Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3 tiny habits: day 1

soon to be cleaned water glass next to eyebomb'd phone.
fun with @bjfogg for my tiny habits one-week experience. day 1 (monday) - victory for all 3 tiny habits! (a quick overview of the "how to" for tiny habits from an article over here)

my tiny habits ... on sunday, i mentioned about my participating in 3 tiny habits over here. the duration engaging the tiny habits is from monday - friday.  my 3 tiny habits are pretty tiny, indeed (thanks much to the guidance fogg provides).
  • after i sit down in my office chair, i will place my water glass next to my phone.
  • after i park my car at home, i will clean out one thing from my car. 
  • after i come home after working, i will place my work bag near my stool.
... and after receiving bj fogg's email asking 2 simple questions (needing only yes or now responses), i shared in my first daily check-in -
  • whether i did my tiny habits today -  "yyy" (aka yes, yes, yes)
  • whether i intend to do them tomorrow - "yes, definitely! this is fun. i am seeing these "anchors" in my life, and it's neat! meanwhile, i'll continue with my 3 tiny habits!"
... and by anchors, they are essentially solid habits i already do.

health month upcoming coupling ... and because of this, i can see how i will definitely benefit from applying this to the health month rules i am choosing for february's health month. in fact, i have not been consistent in meeting my "drink XX glasses of water a week" rule. well, guess why i decided to make one of my week's tiny habit of having my water glass next to my office telephone?

got anchor?
get habit!

Monday, January 30, 2012

puffy heart the nerdist

THANKS @nerdist @mattmira 
for the fun, post-midnight, meet and greet after your january 28th sf sketchfest show - the nerdist podcast - at the regency's grand ballroom.

at SF Sketchfest's The Nerdist Podcast: Chris Hardwick, shirlnutkin, Matt Mira, gadgetman
although  we didn't get to meet/greet with jonah ray (on twitter, tumblr) because he had to be at his sf sketchfest the meltdown show, glad that chris hardwick (on twitter, web, google+) and matt mira (on twitter, web) hung out through the bitter end - which was at least until 12:30 am. (by the way, math is fun - we were in line for almost 2 hours. gadgetman and i were at least 2 times the age of the hipsters kids people who lived with their parents others waiting. and i had another 1-hour before i'd be back home after dropping off gadgetman.)

scarf by binarywinter on etsy
prelude ... before taking photos, there was the obligatory stand in line for a long time, get excited when chris and matt were in line of sight, meet, greet, gratitude, sharing bacteria via shaking hands, pulling out sharpies for autographs (although chris and matt didn't ask us for ours, but that's o.k.), and chatting up a little small talk.

go-to small talk ... dr. who. more specifically - TARDIS. and more tangibly - the TARDIS scarf (from binary winter) that was one of my xmas gifts to gadgetman. sharpies + scarf = memories!

paparazzi time  ... while i often take my glasses off when photo opps are on the horizon ...
(est. 12:01 am) chris hardwick, shirlnutkin, matt mira
 ... mira's "ahhh ... keep 'em on!" encouragement resulted in this next photo. (good call, mira! great organic specs, hardwick. thanks!)
(est. 12:02 am) chris hardwick, shirlnutkin, matt mira
(notes to self: check boyishtv.com (if hardwick's pic makes it on), relive part of the evening with twitter's #nerdistSF, find out if dan harmon blacked-out and/or up-chucked and how his show went, watch inspector spacetime clips, don't forget the meltdown @meltdown_show, find my bluetooth for my android and fix my android's podcast-thingy, and continue to swoon over chris hardwick.)

enjoy a little fiber break with kunal nayyar (over here)
for ~50 seconds of bromance yippity-yap

agreed ... chris hardwick is, indeed,
funny and intelligent!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3 tiny habits starting!

from Fogg's Behavior Model site
THANKS @bjfogg (on twitter, web) and his team for this week's opportunity to experience 3 tiny habits. this will be my first week to be part of changes in my behavior.  

