Sunday, October 31, 2010

XLVII: i'm a prime number

yesterday 46, today 47 ... the fifteenth prime number - "a natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself". following suit from yesterday's 46'n (over here) ... a few results of my quickie goo-yah-bing searches about 47, aka forty-seven -

[update from JenM ... the 47 society]
  • definitions here and there ... being seven more than forty, the natural number following 46 and preceding 48
  • country code ... for norway
  • silver ... from the periodic table, atomic number 47. a soft white precious univalent metallic element having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal; occurs in argentite and in free form; used in coins and jewelry and tableware and photography.
  • temperature ... 46 celsius = 116.6 degrees farenheit; or 47 fahrenheit = 8.3 celsius
  • thanks google translator ... sewe en veertig, dyzet e shtatë, Sbʻh Wʼrbʻwn, k’arrasunut’ yot’, qırx yeddi, berrogeita zazpi, chetiredeset i sedem, quaranta-set, Sì qī, četrdeset sedam, čtyřicet sedm, syvogfyrre, zevenenveertig, nelikümmend seitse, neljäkymmentäseitsemän, quarante-sept, corenta e sete, ormots’dashvidi, siebenundvierzig, saránta eptá, karant-sèt, ארבעים ושבע, -Saintālīsa, negyvenhét, empat puluh tujuh, daichead is seacht, quarantasette, Yon nana, maheun-ilgob, quadraginta septem, četrdesmit septiņi, keturiasdešimt septyni, Četirieset i sedum, empat puluh tujuh, sebgħa u erbgħin, førtisyv, چهل و هفت, czterdzieści siedem, quarenta e sete, patruzeci şi şapte, sorok-semʹ, četrdeset sedam, štyridsaťsedem, sedeminštirideset, cuarenta y siete, arobaini na saba, fyrtiosju, kırk yedi, sorok sim, چالیس سات, bốn mươi bảy, bedwar deg s
just a refresher from a birthday-related perspective (via kakorama over here)
  • rabbit ... from chinese astrology, from aztec astrology
  • scorpio ... from my zodiac sign - and earlier this year in february, some read my chart. snippets include rising sun libra, moon in aries at 20th degree in the 7th house. check out
  • sorb tree ... from celtic astrology
happy birthday (also) ...
reggie and tanya!

    f|break: sunday morning

    oh-two-one-three-four - send it to ZOOM! ... yesterday's fiber break with the electric company (over here) totally reminded me of bernadette and ZOOM!
      bernadette and her arm thing ... my brother and i did that "arm thing", we loved singing the tune, and i remember thinking - "wow! there's an asian girl on t.v." and "zip codes can start with zero?!" who's bernadette and what was ZOOM all about when i was growing up (back in the 70's). (little crush on luis and david, and i wanted to jam with jay!)

      enjoy this morn's fiber break
      with the season 2 zoom cast (over here)

      "... come on and zooma, zooma, zomma zoom ...
      come on give it a try ... we are gonna teach you to fly high ..."

      just a few dots connected but connected nonetheless ... facebook bliss, electric company, zoom, back-track south park ... and forward-track checkers & pogo (another fiber break)

      Saturday, October 30, 2010

      XLVI: what does 46 mean?

