Saturday, April 30, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

@amychua ... loved @oliviamunn (on twitter, myspace, facebook) on the daily show (over here) recently. i had mentioned chua's book back in january over here. and this past week, i thought of amy chua (on web, twitter) because asian heritage month is around the corner - may is asian heritage month (from the white house, at the library of congress) - what great timing for this interview! (heehee)

enjoy a fiber break with olivia munn (over here)
for ~ 4:36 min chatting with her mom and a few others

milf ... the mother i learned from ... refrigerator
about 50 years ... scientific research ... ~ that's not asian
chopstick ... knuckle ...

when i knock on your head with my knuckle,
it hurt my hand.
it's almost a new breed of children ...
... refrigerator ...

do celebrate asian heritage month!

Friday, April 29, 2011

my old obsession ...

book darts ...

i loves reading ...

i LOVE book darts ... and apparently other do as well (on facebook). i first spotted book darts at san diego's technical book store many-many years ago, i seek these little guys out out whenever i step into a bookstore - and let me clarify - an independent book store. (i've not seen these puppies in the big box stores.) sadly, many indie book stores, which carried book darts, nearby my home have closed-up shop, but there are a few sprinkled about here and there.

i DRIVE to get book darts ... now that i'm in the bay area, builders booksource on 4th street in berkeley is my weekend GO-TO for my old obsession fix (and my new obsession) AND my design fix so i'm not always stocked-up on book darts, but i'm stocked up enough. and if i have that hankering during the day, san francisco has several stores that carry book darts.

i REMEMBER better with book darts ... as a voracious reader (where books are my retail therapy-lite), when i'm reading any form of non-fiction (esp. business, self-help, biographies, reference, how-to guides) and fiction/literature (for awesome quotes) and ted chiang (and like-kind authors for fascinating premises), i gots me my book darts!

i must LIBRARY with my book darts ...
when i'm not doing the book store retail therapy, book darts are a must for library books. so my next visit to my local library, i'll be book darting.

want book darts?
let me know so i can have an excuse for share them,
but first i should purchase ...
(or just ask me for some from the little tin in my purse)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

i know not what ...

my #prius ... is saying.

translator please.

i am off to the dealer.

(and thanks to mingo at fremont toyota for taking my call yesterday evening on his off-work time.)

that is all i got for the morning.

[afternoon update: nearly $700 later ... oh well.]

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

your passion ...

and a macaroon ... i think about @greenleafcenter and our classwork ALL the time - and when i'm not thinking about class, i feel as if i'm experiencing something related to servant leadership.

creating time ...
somewhere in between cubeopolis crunches, various class commitments, keeping up with health month activities, eeking out a meager social life, and the basic eat & sleep stuff, i realize continuing to create time is PRIORITY ONE so that i'm not uncharacteristically blog-quiet and am stayin' on track with recommitting to yhd and reverb10 in 2011 - PRIORITY ONE, i say.

back to your passion ...
recently, i had lunch with a friend who is exploring
her next step in life, so to speak. (i believe this is a reminder to me, as well, to keep on steppin', by the way.) she mentioned recently hearing and reading quite a bit about perspectives of success and failure. with that said, the rest of this post is an abridged and somewhat edited version of what i shared with my greenleaf class and my continuing on the ideas and thoughts i have about the topic of one's passion, success, and failure. i'm intrigued ... INTRIGUED, i say! i LOVE the transition phase that people experience. i LOVE being around people on that cusp of transition. most of my life, i feel i have had the opportunity to share in those moments with others - friends and loose ties - the AH-HA moments and the NOT-QUITE-READY-RIGHT-NOW moments. whether i seek it out or it finds me, i get to serve as a kind of connector. people react differently to that cusp - some with a kind of trepidation, and others - it's a full frontal attack and balls to the wall.

time to deal with that cusp ...
there are many ways to approach one's passion. for my passion, i shared reconnecting with my passion in one word. now i'm exploring amping it up in 2011. through that past months or so, here are just a very few blog posts i've come across with quite varying perspectives and approaches and all if which i have enjoyed reading ...
back to YOUR passion (aka mission, perhaps) ... my friend mentioned that over the past week or so she has felt flooded with stories of what is success and what is failure - AND when she mentioned talk show host, Tavis Smiley, who has written a book Fail Up, i recall seeing his interview with Larry King (part 1, part 2) several thoughts popped into my head while she and i were talking about this over this past Friday's lunch -

(YES! this is what happens when i get several thoughts!)

