Friday, August 1, 2014

Hugs to My Carpe Diem Friend

With my friend @YvetteF at brunch (May 2014)
Thanks to Yvette for a wonderful friendship that started virtually in 2010 via Reverb10 and has continued to evolve into a wonderful face-to-face friendship - when we are in the same general zip code.


This is Yvette's mantra and life philosophy - a challenge to herself, which she shares with others. She lives in Colorado. We met for brunch at Ella's when she was in town to run the Bay to Breakers. And we met again yesterday, where she came along to watch an improv show.


Yvette reminded me of how much I loved writing/blogging. In fact, we met through the on-line Reverb10. This was 31-days of blogging for each participant. My Reverb10 experience is shared in this blog post over here. Yup! That's a lot of writing and self-reflection.

Speaking of writing ... here is a book that Yvette wrote - The Laptop Dancer Diaries. Yup! That's fun stuff!

More later about my friendship with Yvette ... and her efforts toward ALS.

Big, warm HUGS and LOVE to you, Yvette, 
for a wonderful friendship.

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