when i learned about tiny habits ...  buster benson (on web, twitter), creator of health month, mentioned 3 tiny habits in an email just prior to signing up for the january 2012 health month. and given that my january '12 health month rules are intended to contribute to overall goals for my different elements of health, reading about  bj fogg's behavior model (FBM) over here immediately made me realize why several health month habits have stuck with me, and why others have not. for some of my rules that i have not been regularly meeting, i can see where - when considering FBM, the 3 elements of motivation, ability, and trigger - the elements are askew in how i approach particular health month rules. there are sprinkles of all three elements, however, their converging at the same time? uh ... not so much. 
my 3 tiny habits ... i've primarily chosen "organizing" habits for my 3 tiny habits. my after anchors include after i park my car, after i sit down in my office chair, and after i come home from working. i understand it is not necessary to pick habits in one area, however, these were the first that popped into my mind after reading about the program, reviewing examples, and heeding your words - 

simplicity changes behavior

rethinking approaching goals ... after being introduced to tiny habits through health month, i immediately thought about my whole yhd goal-setting event and activities that i've been doing since 1999. although i am neither well-versed in nor have i read about the depth's of fogg's model and findings, persuasive technology lab, and related resources (for instance over here), what fogg has provided on his site is extremely accessible, in my opinion. in other words, it's not all gobbledy-blah-blah-jibber-jabber-yappity-yap speak. it's a great read! (that's a compliment.)  after beginning to dive into fogg's information (which totally made clear more of the "how" for chipping at my yhd), rather than rethink or redesign my "goal stuff", i figured i'd throw 3 tiny habits into the mix as part of my 2012 mash-up of goals.

where will 3 tiny habits lead me ... 
and where will i lead myself?!

Friday, January 27, 2012

f|break: mike drucker

comedy ... thanks @mikedrucker (on twitter, web, tumblr) for opening for the whitest kids u'know. first time i've had a chance to be entertained by drucker. i will keep a watch out when drucker is back. meanwhile, here's a set he did the Upright Citizens' Brigade Theatre's Whiplash show.

enjoy a long fiber break 
with mike drucker (over here) for his ~12+ minutes set

 "i would be a jellyfish because 
when you don't have a nervous system, you can't be sad." 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

f|break: acquired taste chuckles

thanks @whitestkids (on web) for nutty, outrageous (and sometimes off color) sketch comedy. will see whitest kids u know (or wkuk) this evening at cobb's comedy club (over here) as part of sk sketchfest (2012 schedule). here are two wkuk clips - one with an 'environmental-ish' theme and one that involves a whiteboard in cubeopolis.

(re)enjoy a fiber break with the whitest kids u' know (over here)
for ~2 minutes with ocean 2.0

"this is an exciting, new time for our ocean. this is ocean 2.0."

"mother nature ... frankly, i'm excited to see
how she is going to adapt this time"

"as a scientist ... what's most amazing about this recent 

"the oceans have gained an attribute ...
but you couldn't always set it on fire."

 BONUS fiber break with WKUK (over here)
for ~3:55 in cubeopolis

"what'd d'ya do last night?... tell me or i'll fire you."

"so m'man ... do you wanna draw it?"

"there was a video camera?!" 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

f|back (nov '10): oracle friend peek-a-boo

looking up a power plant stack
wisdom words ... oracle is the nickname of a friend whom i shared about in a post back in november '10 over here. the following is a bit of a repost AND includes yesterday's oracle share.

background ... i met oracle in late 2000 through my previous business and have stayed in on/off yippity-yap contact. when i chat with the oracle, i enjoy the intellectual banter that ensues. my friend earned the nickname from the oracle of delphi - he shared a series of different answers to his young daughter's questions and/or quotes he spewed.

2012 oracle share ... attributed to his mentor (andy b.) way-back in the day-
right is always right; 
not simply when it's obvious or convenient. 

past oracle spew ... here are the little tidbits the oracle has shared ...
  • nothing is impossible for the person who does not have to do it.

  • dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

  • (in response to a colored spreadsheet) pay no attention to the man behind the curtain - uhm ... can you just tell me the answers?

  • (quotes aldous huxley) actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery.

  • no one wins a race to the moral bottom.

  • coincidence is a result assigned by those who failed to plan.

  • (in response to a contact list i pulled together) nice work. get yourself a bucket of oats and hit the "turnout" for a rest under the apple tree. and, don't bother the geldings!

  • high performers persevere. perseverance requires optimism. hope drives achievement.

  • things of this world are neither inherently good nor evil, but it is Steve Jobs that makes them so.

  • you are the sole architect of your fortune ... and misfortune.

  • (in response to my leisurely tuesday routine in 2007 - yoga in the morn and kickboxing in the eve) meditate on this in your yoga class this afternoon, or whatever trending exercise class you San Francisco people do...
    • you achieve happiness by immersing yourself on working toward a goal.
    • when you stay focused on that goal and give it your all, happiness follows.
    • don't be in a rush to be the best, let it come from hard work.
    • develop the discipline and determination to focus on getting better, not being the best.
    (with a personal note of - "I just sent this to my daughter, and thought you could add it to your book. It is a paraphrased quote from an Indian philosopher (take note: very trendy and cosmopolitan of me), and I happen to completely agree and have been stressing this with daughter for years.")

  • creativity is intrinsically hard to manage, but there is an essential paradox whereby enough process must be introduced so that creativity is balanced by a certain level of accountability.
and finally, oracle contributed a quote i've included in my mission, vision, values statements -

sometimes logic must give way to equity.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

improv TEDxTalk

made up theatre's level D improvisers!
thanks AGAIN @davemorrisisa @lynncazaly for continued motivation - i am reminded that improv is much (MUCH!) more than performing. and more so than ever, i'm looking forward to our MUT level D class show over here on march 4! i am realizing what a great group of improvisers that i have the pleasure of playing with every sunday evening.

i really enjoyed dave morris (on twitter, web, facebook, youtube) for his talk on the way of improvisation at a TEDx talk where he shares on his blog over here. also, there is a GREAT set of visual notes (or graphic recording) over here from lynn cazaly (on twitter, web). dave presented his 7 rules, and lynn - one of the the folks who had the pleasure of attending dave's presentation - captures the 7 rules very creatively on one page.

enjoy a TEDxVictoria fiber break with dave (over here)
for ~10:50 minutes on the way of improvisation

  • PLAY - engaging in something for the joy of it.
  • LET YOURSELF FAIL - failing does not make you a failure ... i'm an improviser, i'll just start again.
  • LISTEN - listening is the willingness to change. we're present in that moment ... listen, react, and change.
  • SAY YES - a series of yeses will take us somewhere
  • SAY AND - "and" is some sort of connection, and you're on your way to working with people and creating something
  • PLAY THE GAME - anything that has rules to it ... what rules do is they free us up to improvise. by giving ourselves these constrictions that guide our impulses, it funnels our creative process into some kind of product.
  • RELAX AND HAVE FUN - if we're doing that ... a much more enjoyable life

Monday, January 23, 2012

next improv show

after our december show
march 4, sunday ... thanks @madeuptheatre, or MUT (on web, facebook, twitter, yelp), for our fun improv D class. five more weeks of fun!

having fun with games ... our classes level A through C have been toward learning long form improv. in our level D class, we have a great mix of what we've been learning during our long form improv classes, AND now we're mixing in short-form. we are certainly learning quite a bit (e.g., justifying, physicality, vocalizing) through different games including (and definitely not limited to) forward reverse, gibberish, and new choice. (you can google or bing the games to learn more about them.)  

directions over here
come check us out ... yesterday was our 3rd class of MUT's improv D class.  after our 8-week class, we'll have our graduation-ish show soon.
  • where:  made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's).
  • when: sunday, march 4
  • what time:
    • door opens at 7:30 pm.
    • show begins at 8:00 pm (pretty promptly).
    the show will run about an hour.
  • how much: $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please). 