Interestingly, a book that my friend thought about during our lunch and has since lent me to read is patti smith's book just kids, which happened to be on the "to read" list on my springpad!

society on success, failure, accomplishments, lessons learned ... my conversation with my friend has made me think about the accepted (or perhaps imposed) societal burden that defines success and that defines failure - and how does one's mission and message transcend those labels? i believe one's mission can exist EVEN IF others believe that it will likely fail (in the conventional sense) - and it seems like this is part of the emotional and psychological barrier where the messenger and the listener can choose to overcome - where a shared understanding can be reached.

my task for the day ...
share this with lunch buddy

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my new obsession

thank you


my new obsession ...
yes ... ANOTHER journal-kind-of-thingy,
and i choose ROYAL BLUE among the colors

it's different ... i love it. i have it. it hangs out in my purse. here is why i am LOVING this new purse occupant - from the simple diary site -
so check out the website for a sample of one of the entry pages

thank you, thank you, thank you ~
mr. keel!

(and thank you builders booksource in berkeley
for carrying the simple diary!)

shiny penny's stretching ...

dollar-stretching ... discount ~ coupons ~ deals ...

shiny penny andy ... my cubeopolis buddy is THE GO-TO person for deals. he is the one who regularly let's us know about all the different discount deals rammed down our throats promoted by discount-giver-uppers (or something like that).

as a for instance ... with my love & lust for mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (over here), it was fun to see that there was a 30% discount from blackboard eats a while back, a provider of discounts specific to deals at restaurants.

it's contagious ... as a result, several other cubesters are addicted are a bit obssessed hoard-lite take advantage of deals. i've done so just a few times (so far), with supperclub being the most recent outing through bloomspot. a couple of friends got a deal on speedLA dating through gilt city which they'll be taking advantage of sooner than later.

monday eve's purchase ... through groupon, i'll be checking out some improv shows (for fun homework) at oakland's pan theater (before the end of october 2011, of course).

oh ... and thanks, yipit, for
doing some of the sifting!

Monday, April 25, 2011

happy hour gamer dude ...

metroid ... completely unrelated to my little chiang post (over here) but about the virtual world (enough so), when i came across chiang's story, it was shortly after a friday happy hour. i asked a t-shirt wearing guy what the logo on his shirt was all about.

[image from]

rather than directly answer my question, here is the boring chatter dribbled (with a VERY FEW embellishments because it was pretty boring) -
  • me: hi ... what's that symbol on your shirt?
  • t-shirt guy: do you play video games?
  • me: not as often as you probably play them. so what's the icon all about on your shirt?
  • t-shirt guy: well, if you played video games ...
  • me: really?! maybe you can just tell me. does it count if i read books, sci-fi books?
  • t-shirt guy: no. and read?!
  • t-shirt guy's friend: dude, just tell her already. dork.
  • me (also thinking "dork"): uhm ... yeah, just tell me.
  • t-shirt guy: metroid. look it up on wiki.
  • me (to his friend): uhm ... right.
  • t-shirt guy: hmmm.
  • mike (my friend): hmmm. let's go eat - caffee sport.
uneventful as that chat was, i did learn about metroid (via wiki), being the curious person that i am. although it has NOTHING to do with chiang's story, there is the virtual world aspect ... and perhaps a lame an opening line to trying to pick up on meeting someone - with a pop culture t-shirt or any shirt.

excuse me, is that a hipster plaid shirt? or just a shirt?

