about shirlnutkin

thanks for dropping by.

simply ... a curious, urban-minded, single gal, who recently strolled into 50, with a l'il woo-woo, and who lives in the southern east bay 'burbs, works in SF, socializes over food and drink, and believes each person can do something to change the world. 

my blog (over here) ... just random yippity-yap stories & ponderings & discoveries about -
  • AGING quirkily 
  • being EXPRESSIVE
  • POP CULTURE enthusiasm
you also can learn a little more about.me over here.

my 2014 goals ... this 2014 i choose 3-words to serve as the framework of my 2014 endeavors. my past years included my 2013 regroup and 2012 mash-up. as i have done in the the past, i check-in at least each quarter and mid-year to see where i am. 

meanwhile, i remind myself of my mantra from 2012 ...

"in querencia, be the catalyst who serves"

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