Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hipmtfn (shed): prepping for my (re)point of entry

(re)SHEDn ... i started SHED a l'il while ago and am (re)SHEDn. to (re)start, i must identify my theme and then my point of entry around my home.

(re)figuring out my theme ... because of a 1994 epiphany i had and of being introduced to a book - your heart's desire (YHD) - back in 1999, figuring out a lean, manicured theme was a bit of a jaunt. so i did the obvious went back to my roots - my epiphany of '94 and YHD. earlier this year when i began SHED, my theme was "healthy self-expression of servant leadership through creativity", however, after re-reading the 3 rules to consider - broad, simple, actual - i realize that servant leadership is a kind of what i want to do and be, and not necessarily express and feel. therefore, stated a little differently ...

authentic and healthy self-expression through creativity

i thought of a few variations on the theme ... authentic self-expression, health self-expression, creative self-expression, or even authentic self-expression through creativity, etc., and in the end, i'm sticking with what i have. it resonates with me.

finding the point of entry ... basically, j.morg defines three realms for finding clutter - physical, schedule, and habit. this starts with walking around my home and finding such clutter.

how does j.morg define these 3 realms? physical clutter is that tangible thing taking up space, being unused, are unloved. schedule clutter is the measurable activity (or inactivity) that may have at one point been how i wanted to spend my time, but now, rather than energize me, the activity may be a little draining. and habit clutter is the behavior that produces schedule clutter.

my point of entry inventory earlier this year ... i identified several physical, schedule, and habit clutter areas:
  • physical - my bathroom, purses, shoes, jewelry, mail/family room, business office, home office, patio storage area, guest room closet, business office annex, my closet/clothes, room entry, guest room/gift area, room nightstands, guest bathroom, home office storage, living room bench/table, dining room buffet, CDs, gifts to mail, kitchen counter tops/cupboards, car trunk, picture frames, business archives/garage, ... so far
  • schedule - p2p, biwkly az, saturday brunch, after work happy hour, monthly work mtgs, wkly work wrap-up, blogging, visit dad, evening t.v./movies, farmers market, daily journaling, peet's anchor morning, chiro appointments, yoga at home, weekly prof development, weekly m|v|v refresher, reading books, biweekly , ... so far
  • habit - bookstore visits, @work/email, list-making for projects, mail confirmation, @personal/email, scoping/planning project, friend check-in, office org, mindless t.v. escapes, avoidance work chunks, procrastination, walk/exercise, ... so far
size, percent obsolete, and level of attachment ... for each point of entry, i'm suppose to figure out how much it occupies, how much may be obsolete, and what my level of attachment is. well, as i'm looking over the physical and habit point of entry, i can see that those have higher % obsolete than schedule. AND i can see that i've chipped away at several physical areas. (go me!) nevertheless ...
still time to (re)idetinfy my point of entry

Monday, September 27, 2010

hiptmfn: stop the train - i've got (re)SHEDn to do ...

SHED ... is from julie morgenstern's book (over here), "SHED your stuff, change your life: a four-step guide to getting unstuck" - Separate the treasures, Heave the trash, Embrace your identify, Drive yourself forward.

side note: i started j.morg's SHED
before learning about my friend kit's effort for clean your closet, change your life (aka CYCCYL, over here). for my CYCCYL-specific activities, i'm posting under the kitkick label.

as a result, i'm mashing-up SHED and CYCCYL as best i can, because my SHED train has been chugging along - albeit a little chug here and there but a chug, nonetheless. so i'm slowing down that chug and heading back to the depot to re-do my "getting started" exercise. for my SHED-specific activities, i'm posting under the shed label.

(re)SHED-ing preparation ... i took the SHED assessment on j.morg's site over here. my results for the four areas as follows:

Separate: need improvement
Heave: smooth sailing
Embrace: smooth sailing
Drive: smooth sailing

time to (re)identify my point of entry areas in my home.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

hipmtfn: moving past the do-loops and on to ...