(okay ... i just wanted an excuse to post a pic of the t-shirt.
reminder - no need to ask that question again.)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

f|break: sunday noon

chemistry ... it's #easter sunday - time for easter mass, brunch, and a sugar coma. AND reminiscing a little about college days in the lab. (and a shout out to my friend, sci-fi guy, you chemistry geek! who woulda thunk?!)

enjoy an easter fiber break with a cadbury creme egg (over here)
for ~ 6:45 min with chemistry and a little lab fun

(love the fume hood fire mess!)

enjoy another fiber break sugar-high with a peep (over here)
for ~ 2:11 minutes with kellog community college
chemistry's not-so-peep

three phases -
monster peep ... normal peep ... pancake peep

f|break: sunday morn

doctor who ... the new season of doctor who (on web bbc uk, web bbc america, facebook) has started. (thank you bbc america!) so - i plopped myself successfully on my couch saturday evening to get my doctor on with the season opener - the impossible astronaut.

[image from bbc america site]

and while STILL catching up on my DVR backlog, caught up on craig ferguson - and a recent episode had karen gillan, aka amelia "amy" pond.

enjoy a fiber break with karen gillan (over here)
for ~ 8:45 min in her appearance with craig ferguson

spoiler quote... from the impossible astronaut - "Code name: The Doctor. These are my top operatives: the Legs, the Nose, and Mrs. Robinson.”

BONUS - craig and a dalek (over here)
for ~ 3+ minutes

what's a dalek?
here on wiki

Saturday, April 23, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

#archer ... LOVE @aishatyler and because thursday night was the season 2 finale of archer* (on web, twitter, facebook), i've been going through a l'il bereavement.

dvr catch-up ... and because i'm catching up on my dvr'd shows, i have been catching up on a current tv (over here) show - infomania (over here).

BONUS ... brett erlich (on twitter, facebook), host of infomania (on facebook) and viral video film school (over here), interviewed - - - drum roll - - - lana kane, aka aisha tyler (on web, twitter, facebook, myspace)!
enjoy a saturday morn fiber break with aisha tyler (over here)
for ~3:10 min as interviewed by brett erlich on infomania

she could put some pants on, that might be nice
halo ... that was my gateway drug
hey nerds ... are you masturbating to this conversation ...?

Friday, April 22, 2011

smushed banana #inmybag

my @inmybagcom contribution ... what i found yesterday - a smushed banana (now in the compost bin. i know - don't ask ...) - resulted in a delayed photo post for in my bag (on web, twitter) ... well, it's a pick of at least one of the two bags i carry each day.

i saw this idea on a blog that i follow - lisa's foods on the move (on web, twitter) - and her post over here. fabulous web site, by the way!

bag-go-round ... typically, what is in my bag one day is different from the next - not too mention that i also switch out bags fairly regularly. so perhaps this will be great blog fodder for the future.

smushed banana ... when i got home last night, looking to fish out my key-caddy-o-metal, icky sticky metal and wet fabric alert! then i remembered that in the morning, i intended to eat a banana during my commute and decided a baggy was NOT needed. FAIL. (note to self - keys can puncture banana skin when crammed in a bag that is not intended to carry a banana that can be punctured by metal-tools-o-death)

i spy ... i played i spy for plaid in cubeopolis (over here). i'm tight on time this morning - and cubeopolis beckons, so i have to get in my car soon. if you wanna i spy, have at it.

meanwhile, i'll be using a different bag -
- this one is still a little damp
(and fragrant-ish)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

plaid in cubeopolis

tights ... from @leg_avenue (on twitter, facebook, web), my plaid tights with my operetta black malibrans from fluevog were quite eye-catching in cubeopolis. (thank you leg avenue and 23 skidoo vintage)

plaid day ... it was unofficially plaid day yesterday, so said shiny penny andy. both he and i were shackled-cubesters, tied to an on-line event, so neither of us quite got to plaid-walk together around cubeopolis.

i spy shirlnutkin's cube-o-rama ... in the world of cubeopolis, each cubester has his/her own personal cube-0-rama, framed by four beige walls where push pins and magnets find a reason to exist. then there are just the surfaces where STUFF just happens. for some cube-o-ramas, it's a tidy sight. for others, it's an a.a.d.d. celebration of sorts.