curious? RSVP ...  feel free to let me know and/or give the theatre a call - 510-573-3633.

why improv for me? ... people continue to ask why i am taking classes. well, there are a variety of reasons. as a start, contrary to some perceptions, i am not a person that is naturally comfortable as center of attention. yes, i'm gregarious, however, i tend to enjoy and often prefer small group interactions. how does this relate to improv? well, when i've shared why i continue, i often will refer to several tidbits in the book truth in comedy: the manual of improvisation - a few tidbits that can be applied beyond improv performances and stage work ... 

Honest discovery, observation, and reaction [are] better than contrived invention. … listen … connections cannot be avoided … respect choices made by others … accept and build … avoid preconceived notions … welcome the silences … there is action in thought … reflect each other's ideas.
and it's fun, i get to play with fun people, 
and the made up theatre cast over here are great!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

f|break: more portlandia ...

on BSG ... thanks @ifcportlandia. BONUS fiber break with the behind the scenes of portlandia: battlestar galactica. just a follow-up from this morning's fiber break over here. (we all need fiber.)

BONUS fiber clip with a behind the scenes (over here) for ~ 2:31 minutes 

where they're writing the new episode 
with the wrong creator ... 

it's addictive. be warned.

yhd for 2011

yhd ... aka your heart's desire. as i have done in the past as part of transitioning into a new year, i yhd. this is my yhd2011. and because of december's reverb10 experience, yhd2011 feels a bit more streamlined compared to past years -- not surprising given my decision to spend 31 mornings of stream-of-consciousness writing on reflecting and manifesting.

author sonia choquette's your heart's desire: instructions for creating the life you really want is a workbook of sorts with 9 principles. back in 1999, a dear friend, deb, recommended yhd to me because of several life-stuff going on in my life - and when dear friends recommend something, i am going to give it a whirl. for me, i consider this a woo-woo book - a kind of spiritual and law of attraction thing. as stated on choquette's website -
"There are metaphysical laws at work in the universe that bring to us both what we want and what we don't want, depending on our habits of thought and behavior."
9 principles ... deb mentioned the book was like a workbook. (did someone say "workbook"? i'm in.) each chapter includes exercises as part of learning the 9 principles presented by choquette. the principles (in order) include ...
  1. focus your desire (bring your dream into focus)
  2. send clear messages to your subconscious mind. repeat them and make sure they are positive (gain the support of your subconscious mind)
  3. deeply imagine realizing your goal ~ do it in detail (imagine your heart's desire)
  4. establish order in your physical environment (eliminate your obstacles)
  5. open yourself to your intuition ~become aware of synchronicity, etc. (be open to intuitive guidance)
  6. rein in impulsive behavior (choose to support your dream with love)
  7. honor the power of your words ~ say what you mean (surrender control)
  8. persist in your dream (claim your dream)
  9. surrender to divine power and allow the universe to do the rest (stay true to your dream)
side bar: woo-woo + non-woo-woo = shirlnutkin ... so here is the deal with yhd and me - it has been my downtime when i regroup and a good companion to other non-woo-woo forecasting activities. when i ran my own business for 13 years, i did the non-woo-woo strategic planing, scopes of work, annual meetings, quarterly tax stuff, monthly billings, weekly meetings, project management, and lots of other blah-blah outputs - no nonsense tangibles. then i recall it during the 2000-2001 transition, i co-mingled yhd & non-woo-woo. (it was similar to tyler's how to write your biography 40years earlier, but without the pie and gantt charts. and note to self: blog about my "red book and crazy papers.") co-mingling results? 2001 was a banner year - and i mean MAJOR BANNER YEAR! then 2002, 2003, etc. followed suit. however, since being part of cubeopolis starting in late 2007, i have pretty much been more non-woo-woo with just a few sprinkles of woo-woo. banner is dormant but bubbling. i have decided - it's time for recapturing that banner year feeling!