... healthy self-expression
of servant leadership
through creativity

spillover? ...
perhaps a spillover from the good ol' days when i did weekly staff meetings (when i was the only staff person in my firm), monthly invoicing, quarterly check-ins (including payments), semi-annual check-ins, and annual meetings (for fun and for recordkeeping) ... or a spillover from my your heart's desire practice, my year 2008 self-diagnosed (right or wrong) scanner from refuse to choose (here and there), and/or the endless 2009 do-loop between weeks 3/4 & 6 of apartment therapy.

regardless of the reason(s) ... over the past month, my feeling of transition has been like a (re)awakening from a bit of a haze. questions that have been swirling around in my noggin are being answered by family, friends, colleagues, and strangers in snippets of overheard conversations, glimpses of images at random places, and unanticipated diatribes.

this year's future spillover ... i loves me my j.morgenstern! back in 2004, i picked up her book organizing from the inside out. i became a fan of j/morg and have since recommended that people at least take the little self-eval (e.g., identify technical errors, external realities, and psychological obstacles) and go from there. (found a fellow's handy book notes over here that is pretty much the core pieces of her message). that self-eval is woven directly or indirectly into other j/morg's books.

fast-forward to earlier this year ... i picked-up j/morg's recent book - SHED your stuff, change your life: a four-step guide to getting unstuck (over here). i got as far part 1, chapter 3 (of 5 parts with a total of 15 chapters) where i totally identified my points of entry (first step!), and then i got side-tracked somehow (or felt a bit frozen) and didn't move forward.

fast-forward to ~ a week ago (09/16) and my new girl-crush! ... my friend shared with me her website CYCCYL - clean your closet, change your life (for which i then peed my pants out of excitement because this IS who she is for herself and others!). the next day we had a couple of text exchanges - with one culminating in her encouragement and direction -
"... but we need to work on your manifestation"
- what i SPECIFICALLY want, in ONE sentence that is TIME and DATE specific.

resurrecting my excitement and pensive moments ... so this got me to thinking and remembering all the other previous efforts that i had started, have put on-hold, and/or have taken to heart. in no special order, here is the laundry list of several books (lots of woo-woo stuff) that came to mind during my 09/18 saturday morning brainstorming (and a bit of hyperlink-hell for more info)
  • j/morg's SHED (book here)
  • apartment therapy by maxwell gillingham-ryan (book here)
  • use what you have decorating by lauri ward(book here)
  • your heart's desire by sonia choquette (book here)
  • former r|cat journals (mine)
  • refuse to choose by babara sher (book here)
  • big vision, small business by james s. walters (book here)
  • letter response from r.bolles who is author of "what color is your parachute?" and "how to find your mission in life" (books here and here)
  • bird by bird: some instructions on writing and life by ann lamott (book here)
  • original post-corporate tracing papers (mine)
  • anyway and do it anyway: finding personal meaning and deep happiness by living the paradoxical commandments by kent m. keith (books here and here; website here)
  • the four agreement by don miguel ruiz (book here; website here)
  • if life is a game, these are the rules by cherie carter-scott (book here; website here ... and thanks to jen for mentioning)
  • legacy: a step-by-step guide to writing personal history by linda spence (book here)
  • what should i do with my life? the true story of people who answered the ultimate question by po bronson (book here; website here)
  • take this job and shove it by tyler tervooren (ebook here; website here ... and thanks to pho queen for passing this along)
  • synchronicity: the inner path of leadership by joseph jaworski (book here)
will end here for now, get back to my physical point of entry areas in my bedroom and tackle my closet!

saying "no" to do-loops!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

f|break: saturday morning

enjoy a ~3 minute fiber break
with sergio of music intervention (over here)

"hey! those are some of my favorite songs, until you mickey moused them!"
"memory destroyed!"
"billy idol ... he is? ... i don't think so."

"jane lynch ... good job."
(i agree)

Friday, September 17, 2010

remembering my dad ...

thank you, alison ... for sharing a great meal and heartfelt conversation this past friday. as promised ...
[it has been 8+ years ... from april 23, 2002 eulogy]

Thank you all for coming to share this moment with my family, with our extended family, and with our friends. Many of you have had the chance to know my Mom (Lucy), my younger brother (Patrick), me, and my Dad - while others may have had a chance to get to know only one of us.

But I do believe that by knowing any of the four of us, you all have - in one way or another - had a chance to get to know my Dad ... either through direct interaction with him, through the stories we related to one another about him, or through the personality traits and values that Mom, Pat, and I hold true.

And because this is a time to remember my Dad, I'm sure many of you have memories about Dad that you, too, can relate. So I hope to share with you my story in a way that, at the end of the day, we can all speak about my Dad and celebrate our special memories of him with each other.