deconstructed cube-o-rama slice o' life... i have STUFF. let's begin with one day and one slice of cube-o-rama. let's i spy STUFF (roughly from left to right)...
  • to go coffee copy
  • shotglass (gift from a cubester)
  • bejeweled computer monitor
  • red pencil sharpener
  • red, flocked wrapping paper
  • my health month rules
  • squirrel postcard
  • albert einstein bookmark (with quote "great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds")
  • whiteboard pen holders
  • pen with punching girl and pigtails standing up
  • leather classes case
  • 23+oz plastic water bottle
  • black malibrans (from fluevog's operettas)
  • plaid tights
  • black leather planner
  • zen board (desk version of a buddha board)
  • pink piggy bank (from nashville, tn ... thanks kate and gwen)
  • felt marker pen holder
  • pictures and paper galore, including niece+nephew, pigdog, malia+javier, guac monster, sculpture (once at laguna art museum), tim biskup mini-cards
  • tarsier with red fez and red wine
  • solo cow in moonlight
  • printed box with girl stuff in it
  • distance glasses
  • empty ziplock bag
  • scooping yogurt
  • shoe magnets
  • reading glasses
  • coffee-stained (years of...) teeth
  • and ...
... i'm sure it looks different today.
what do you
i spy?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

f|break: wed morn #icecream

LOVES me mr. and mrs. miscellaneous organic, flavorful, and tasty ice cream (on facebook) - and so do many others (on yelp)!

where to go ... i shared a while back (over here) that it's a great place on a warm day - located in the san francisco dogpatch area - 699 22nd at 3rd street (closes at 6:00 pm & closed on mondays). it's a great place any day (except for monday, i guess).

the routine-ish ... on weekdays, if i've driven into work, mr. and mrs. miscellaneous - which is about 2.5 miles on surface streets from work - is ALWAYS a possible after-work ice cream treat, as long as i leave the parking area by -
  • 5:20 (or much sooner) if traffic near my work is congested, or
  • 5:35 if traffic is near non-existent, or
  • 5:40 if traffic is near non-existent and there is little to no talking in the car (shiny penny andy and pho queen les lie know what that means)
upon arrival ... if we've looked on facebook prior to driving over to see if/what the flavors are posted, we do a combo of the following -
  • lament that there may be a "sold out" sign on a fave flavor,
  • cheer because the flavor we want to try is still available,
  • sample flavors that we may normally not try or no nothing about
  • negotiate amongst ourselves which flavors to enjoy, and
  • pray to the goddess asphalta that there is parking nearby enough, AND IF NOT, i push out the car while it's moving make whomever is/are my passenger(s) get in the door comfortably before closing at 6 pm,
  • scoop ice cream and making orgasmic noises while doing so,
  • chat with ann or ian
flavors? ... ever-changing. annabelle and ian shared on march 28th the following 136 flavor creations

video by a fan ... shared on mr. and mrs. miscellaneous facebook page by fan lucy laliberte - whom i don't know but liking her nifty other videos and shares (on tumblr, on vimeo) - here is lucy's ice cream field trip -

enjoy a morning fiber break from lucy laliberte (over here)
for ~ a minute of vicariously visiting mr. and mrs. miscellaneous

Project Miscellany from Lucy Laliberte on Vimeo.

the directive ... as the current foursquare mayor (since march 30, for which i understand from ian that the former mayor, ryan g, will likely be giving me a run for my mayorship), so says shirlnutkin while scooping coffee + doughnuts and fudge ripple ...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

greenleaf on camus

it's almost may 7 ... @greenleafcenter the second class of the foundations of servant leadership feels like it is around the corner. i am certainly looking forward to the next class. (i shared some initial thoughts the day after our first class on april 9 over here.)
current reading ...
part of our next class reading is

the servant as leader.

reflect and express ... amidst the assigned readings are the moments of reflection - and there are many, thankfully. and as part of our class, we are asked and encouraged to share our thoughts. given the virtual and telephony environment of the class, i must say that as i read through our assignments (and i do something every day, if even just to reflect on passages or revisit answers to questions posed for classwork), i do miss the impromptu banter over coffee/tea that i recall from my days long ago as a college student.