4Q2010 knocking at yhd2011 ...
the last 3 months of 2010 were filled with quite a bit of activity. nutshells for october, november, and december remind me of several highlights - more writing, more reading, healthier decisions and activities, reconnecting, new friends, (re)cubeopolis, shoring up home stuff, and on & on. i discovered (or rediscovered) advanced riskology, reverb10, lessons of a laptop dancer, AONC, healthmonth, CYCCYL, 7habits, cliffieland, projectrungay, and on & on. after finishing up december's nutshell, i realized i was rounding the corner to prep for yhd2011.

initial yhd2011 take ... with that said, below are the 10 areas (as part of choquette's little workbook) to look at in one's life - and here's my initial yhd2011 in order as they appeared for 2010 along with this year's relative ranking ...
  • 1_health & body ... this means the sphere of physical health and well-being, including weight loss or gain, beauty, exercise, sport, and recovery from illness
    (past years' ranks - '10 @2, '09 @2, '08 @1, and '99 @8)
    • mindset - be free of health management meds, get more fresh air, eat more organic, mindful of perimenopause, seek more locavore, reverb10 day 18 try (see also creative expression)
    • tools - myfitnesspal, president's challenge, healthmonth, yoga, cardio-kickboxing, home cooking, chiropractor, massages, go red betterU, race around the regions, on-line resources, like-minded people

  • 2_finances ... this includes the sphere of income, savings, debt payoff, and money for purchases, adventures, and indulgences
    (past years' ranks - '10 @1, '09 @1, '08 @3, and '99 @5)
    • mindset - complete taxes on time, suze orman-ing, eye toward retirement, invest in environmental-related options, be philanthropic, have reliable accountant, reverb10 day 20 beyond avoidance, take weekend get-away retreats (see also work, home)
    • tools - bookkeeper/accountant, eeba, kim foote, the prosperity game, uboc, books, on-line resources, friends/financial advice

  • 3_creative expression ... this includes singing, dancing, painting, writing, healing, intuiting, inventing, building, designing, photographing, acting, producing, filiming, cooking, gardening, sculpting
    (past year's rank - '10 @7, '09 @6, '08 @6, and '99 @4)
    • mindset - write short stories, blog with a message (or two), promote and support other writers and bloggers, hone skills for storytelling and improv, cook meals for friends, transform mom's vhs to dvd, participate in the love project, use the watercolors karen gave me, reverb10 day 2 writing, day 6 make, day 28 achieve (see also spiritual)
    • tools - guerilla influence formula, love2011, improv class, mac/apple tools ilife, art class, music, books, on-line resources

  • 4_relationships ... this includes the sphere of love, romance, marriage, divorce, children, parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, partners, and pets
    (past years' ranks - '10 @3, '09 @3, '08 @2, and '99 @6)
    • mindset - reconnect with friends, attend family gatherings, long-term/committed relationship with a man, let go of some relationships, time for a house pet, reverb10 day 6 community, day 9 party, day 16 friendship, day 24 everything's o.k., day 27 ordinary joy, day 25 photo, day 14 appreciate, day 15 5 minutes, involvement in/writing about local community, do photo journal type activities, seek like-minded people to support creative expressions yhd (see also creative expression, travel & adventure)
    • tools - facebook, love2011, on-line dating, p2p, race around the regions, 7habits, CYCCYL, other social networks and on-line resources, city's dispatch, paddy's coffee shop, favorite foodie stop-offs, like-minded people

  • 5_work ... this includes where you want to work, what you want to do, how much you want it to pay, whom you want to work with, the environment you want to work in, the rewards you want to receive, the amount of independence you want, and the contribution to the world you want to make
    (past years' ranks - '10 @4, 09 @'4, '08 @4, and '99 @1)
    • mindset - reconnect with mission|vision|values, (re)cubeopolis, express creativity, lead a cultural transformation, renew a mission|vision|values from 7habits, help create refinements to internship program, be part of external activities, reverb 10 day 29 defining moment, support aapi activities, discover how/what/where i want to work, feel seamless between life and work activities (see also creative expression, relationships, finances)
    • tools - p2p, 7habits, race around the regions, internal connections network tool, internship program, new employee orientation workgroup, apac, external environmental groups' activities