      tonight, i'm 46 - 46 years old ... tomorrow, i'm not. to pass time (some more), here are the results of my quickie goo-yah-bing searches about 46, aka forty-six
      • definitions here and there ... being six more than forty, the natural number following 45 and preceding 47
      • country code ... for sweden
      • palladium ... from the periodic table, atomic number 46. a silver-white metallic element of the platinum group that resembles platinum; occurs in some copper and nickel ores; does not tarnish at ordinary temperatures and is used (alloyed with gold) in jewelry
      • temperature ... 46 celsius = 114.8 degrees farenheit; or 46 fahrenheit = 8 celsius
      • thanks google translator ... ses en veertig, dyzet e gjashtë, Sth Wʼrbʻwn, k’arrasunut’ vets’, qırx altı, berrogeita sei, sorak šeść, chetiredeset i shest, quaranta-sis, Sì liù, četrdeset-šest, seksogfyrre, zesenveertig, nelikümmend kuus, neljäkymmentäkuusi, quarante-six, corenta e seis, ormots’daek’vsi, sechsundvierzig, saránta éxi, Karant-sis, ארבעים ושש, -Chiyālīsa, negyvenhat, Fjörutíu og sex, empat puluh enam, daichead a sé, quarantasei, Yon jū roku, maheun-yeoseos, četrdesmit seši, keturiasdešimt šeši, Četirieset i šest, empat puluh enam, sitta, førtiseks, چهل و شش, czterdzieści sześć, quarenta e seis, patruzeci şi şase, sorok shestʹ, četrdeset šest, štyridsať šesť, šestinštirideset, cuarenta y seis, arobaini na sita, fyrtiosex, สี่สิบหก, kırk altı, sorok-shistʹ, چالیس چھ, bốn mươi sáu, pedwar deg chwech ...
      and from birthday-related perspective (via kakorama over here)
      • rabbit ... from chinese astrology, from aztec astrology
      • scorpio ... from my zodiac sign - and earlier this year in february, some read my chart. snippets include rising sun libra, moon in aries at 20th degree in the 7th house. check out
      • sorb tree ... from celtic astrology


        f|break: saturday morning

        the electric company ... was a fun childhood t.v. show!!! and i was reminded of the show after seeing on a f/b person's post where she said "... one of those nights where i can't get to sleep so i have to dance around to this video. again. and again. and again. it's chill. don't worry about it. and yes, i posted this video a year ago. i'll post it as many times as i want. are you the posting police? SHA!" i'd love to dance and sing with her!

        enjoy your fiber break
        with the electric company's
        the menu song (over here)
        (with rita moreno and morgan freeman)

        Man: What kind of ice cream?
        Waitress: All kinds of ice cream. We got plum and rum and bubble-gum, We got prune, balloon and macaroon, We got grape and ape and scotch tape, We got lime and grime and chocolate slime, Sasparilla, manzanilla, caterpillar And, of course, there's just plain old-fashioned gorilla. What'll it be?
        Man: Let's forget about it, lady. I'll just trot on over here to the laundromat and have myself a bowl of soap flakes.
        aitress: Did you hear that?

        want more?
        a l'il stroll down memory lane
        for more tunes!
        (over here)

        Friday, October 29, 2010

        f|break: friday evening

        viktor & rolf ... love watching their fashion shows for a little break. take the quick "toll road" to the fashion shows through here . or take the "scenic route" through the main home page - it takes a little maneuvering and patience, perhaps, to get to the fashion show but it's kind of fun. for the scenic route to the shows -
        • viktor & rolf's home page here
          • choose to "enter directly" - you'll have a choice of watching the intro OR skip intro
        • you'll see a fabulous interior with a staircase in the center and doors flanking both sides, as well as hallway's on both sides
          • choose the doorway at the top of the stairs to see the fashion show videos
        • choose the v&r logo to have access to the video fashion show collections
        there are several interesting shows - the fall/winter 2010/2011 video has the designs you can see here in slideshow version. the main website has the full show, but if you just want the totally abridged version, nymag has a ~2min version here. (full show is interesting!)

        enjoy your evening fiber break.

        one person in costume today in our group

        a chilean miner ...

        his future ex-wife
        mistress (trying to tongue him?!)

        did you miss THE REAL story? ... if you didn't miss it, then relive it. if you did miss it, then experience it!

        project runway, WHAT THE #$%& ?!?!