nevertheless, the personal reflection and opportunity to share is refreshing. with that said - our moment of reflection, as shared by greenleaf in our current reading, an albert camus quote -
"Great ideas, it has been said, come into the world as gently as doves. Perhaps, then, if we listen attentively, we shall hear, amid the uproar of empires and nations, a faint flutter of wings, the gentle stirring of life and hope. Some will say that this hope lies in a nation, others, in a man. I believe rather that it is awakened, revived, nourished by millions of solitary individuals whose deeds and works every day negate frontiers and the crudest implications of history. As a result, there shines forth fleetingly the ever-threatened truth that each and every person, on the foundations of his or her own sufferings and joys, builds for them all."
- Camus, 1961
on the first class reading ... as i am very nearly finished with the first book, don frick's robert k. greenleaf: a life of servant leadership, i have enjoyed responding to the 17 questions posed - particularly as this class is serving as a wonderful muse for journaling.

as mentioned in a previous blog post of a kind of transcript-lite of my introduction to the class, i shared a couple of things including -
...i'm taking this class as a result of some stream of consciousness writing that i did in december. each day i was participating in an on-line blogging exercise ... reconnecting with something that i had done back in 1994.

... and i feel very compelled to create a way to help people better interact in the workplace.
my '94 epiphany ... as part of my class/public journal, i shared part of what i felt led up to what' i've called my '94 epiphany during a very early morning -

There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and

breathe in their ENVIRONMENT— AIR, LAND, and WATER. Egos stand firm

on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that

to get one step closer they must go one step FURTHER.


values ... through the weeks that followed in '94, more thoughts and writings came about in the form of a kind of values and mission statements - shared a bit in this post back in december. fast forward to present day, the values, albeit formatted and expressed a little differently since '94, still hold true for me -

The CATALYST’s VALUES are based on the following RELATIONAL ELEMENTS:
  • Catalysts RESPECT that an individual is a member of multiple COMMUNITIES – FAMILY, SCHOOL, FAITH, EMPLOYER, TOWN, NATION, and WORLD.
  • Catalysts ENCOURAGE each individual to be RESPONSIBLE for his or her community.
  • Catalysts CHALLENGE each community to be ACCOUNTABLE to each individual.
  • Catalysts APPRECIATE each individual in a community is UNIQUE yet shares common goals.
  • Catalysts ACKNOWLEDGE that each community has a FINITE mix of individuals.

values - revisiting & refreshing ... as i am reading the servant as leader, i am once again compelled to revisit the values set forth from '94 - to refresh them a bit and to revive the essence and spirit of resource catalysts.

ponder. ponder. ponder.

Monday, April 18, 2011

love the author ...

ted chiang ... i was introduced to chiang several years ago by my friend, debbie. she shared stories of your life and others with the quick read of one of the stories - understand (over here).

gifting ... since reading this story and other chiang stories, i have gifted this book to several friends - whether or not one is interested in science fiction. used book story browsing? if it's on the bookshelf, the store will be less whatever number of copies were on the shelf.

a few stories on-line ... turns out, several stories are available at free speculative fiction online (over here) where you can read or listen to a podcast, depending on the story. go. go now. NOW.

recent novella ... i forgot how and why i recently came across chiang's recent novella - the lifecycle of software objects (also on-line) - but i did. and i enjoyed the read - so much that the book may need to keep my books company (must purchase over here). here are a few of the illustrations by christian pearce (over here) in the making part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.
"The virtual world acts as a
global village for raising the digients,

a social fabric into which a new category of pet is woven."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

remembering dad ...

#love2011 ... during week 4 of the love project, the assignment was self-portrait. i chose a self-portrait of visiting my dad (over here).

today ... i am reminded of my dad - as i shared during the funeral mass, and today i learned he was a member of the local union city museum. go figure.

love you dad ...

green me, green you

earth day ... with @funnyordie (on web, twitter, facebook, tumblr), a refresher green message from funny or die is just in time for this year's earth day that is just around the corner.

throughout the coming week, i'll include a few posts with an environmental bent of sorts. which of the bajillion events will be you attend? volunteer? promote? or just talk about? start the week with a few oldie but goodie tips for mother earth and a few new ones -
enjoy a recyclable fiber break with the green team (over here)
lead by erin gossamer, jim smegg, arnold darkshner
(aka adam mckay, john c. reilly, will ferrell)
for ~ 3 minutes while you eat organic cereal and local foods

there’s a place for that. it’s called the waste basket.
unplug your cell phone charger | turn out ... lights | biodegradable napkins |

try wrapping your feces in tinfoil and saving it in a cooler.