  • 6_spiritual ... this includes the sphere of personal discovery, healing old wounds, recovering personal power, expanding intuitive awareness, discovering new dimensions, remembering your true spiritual identity
    (past years' ranks - '10 @5, '09 @8; '08 @8, and '99 @7)
  • 7_special intentions ... this includes anything not directly covered in the above
    (past years' ranks - '10 @10, '09 @10, '08 @10, and '99 @2)
  • 8_travel and adventures ... this includes travel, sports, recreation, retreat, world exploration, psychic exploration, and new experiences of every kind
    (past years' ranks - '10 @9, '09 @7, '08 @7, and '99 @9)
    • mindset - see reverb10 day 22 travel, day 28 achieve, day 25 photo, re-establish reiki to heal others, visit friends in u.s., travel where a passport is required, visit california's nature locales, continue hiking, try two new sports or recreation activities, take weekend retreats, travel to visit/meet like-minded people (see also health & body, finances, creative expression)
    • tools - passport, on-line resources, luggage, journal
  • 9_home ... this includes buying, selling, renting, remodeling, building, moving, acquiring roommates, decorating, and designing where you live
    (past year's rank - '10 @6, '09 @5, '08, @7, and '99 @3)
    • mindset - create and maintain an inviting home to entertain family and friends, create personal space for meditation and reiki, redecorate, garden, reduce number of (simplify) home possessions (see also finances, creative expression)
    • tools - books on home decor/creating space, cyccyl, shed, on-line resources

  • 10_possessions ... this includes any and all physical objects and property that may make your daily life more joyous, more pleasurable, more comfortable, more practical, and more fun
    (past years' ranks - '10 @8, '09 @9, '08 @9, and '99 @10)
    • mindset - learn how to use mac's multi-media apps, continue auto upkeep, enjoy blogging, honor my journals, reverb10 day 30 gift, day 26 soul food, create a vibrant kitchen/cooking area, have on-the-go-travel items (see also travel, home)
    • tools - mac's programs, kitchen utensils, electronic gadgets

vision board
journal cubby
hall of awesomeness
in-home retreat space
game plan for reverb10 day 28 achieve
get my GLEE GUM

f|break: meet BSG via ...

portlandia ... thanks @ifcportlandia (on twitter, web, facebook) for providing me with a way to point my non-BSG-watching colleagues to one moore episode over here. (BSG = battlestar galactica = OVER HERE = what you should check out!) AND a way to point to my non-portlandia-wathcing colleagues - WATCH!

a quick fiber break clip below includes the first scene of one moore episode setting up the BSG sketch and the behind the scenes with portlandia: battlestar galactica - "... with Fred, Carrie and Jon as they discuss their own experiences watching Battlestar Galactica, and writing the sketch." and that's fred armisen (on imdb), carrie brownstein (on imdb), and jonathan krisel (on imdb). BONUS fiber break clip later today for the behind the scenes of this sketch.

enjoy a fiber break with  (over here)
for ~ 3:26 minutes with a clip from one moore episode

one episode and then we go to dessert
one more season
okay, thanks. bye. ... well, i lost my job.
when's the last time you brushed your teeth?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

f|break: russell peters

comedy ... thanks @therealrussellp (on web, twitter, facebook) for this morning's commute chuckle (via comedy on pandora). looking forward to when russell is up in the sf bay area for his 2012 tour.

enjoy a long fiber break (with mature language
with russell peters (over here)
for ~ 8:03 minutes on beating your kids

somebody gonna get a hurt real bad

Friday, January 20, 2012

today's @fluevog official-ish count ...