        (deep breath) ... politely stated, i do NOT need project runway, nina garcia, or michael kors to validate that MONDO is the REAL winner. impolitely stated, what the fuck?! i'm gonna cut someone. (deep breath) i'll get over this, eventually.

        after last week's surprise final three picks for me (over here), i was looking forward to the finale. after watching the finale, i texted to friends and picked up my security-blogkets (my go-to security blankets on the web!). my coping mechanism? poaching/linking to project rungay and david dust to continue calming down. (deep breath)

        [update: project rungay post over here on their take on the finale. good read for fans!]

        mondology ... andyology ... gretchen
        see their designs throughout this season 8 below
        (thanks tom & lorenzo project rungay)

        and then there are the final collections
        (and other designers' collections - the decoys)

        and then the final resting place aptly stated by david (over here. thanks david!)
        (deep breath)
        much calmer, now.
        graciously stated, congrats gretchen.

        Thursday, October 28, 2010

        (re)stalking a fave photographer

        i loves me my pigdog.
        visit my story here about pigdog!

        this evening, i sent a message to chip simons (visit over here), pigdog's photographer, to let him know that i have reposted my pigdog story from one of my former blogs to this girlnutkin blog - where i'm consolidating favorite former blog posts. (he posted the story over on his site over here.)

        just want to say "thanks" to chip
        for sharing my pigdog story on his facebook page.

        who's chip's? ... visit his photography site, and here is a sample from his on-line gallery
        thanks chip!

        k|kick: jewelry's friends

        last wednesday, oct 20 ... i attended the maiden voyage of kit's clean your closet, change your life (CYCCYL) the basics 101. later this evening at 6:00, oct 28, is kind of like the (re)voyage - similar principles and according to kit, ...
        "... material on this call WILL BE DIFFERENT - more refined, less swearing (although i will likely say "crap" a lot), more focused and may give you additional insight."
        i'm looking forward to this evening's call EVEN THOUGH it is game 2 of the world series here in SF. (by the way, kit didn't swear that much - and if/when she did, it was the petite, lady-like swearing.)

        my cyccyl prelude ... meanwhile, the little area i tackled before last week's call as part of my SHEDn was what i thought would be a relatively effortless - my jewelry.

        my game plan ... pretty straightforward - SEE, SEPARATE, SORT, and STYLE. to start off, i collected jewelry related items by placing them in not more than 3 areas for actually SEEING what i have - placed them on a leather trunk trunk, dresser surface, and night stand surface. here is where i collected items that i placed on top of my trunk.
        SEE what i have ... jewelry organizers, gift boxes, containers, loose jewelry (found in other places of my home and purses!) ... and while seeing what i had (or at least knew i had), it became VERY OBVIOUS that what i thought was going to be fairly quick to handle - maybe spanning not more than 3 hour - was involving a little more than i'd planned. i envisioned i'd collect my jewelry and organize them on my dresser and in my drawers/organizers. not so.

        jewelry's friends ... turns out, in my life, jewelry hangs out with other non-jewelry items - in the same area or general vicinity of where i stored jewelry. i came across fragrances, souvenirs, cards, and STUFF stored along with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. there were non-jewelry items i have called ...
        • pretty-me-up non-jewelry - fragrances, hair accessories, some make-up, small containers, gift boxes, etc.
        • why is this here? non-jewelry - small household items, buttons, coupons, pictures, paper clips, ziploc bags, etc.
        SEPARATING and SORTING ... i combined these two activities to streamline (ha!) my figuring out what groups to place my jewelry and non-jewelry. i started separating and found myself sorting at the same time - considering groups of items such as chokers, pendants, pins, brooches, macrame bracelets ... THEN i started considering the material - pearls, gems, semi-precious, stones, gold, fossils, silver, plastic, brass ... THEN whether faux/costume or not ... THEN organizers, containers, displays ... THEN earring backs, solo earrings, broken clasps ... and THEN shoe clips (shoe clips??? yes, shoe clips! what the ... ?) ... THEN i finally ended up with 3 areas to begin figuring out what/where/how to store my jewelry.
        jewelry brought back memories ... i didn't think it would happen, but silly me. of course it would. jewelry from my parents for my college graduation, gifts from friends i love, vintage finds while vacationing, ... and that gold cross i received as a christmas gift in 1984 from my college boyfriend at the time. really?! that last one survived more than 25 years and 6 different places since college? yes, it did. (donate.)
        next up?
        (and mashing up CYCCYLn and SHEDn)

        Wednesday, October 27, 2010

        sometimes it takes a magic 8 ball ...