just because i’m an environmentalist doesn’t mean i’m a sissy motherfucker!
always bleach

missed any of the enviro-tidbits?
check out the transcript over here

Saturday, April 16, 2011

tonight i want it longer ...

improv ... @MadeUpTheatre (MUT on web, twitter, facebook, youtube), in fremont every THIRD saturday of each month, five play improv (on facebook) performs long form improv.

PEE! (aka LAUGH!)

this evening ... tonight, i will be checking out five play improv's show for 3 reasons (in no special order, of course):
  • FUN and FUNNY got longer - i've seen members of five play improv at laugh track city (LTC) the local version of a kind of whose line is it, anyway? short form improv format. (i must share that many years ago i had a chance to be part of a taping of several episodes of the british version - fun times!)

    want it shorter? or longer? LTC performs on the FIRST saturday of each month. meanwhile, five play improv performs on the THIRD saturday of each month.
  • my retail therapy alternative OR reward - for $10 (yes, ten!) ... it's a great evening either as an alternative to retail therapy (... instead of investing in shoes, purses, books - what?!) or a great reward to a fine day of retail therapy. for tonight's show, it shall be an alternative (i think ... the day is still very young and fluevog is whispering.)
read the obvious print (bullet #4) ... after the 1st class of MUT B, there was mention of a show for family and friends. note to self - read class description. i missed that part after the 1st set of classes, thinking any kind of performance would happen much more down the line, as in not part of MUT B. d'oh.

show of MUT B folks ... so at some point, after our last class on may 23, there will be a show. (i wish my peeps from VT could see the show.)

in for the long haul ... show/performance yikes aside, i'm in for the duration. although my initial reason for taking the class was more about exploring spoken word, i quickly realized (1) this is NOT necessarily the format, and (2) this IS NOT that painful (most of the time). why am i sticking with it? simply put - it's something i normally would NOT do, seek, or feel comfortable about doing so - on stage ... performing? i guess i'll never say never.

enjoy a grand opening fiber break
with five play improv for ~ 15 min (over here)

"i'm a man, i can touch you"

Friday, April 15, 2011

f|break: friday morn

design ... creativity. this morning, i thought of my friend, tanya (founder of artefact), then i remembered i had posted a little about my design fix some time last year, which included a tidbit about my little crush on ...
risd (rhode island school of design) ... for obvious reasons (over here). and the president of risd, john maeda, is tweeting @johnmaeda, and he blogs at creative leadership (over here).
... so i decided to just do a quick visit of his tweets and found one of his presentations at TED (about TED over here) on his thoughts on simplicity. (note: some may find this quite a random walk & talk.)

enjoy a little chat-at-you fiber break with john maeda (over here)
for ~17+ min at TED on simplicity

the laws of simplicity ... from his book (on mit press), he shared ten laws and 3 keys.
Law 1: REDUCE. The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction.
Law 2: ORGANIZE. Organization makes a system of many appear fewer.
Law 3: TIME. Savings in time feel like simplicity.
Law 4: LEARN. Knowledge makes everything simpler.
Law 5: DIFFERENCES. Simplicity and complexity need each other.
Law 6: CONTEXT. What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral.
Law 7: EMOTION. More emotions are better than less.
Law 8: TRUST. In simplicity we trust.
Law 9: FAILURE. Some things can never be made simple.
Law 10: THE ONE. Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.