So I'll start by sharing my story ... (and I should let you all know that I actually practiced this 2 times, so I hope to get through this - and I believe that the 3rd time is a charm, so here I go) ...

Several of my friends have often said to me, "Your folks are cool!!!" or "Your Dad is a cool dude!" I'd look at them oddly and politely say, "Uh ... cool Dad?! Yeah? I guess Dad's cool." And then I'd also say "Thanks."

So now, I've thought to myself about this ... I guess he's cool ... I mean - he has those "Dad" traits!
. He patiently shops with my Mom at the mall.
. He's nearly 2-1/2 hours early at the airport gate for any airline departure.
. He does the "Jumble Word" puzzle in the newspaper and calls me to let me know he solved the puzzle in record time.
. He listens to Talk Radio, and we debate about the politics of the nation and the world.
. He finds three pennies on one of his daily morning walks and adds it to his grandkids' coin jars.
. Even when he leaves the room from chitchat or a longer-winded story, sometimes his after-shave lingers just a little longer.
. He always reminds me to check my car tires, oil and gasoline for even the shortest of travels.
. He plays golf and has quite the collection of golf shirts and golf balls.
. He politely smiles when I tell him the virtues of a caffe latté, while he proudly drinks Folger's.
. He goes to Church and supports the Parish.

Dad is Dad -
. He has learned that shopping can be fun with Mom.
. He is very punctual.
. He has a way with words and keeps his mind active.
. He has a conservative bent to his politics.
. He loves his grandchildren.
. He leaves an impression on people, even if it's his chitchat and after-shave.
. He is concerned for his child's safety.
. He likes to spend time on the golf course.
. He has the patience to let me be a foo-foo coffee drinker.
. And he is a religious man.
Dad is Dad - and I guess he is cool ...?

Then I thought about this a little more. I don't have to justify what makes my Dad a cool Dad. It has been staring me in the face all my life.

I don't have to tell a long story to hopefully inspire you all to share your memories about my Dad.

And at the end of the day, the short version of my story that I want to relate to you is that my Dad is a totally cool person. Whether he got the first boarding pass at the airport gate or knows the history of American politics and current events from the perspective of a proud American - more than I have ever comprehended, Dad is cool because he is a thoughtful person, a proud and loving man, and most importantly, though he has left us in this world and asks us to accept that he is with God - he is totally cool because he has left us with wonderful memories that have shaped, affected, and touched our lives -

And at the end of the day, we can all speak about my Dad and celebrate our special memories of him with each other.

On behalf of my family, I thank all of you who have joined us today, and many who could not join us but have sent their warm wishes and sympathies to my family.

Dad, I love you - and
. I'll go shopping with Mom, but I probably won't buy as many shoes as she has.
. I'll try to be on time.
. I'll have to practice the Jumble Word puzzle.
. Talk Radio will never be the same.
. I'll take care of Mom, Pat, Olga, and the grand kids, and I'll collect coins.
. I'll smile when I smell your after-shave.
. I'll always have more than a 1/4-tank of gas- and maybe I'll shoot for 1/2-tank.
. I'll learn to play golf.
. I'll learn to appreciate "normal" coffee.

And most importantly ...
I'll thank God every day that you lived 71 years fulfilled, and I got to share 38 of those years with you.
At the end of this day and every day, I hope you all have a special memory of my Dad and can say, "That Orlando, he's totally a cool dude."

Thank you and God Bless.
[for my Dad, whom I miss dearly ...
Dec 14, 1930 - April 17, 2002]

Monday, September 6, 2010

hipmtfn: labor day 2010 in my garage

hipmtfn = how i pass my time for now
(at least for this morning)

my garage has old boxes that i haven't looked at them for at least a year or two archived back in 2007 when i decided to do this.

this morning, i decided there will be less boxes of stuff and more paper to recycle. a chunk of my garage will be getting a little makeover this labor day (while i snack on a tasty almond horseshoe pastry and warm up with a cup of mocha java - yum!!!)

motivation? ... after reconnecting with one of the corporate-logo-wearing dudes pictured to the right, i realized it's okay to let go of 1999 diesel engine retrofit feasibility analyses working papers and work product. also, somewhere in the piles of paper, i know there are gems sprinkled in the paper maze ... brainstorming notes, critical thinking doodles, and crazy thoughts that will re-energize my spirit.

... and at least i'll have
more paper clips and binder clips to reuse.
(that's worth a morning in my garage, kinda sorta.)

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