Thursday, June 9, 2011

made up theatre + level b #improv class equals ...

june 11 show ... with shirlnutkin and 5 others (aka 12 eyes)! as shared in this blog post over here, the following is a repost and reminder of this saturday evening's show. short version -
  • WHERE: fremont, at made up theatre - 3392 seldon court
    off of osgood, near fry's (which is in between 680 and 880 on automall parkway) - click the map image.

  • WHEN: 8:00 pm until about 9:00 pm

  • CONTRIBUTION: $5.00 per person (cash, preferred)
WANNA RSVP (firm or tentative)? ... please do so by letting us know the number of guests - because we'll want to make sure to put enough chairs out for our guests ... rsvp either of the following ways -
EARLY DINNER BEFORE-HAND? ... pho queen and i will be eating early (meeting ~ 5:30 pm) at maneki sushi. if you want to join us, let me know sooner than later, esp. if we change dinner venue. then you can kill an hour with leslie while i hang with 12 eyes before our 8 pm show starts.

(repost from 05/23/2011)

gimme fun ... @madeuptheatre (MUT on web, twitter, facebook, youtube, and yelp) is where i have spent my monday evenings. since the end of january, i have been taking improv classes for nearly 16 weeks - 8 weeks of class A and finishing up class B. (MUT classes over here.)

our instructors ...
bobby and ben (over here) have been our instructors, and they are great. it has certainly been quite different from how i spend my day - in a cubeopolis setting of minding one's Ps and Qs, to say the very least. i'll just say that i am glad my colleagues in cubeopolis are curious about what i'm learning in class. it's great to have support!

WAIT?! ... what does that last bullet say? support ...

"perform in a show for family & friends"

SHOWTIME!!! ... YUP - SOON! i'll be in a show with my other improv classmates -
  • saturday
  • june 11
  • 8:00 pm
  • fremont
  • enjoy an evening out!
hope to see you in a couple of weeks ...
come support us!

f|break: thursday late morn

pop culture leap frog ... thanks to the cubester who has continually demonstrated his prowess with, at, and about pop culture. he recently surpassed his personal best by incorporating pop culture into what will be likely a small chant (voluntary, of course) for some on a cubester team.

enjoy this late morn fiber break with heavyweights (over here)
for ~ 1:22 minutes at camp

watch out for salami sam

hey, don't pee in the water

oh dunt worry ...
i hahb dem on the bahhhdee sisstem

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

f|break: tues early morn

sid, the naughty bunny (on twitter @cussingbunny, facebook) + geoff peterson (on twitter @geofftherobot, facebook) ... means fun - well, at least i enjoy them. and as part of the robot skeleton army, i'm compelled to share this fiber break.

enjoy a morning fiber break with sid and geoff (over here)
for ~2:34 minutes on the late late show

apparently it was leaning to the left
i had to shunt his podium
soccer balls

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