Three Keys
Key 1: AWAY. More appears like less simply by moving it far, far away.
Key 2: OPEN. Openness simplifies complexity.
Key 3: POWER. Use less, gain more.
time to ponder simplicity in cubeopolis

Thursday, April 14, 2011

my intro on saturday morn

speak to me ... the audio of last saturday's class is available. i decided to relive the moments for four reasons -
  • to share on this blog what i said as part of introductions to the class and why i'm taking the course,
  • to remind myself of my classmates' reasons for taking the course,
  • to listen for other learnings, and
  • to inspire me some more as i answer several of the questions posed for our first class assignment - questions about don frick's robert k. greenleaf: a life of servant leadership
and although i am still reading the book (even while taking this week's u-turn detour to the central valley via harris ranch and avenal), i do have answers to several of the questions - answers of which i will share some of them here on this blog, while others may be in more detail as part of my class journal (public or private versions). and there are existing posts that are, in fact, responsive in part or in whole, for my classwork that are even responsive, so i'll incorporate that into the discussion.

oopsie, more than a minute ... we were asked to share with others a little about ourselves and about our taking the class. the following (without sprinkled "uhms") is the ~ 3:38 minutes (from 33:15 to 36:52) introduction i shared with my fellow servant leadership class mates -
i came across servant leadership as a recommendation from a colleague of mine back in the early 90s ... i work in the environmental arena ... i used to have my own consulting practice for 13 years. and when i was talking to a colleague of mine, he had mentioned that when their consulting team was being contracted with (a large corporation) when they were thinking of rolling out energy/environmental, like clean air energy, they were given a pile of books to read, and alot of the books effectively dealt with servant leadership. so that was back in the late '90s, actually.

and i guess i want to say, i want to try to figure out how to do this more - not as much as stream of consciousness - but i'm taking this class as a result of some stream of consciousness writing that i did in december. each day i was participating in an on-line blogging exercise. and what came out of that was me reconnecting with something that i had done back in 1994.

i left the corporate structure, a utility down in san diego, because i had this idea that i wanted to have a different affect on the consulting world as it supported the air quality and environmental and energy arena. and mainly that people didn't seem to work with each other in a particularly respectful or mindful or ... just the manner - it used to break my heart just to see corporations and regulators and non-profits just really labeling people based on that. and so when i stepped out, i just started pursuing a different way of doing my consulting practice, which was just a solo practice. and ultimately by the time i met this gentleman he said, "hey! it looks like you're kind of doing some of this servant leadership...".

so fast forward to this stream of consciousness piece - for whatever reason over the past maybe 4 or 5 months, i've just been reconnecting with what affected me back in 1994, in a different setting ... it is extremely bureaucratic ... it breaks my heart to see people who are so interested in the environment - i'm sorry i'm getting emotional but - and i feel like for some reason when servant leadership popped back into my life, it just really warmed my heart. and i feel very compelled to create a way to help people better interact in the workplace.

i'm a staff level person, so having come from 13 years of owning and business and managing contractors and mentoring people, it's a much different role. so i'm looking forward to seeing how i can bring this class, this coursework, and learn from the people who are on the phone, their experiences, how to make that come alive. and ultimately, i feel like there is some sort of blog that i want to write or a book or some speaking, i don't know yet, but that's where i'm at.
stream of consciousness in december ... the daily december blogging i mentioned was through reverb10, with links to my 31 posts over here. from a different perspective on my reverb10 responses, i revisited reverb10 in february and grouped my reverb posts that related to manifestations (13 posts) and relationships and connections (9 posts). of the 22 posts, i chose my "top 10" posts. THEN of the top 10, i chose my "top 3" posts which are -
  • future self (vision board, authenticity, cubeopolis, fair, forthright, self-aware),
  • friendship (silver lining friendships, preferred)
  • defining moment (on cubeopolis, with recap of related reverb10 prompts)
1994, back in the day ... the first prompt of reverb10 (on dec 1) was one word. this is where i shared a little about my epiphany at the time, which, included in the post, came with my take on mission, vision, values statements.

why i chose to re-enter cubeopolis ... back in november, i expressed interest in a position. i wrote a cover memo pretty much from stream of consciousness (particularly given the limited time i had to submit my paper work). the contents of the cover memo is over here. i share this because in the last 2 paragraphs of that content - My personal Mission, Vision, and Values Statements - i express the importance of my mission, vision, values. AND i remind myself not to be affected by dream zappers.

2 weeks after re-entering cubeopolis ... on the bureaucracy - here are my thoughts after 2 weeks. i can see that i will be revisiting this as part of my class work.

thank you for letting me share
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