fluevog iv and haight street's jim and denny.
fluegasm (re)ERRATA-ing ... simply put, this asian did her math WRONG. (i'm the asian.) today, it is 23 pairs. this is based on an "official count" with vog-a-holic joanne over here and my yesterday evening purchase at the haight street store. LOVE the spring 2012 collection and colors! (and i'm crossing my fingers on the operetta brightman and looking forward the continued unveiling of spring '12.)

math oopsie ... in november, i posted that i had 23, as in the prime number - see over here. after reading the post, looking at the pictures, and counting out loud with joanne, while pointing at the screen (which was repeated 2 more times), it WAS actually 22 during the november count. i counted wrong. brain fart.

welcome new vogs ... yesterday evening's the new addition - the bellevue | etta place. and i LOVE  the ribbon laces, so i'll enjoy seeing what other ribbon colors will be fun to mix up. my feet will happily wear the soft white pair. they are described as soft white. it seemed in the lighting there was some faint color behind it - maybe a cream-ish or pink-ish. i'll give it a whirl in natural sunlight and see what's up. - i dunno.

visual recap ... twenty-two, shahwenty-shree, square root of π ... if someone wants numbers and reasons, here are 15 reasons to love fluevog over here. ... regardless of the count ('cuz there certainly are many reasons), i have shoes that make me (and others) smile. and i have accessories, also.

count-along ...
9 pictured. (right?)
12 + 1 (blk malibran not pictured)

and for accessories ...
operetta clutch
eddie weekend bag

next in line of sight 
i puffy heart operetta ... oh the brightman! as i may round-out for an even number count (or as i approach the next prime number), i am determined that my feet will meet a pair of brightman.
thanks jim, denny, joanne 
for a FABULOUS after cubeopolis experience.
see ya soon as spring 2012 rolls in to the haight store.

(UPDATE: twenty-four. yup, 24, as of january 21.)

OH! AND if you need company, family guy's
brian and stewie over here can keep y'all company. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

f|break: on generations

comedy ... thanks @haderonline (bill hader on twitter, SNL bio) and vanessa bayer (with SNL bio) in an SNL sketch - you can do anything - that is a bit of a commentary, as well, on the youtube generation. the cleverness has not been lost on some, but a few friends were a bit defensive ... hmmm? nevertheless, i chuckled!

enjoy a fiber break with bill hader and vanessa bayeer (over here)
for ~ 4:11 minutes on you can do anything

“you can do anything… the only show that celebrates 
the incredibly high self-esteem of the YouTube generation."

"you're so self-promotional, and everyone enjoys that."

"is that why you're so sucky and you don't realize it?

"because i have no shame or self-awareness."

"no, no ... on the contrary, my self-esteem is through the roof, 
uh, because no one has ever been honest with me about how mediocre i am."

“i tried, and therefore no one should criticize me.”

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

f|break: math is fun

comedy ... thanks @citizenkeane (aka patrick keane, on twitter, web, comedy central stand-up) for my morning chuckle (via comedy on pandora). you made my commute to cubeopolis enjoyable.

enjoy a fiber break with patrick keane (over here)
for ~ 2:28 minutes with a little bible math

cain killed abel
25% of the population 

Friday, January 13, 2012

f|back: a crush

grrrrr yum! ... thanks @mikeroweworks (on twitter, web, facebook) not only for your being eye-candy but also for your fabulous discovery channel dirty jobs show insight, your entertaining math skills (clip below), AND your thought-provoking TED talk from december 2008 (over here).

 mike rowe of dirty jobs

math is fun!