        ... for my friend (who introduced me to advanced riskology) - here's a little nudge toward my friend's destiny. absent the actual magic 8 ball, the virtual magic 8 ball says ... (and a little bonus at the end of this post - 'cuz i know she wants my tennis shoes!)

        now go get ya some passport action,
        pick up fun trinkets,
        and take pics of fun, crazy things!
        experience your joy!!!

        a few more appetizers ... for pho queen's reading pleasure (all just 'cuz of reading tyler's stuff) ...

        [bonus, random offering]
        [wow, the '90s spiral perm & high top tennies?!
        and a little bay city roller 'do. make me forget!]

        Tuesday, October 26, 2010

        f|back (sept '07): what you've said so far ...

        as mentioned over here, i (re)joined the traditional workforce in sept 2007 - putting my business on hold. 3 years on hold. 3 years. just yesterday, i submitted a cover memo, resume, and mission|vision|value statements for a position. someone said (jokingly, i think) that the scariest thing would be if i got the position.

        about a week after joining, i starting receiving emails of various sentiments ... and here they are below.

        (repost 09/22/07)
        uh, thanks?

        announcements to people ...
        over the last couple of weeks or so, i started sending out announcements to clients, vendors, friends, and business colleagues regarding my upcoming re-entry into the traditional workforce, while EXPLICITLY noting that i also will maintain my business (y'know, gotta pay taxes, deal with administrative activities, and stuff).

        here are some responses (sans billn who will have my own tribute to his responses):
        • "quick, excited responses" congrats ...
          Congratulations! ... WOW! Woo hoo!! Good job! Way to go! Atta girl! I’m happy for you, Shirl! ... cool. congrats, shirlsd! ... ShirlSD, congratulations sounds like a whole new adventure. Keep us posted. ... exciting news! best of luck! keep in touch. ...
        • "commentary of my future role" congrats ...
          Congratulations and best wishes in your new position. I am sure that you will be very effective in [the organization] with your vast experience in [the stuff you do] issues. Besides, I hope that your move to the San Francisco Bay Area will be good for [family] in this area. Let's have lunch after you settle down in San Francisco. ...

          Shirlsd, congratulations!!! It will be good to have one of the good guys on [the organization's] Staff.

          Go get those bad boys (and girls).
        • "dark side reference" congrats ... (there were a couple more, but this is the main sentiment. some had not-so-nice things to say. people! play nicely in the sand box)
          Going to the dark side I see! ... So you're moving over to the dark side. Best of luck.
        • "getting down to the nitty-gritty" congrats ...
          Please let me know as soon as you can whether you can support our project. As you know, the main task you would be involved in has a report due Oct. 2007, so the work would need to be conducted mainly in October. I wonder-- if you have not received an 'official' approval by end of Sept., can you still support the project in October?
        • "let's hold hands" congrats ...
          Congratulations!? I added the question mark because the future is unknown. If it makes you happy, then I am happy that you are. Have fun working with all the other [type of workers] under [the organization]. The world is wonderful.

          Congratulations. I hope the job works out as you want. ... Congratulations!! I'm happy for you. I hope it's everything you hope it to be.

          Hope this is what you want - it is certainly a change from running your own business. Give me a call when you have a minute; I will also try calling you this week. Hope all is well with [family].

