids. i then went to a private school with many other kids, spending time in the east bay among a multi-cultural patchwork of western and eastern cultures - although predominantly western.

after high school, i went to u.c. berkeley after the years of social protest and when the filipino-americans were reaching parity. i studied my ass off (although not always successfully and for the duration of 5 years in the chem e department - ouch!) while i also participated in a cal student organization, pilipino american alliance, where i danced the tinikling and other filipino folk dances for a couple of social-cultural nights (when they were still in the ballroom vs. zellerbach). at one point, i did participate in a bit of a sleepover protest related to apartheid (for which i was not arrested).

figuring i eventually needed to get a job, i went to a bunch of job fairs and eventually came across a federal government opportunity at a job fair held at u.c. davis; i got an interview and a job offer, resulting in working in a san francisco office as a fed government employee. my initial foray into the government was brief - kind of a year and a half. i moved onto the private sector where i spent several years in consulting at a couple of firms - first in northern california and then in southern california. i then worked in the utility industry for several of years in san diego, until i had an epiphany in 1994 (a little shared here through reflections from greenleaf reading, here through intro in greenleaf class, and here through reverb10 "one word"). i wrote up my mission | vision | values. that is when simply quit my job with no "next step" carved out, other than planning my last day to be within a pay period - my last day being the anniversary of the federal clean air act. (the accounting department was a little annoyed at the mid-pay-period departure.)

on my first day of voluntary unemployment, (a) i drove up to orange county (california) for my first contract position, (b) i didn't wear pantyhose or a bra - unlike my former corporate job, and (c) i started thinking about how to engage my mission | vision | values. thanks to the initial inspiration of several solo business owners and small business owners, and thanks to many firms that didn't hire me because they thought my ideas of the future of the electric industry was crazy, i spent 13 years successfully serving as a consultant to those needing assistance with their air quality, energy projects, and environmental communications activities.

i started my business in the 90s, serving a variety of private and public sector clients and volunteering for various organizations. i liked the first-hand experience of running a business, working with people i respected, seeking interesting projects, traveling and speaking, and improving relationships among those involved with strategic environmental decision-making. ultimately, i decided to move back to northern california to be closer to family and to maintain my practice. however, in 2007 i put my business on-hold and re-entered the government system with the intent of continuing to engage my mission | vision | values. i am now a staffer at a government agency in san francisco - i work in cubeopolis - i am now a cubester.

every now and then, i reflect - for me, i believe strongly in the following (also shared here) -


The person who is a master in the art of living makes little
distinction between their work and their play,
their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body,
their education and their recreation,
their love and their religion.

They hardly know which is which.
They simply pursue their vision of excellence and grace in whatever they do,
leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.

To them, they are always doing both.

- where work is an expression of my life's passion. i am told by other cubesters that they are thankful for my excitement in engaging my mission | vision | values, and i also am told by other cubesters that work-is-work and that's all. where for me there may be a confluence of work and life - all i ask of myself and ideally hope for others at work is engaging the golden rule -
treat others as you would like to be treated
- and for me, i am challenged daily to remain connected to my values and principles (part of the 1994 epiphany moment)
The CATALYST’s VALUES are based on the following RELATIONAL ELEMENTS:
  • Catalysts RESPECT that an individual is a member of multiple COMMUNITIES – FAMILY, SCHOOL, FAITH, EMPLOYER, TOWN, NATION, and WORLD.
  • Catalysts ENCOURAGE each individual to be RESPONSIBLE for his or her community.
  • Catalysts CHALLENGE each community to be ACCOUNTABLE to each individual.
  • Catalysts APPRECIATE each individual in a community is UNIQUE yet shares common goals.
  • Catalysts ACKNOWLEDGE that each community has a FINITE mix of individuals.

it is important to me to be part of a community that shares similar principles and values. i have seen the success of respectful and mindful communications in often divisive and litigious circumstances. and i have seen the hurt and sadness of those affected by difficult decisions and events.

as i am now pondering my querencia, i am looking forward to what events, activities, people, and simple moments come my way - so that i am aware and accepting that such experiences truly are opportunities to master the art of living.

nevertheless, whether work-is-work to allow for one to live or work is an expression of one's play - in cubeopolis, i have seen adults act and behave in mannerisms i am fairly certain they would not want their own children to act or behave.

how will you engage in life?
what are you ready to choose?
who is around you that is a teacher?
where can your talents be celebrated?
when will you start?

girlnutkin is just a prolific writer and a quirky chick. the formulaic bantering shared in this post is that of the author - dedicated to shiny penny andy. the banter is not a message to cubeopolis or cubesters - except for ...

thanks shiny penny andy
for making cubeopolis funner!

f|break: friday morn

comedy ... another @kumailn (on twitter, web) from another john oliver new york stand-up show (over here). kumail is still hilarious and clever!

enjoy a fiber break with kumail (over here)
for ~ 3 minutes on horror movies
Kumail Nanjiani - Horror Movies
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... like people were disappointed with freddy kruger
i'm on the autopsy table ...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

querencia @greenleafcenter

– a place where one feels at home

this is a spanish word that was shared with our class last month - shared by isabel, our instructor. when isabel mentioned querencia, she also had referenced author georgia heard (on web) who wrote writing toward home (over here). a couple of meanings just found through the net -
  • a place where one feels secure.
  • “…a place where one feels safe, a place from which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home. it comes from the verb quere, which means to desire, to want.”
  • in spain, it is the place in the ring where the wounded bull goes to renew his strength and center himself, ready for a fresh charge.
  • when the bull stops for a moment and finds querencia – his place of safety – he becomes truly powerful and dangerous. this is the moment he gives up fear.
greenleaf thoughts ... as part of my on-going thoughts about the ten characteristics of servant leadership, i have shared through the class wiki that -
"i am coming to realize the question of whether i "fit" [in a physical place] is not as relevant as whether and how i am going to serve - the desire to serve those who want a better environment and to so do through improving the relationships, communications, respect, and trust - that is what is important for me. the place and setting will evolve."
- to which the lovely isabel shared -
"Dear Shirley, One thing I really like about Greenleaf's work is that it is so thought provoking. I do think one can serve right where they are and of course you, with your other experience, will ponder your place of "querencia". Thanks for your writings, Shirley. Much for us to digest."
i puffy heart isabel!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

f|break: wednesday eve

comedy ... caught @kumailn (on twitter, web) on a recent john oliver new york stand-up show (over here). he's hilarious and clever!

enjoy a fiber break with kumail nanjiani (over here)
for ~ 2:18 minutes on moving to orange county and then ...
Kumail Nanjiani - Hey Kumar
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hey kumar ...

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