("if you need to, we got open space. you can do the long division ... 23, 650 ... mathematical acumen ... 23.7 ... mud = 17 lbs/gal ... 360 trillion algae cells ... $3.70 per bite...")
 BONUS - another facet of mike rowe (over here)
for ~ 20:03 minutes on
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

thanks @greenleafcenter

and dr. kent keith, @jeffmiller79, isabel lopez, and dolores jones. i cannot say enough about how much i value the greenleaf center's role (and timing) in my servant leadership journey. and as part of the reminiscing that regularly occurs during the december-january months, i am glad to share tidbits of my 2011 journey, along with the first two pages of my key practices paper.

and once again, 
with much gratitude,
thank you all.

the greenleaf center for servant leadership certificate programs (over here) - the foundations of servant leadership and applying the key practices of servant leadership - were intensely thought-provoking for me and very energizing (internally and externally). more than a month after the last key practices class, i am already going through withdrawals not regularly being part of a servant leadership community - those learning, studying, and practicing. yet, meanwhile, i am excited to engage what i have learned as part of the self-discovery that is inherent in the greenleaf servant leadership programs. 
a little background of my greenleaf journey ... on this blog, i've occasionally posted about my class experience and related thoughts for the foundations class (over here) and the key practices class (over here). (also under my blog's greenleaf label)

for the foundations course
for the key practices course

in short, we read, we wrote (on the class wiki), and we talked as part of monthly class calls. and there are many opportunities to go beyond the required reading and discussions. most notably, however, are the many AH-HA moments! i shared about my first class with the foundations course over here, where i included the text of my 3:38 minute intro - why i was taking the coures. and i shared about my key practices paper in the making over here.

wordle from my key practices final paper
key practices ah-ha moments ... in addition to refining and defining my credo (as part of feedback from the foundations course), i am engaging in further exploring servant leadership through language.

key practices paper, p. 1
key practices paper, p. 2

For Now, I Choose the Petri Dish:
Unwritten Rules and Alphabet Soup

There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and
breathe in their ENVIRONMENT - Air, Land, and Water.  Egos stand firm
on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that
being one step closer means choosing to be one step FURTHER.
My VISION is to Create Those Bridges. Shirley Rivera

My journey as a member of the Greenleaf Academy’s class, Applying Key Practices of Servant Leadership (Key Practices), has been not only an extension of my introduction to the Academy through the Foundations of Servant Leadership class (Foundations) but also a a series of unplanned, experiential learning moments in the workplace.  I have affectionately referred to my workplace as my “petri dish of improv comic gold and servant leadership lessons-in-the-making”. Whether by coincidence or by being present – through awareness, reflection, embodiment, contribution – more than often my workplace seemed to manifest our Key Practices readings and discussions.

“shallow circular dish with a loose-fitting cover, used to culture bacteria or other microorganisms”
I suggest that the workplace analogy, using the format of this definition, may be reworded as –
“cubicles used to culture staff and management personnel

 Meanwhile, another definition (from Merriam Webster) that is not as tongue-in-cheek may be considered more comparable for describing the workplace setting –
“something (as a place or situation) that fosters development or innovation”
While I have frustrations about the workplace, I have come to appreciate better and do acknowledge what my petri dish offers as I continue my curious discoveries through my servant leadership journey. Whether it is through observing and participating in day-to-day peer interactions and in communications across hierarchies, with the added knowledge from of Key Practices, I believe that I have much to offer to foster development of better workplace experiences, as well as much to be reminded of about circumstances not demonstrative of servant leadership characteristics.

As an extension of my reconnecting with my epiphany during the Academy’s Foundations course, Key Practices has provided the added context for understanding how to weave together servant leadership attributes and engage with others the ten characteristics of servant leadership, particularly as part of organizations and institutions. By observing and reflecting on my workplace, I intend to explore the use of language – written, verbal, artistic expression – to affect workplace satisfaction. Three topic areas that I am pursuing include: 
  • systems - while being mindful of the value of foresight, the goals of rethinking complexity, and similar ideas, increasing my understanding of and making more accessible systems theory;
  • storytelling – through my creation of anthrocubeology (i.e., a web-based format for story-telling workplace possibilities and alternatives), express ideas about approaches for catalyzing organizational cultural shifts through reflection and self-awareness; and
  • philosophy – by bringing together servant leadership and my other interest in the epistemology of knowledge and ignorance, develop my voice about my belief of a person’s ability to make a difference through our connectedness.

If you try to find meaning in everything you do,
you will imbue everything you do with meaning.
- James Autry

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