          Congrats on the new job. I take it you'll be commuting into SF on bart? ... You had told me you were interviewing for this job. But I'm still a little surprised you're easing out of self-employment. There's a lot of stress in self-employment. Is that one of the reasons? I often think it would be nice to get a W-2 job. Actually, I think about it all the time. Well, good luck with your first week.
        • the "l'il chuckle" congrats ...
          Hey good luck with that new 40 hr gig. ... Congrats Shirley! Only 40 hrs a week? What are you going to do with all that free time? :) ... If you really plan to work 40 hours per week, what will you do with all of your free time - besides blog ...
        • "be-a-messenger" congrats ... Congrats Shirl! Please be sure to look up my good friend bt at [the organization]. Tell her hi for me if you meet here. You can probably both have a laugh at my expense! Please send contact info when you can.
        ... so those are just a few congrats that leads me to the start of my "thanks-you-to-do" list
        • notify folks of my new contact info
        • set up lunch dates (and perhaps after work drinks or din-dins)
        • ponder (and perhaps write) thoughts about the good vs. bad perspective
        • get a l'il insight on the "dark side" perspective
        • tie up loose ends on the business side of things with projects, admin, invoicing, filing, etc.
        • hug some folks
        • blog
        • meet bt and laugh at bf's expense
        celebrate my decision!

        f|break: tuesday morn fiber break blog rating

        turns out, as yesterday evening, with the appearance of the the words crack (3x) and death (1x).

        will check-in on the rating again at the end of the year.

        Monday, October 25, 2010

        checking-in on the dooky ...

        back on friday, oct 15 (over here) ... i added a fear (#317) at the keep fear alive SPOOKY or DOOKY site. after nearly 20 minutes of choosing SPOOKY options this evening, i finally came across my costume submittal (around ~ 9:40 pm, pacific)... go on and submit your costume and have fun!

        cow burps methane

        4,999 out of 8,570 votes

        south park guilty pleasure!

        insheeption ... was this past wednesday's south park episode (over here) - give it a watch. woven around the movie inception, it was a clever mash-up of pop culture references ... hoarding . school bully . zoom . woodsy the owl . nightmare on elm street's freddy krueger . and maybe it was just a coincidence - a red swingline, perhaps (a la milton's in office space).

        other full episodes here ... south park is a guilty pleasure of mine. always a mash-up of a lot o' stuff. i was introduced to south park by a former intern, cris, back in '98 in the day with vhs tapes. (really.)
        thanks cris!
        (wherever you are)

        Sunday, October 24, 2010

        f|break: sunday evening

        spent several hours in SF at work. to keep me company, had a few critters with me (to the right). then after work ... had a little fiber break. a treat over at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous (choco choco chip) even with the cool, wet, and rainy weather. then down to redwood city's mcwhorter's to pick up my new quo vadis planner ('cuz i loves me my quo vadis). i refrained from picking up the thumb wrestling lucha libre thumb wrestling masks ... what will power!

        f|break: sunday morning

        it's nearing the end of the year ... and i have yet to write up my self-assessment to submit to cubeopolis management. the last quarter of the year means performance review and appraisal time! during last year's cubeopolis prep for mid-year reviews, i offered up these 3 clips. still relevant for now. enjoy, and meanwhile, i must pull my self-assessment together to submit this monday.

        (repost from 05/06/09)

        ... so i decided to do a general 'google search' on
        performance reviews
        and here are the clips i have to offer.

        a quickie, at first over here ...

        and for my buddy, harold's girl - to help out with her crush on hugh, another perspective over here ...

        and finally, black20 studio's version over here ...
        possibly a new cubeopolis metaquote -
        "... the power feels good.
        i feel like it's almost like

        i can shoot lightning from my hands."

        (and on a side- and more serious - note,
        a WSJ article
        over here
        titled "get rid of the performance review")

        Saturday, October 23, 2010

        f|break: saturday morning

        this morn's fiber break experience ... this morning's fiber break has been spent emptying out my dvr'd shows to catch up on my pop culture fix, while reading up on the related pop culture blogs. this morn's fiber break of choice? project runway (PR). (where one can relive the episode 13 on-line at lifetime)

        the result? ... while watching episode 13 - where the remaining four designers (who had to present 3 looks as their mini-collection) were whittled to three designers that would show their full collection at fashion week - i did a sneak peek of a couple of my go-to PR blogs with the following quotes - which gives one a good idea of what the hell happened!
        • ... a fan favorite is going to be denied that final shot at the prize and a LOT of people are going to be angry about it

        • ... the second-to-last episode is one of the most tedious for me to watch, and last nights episode continued that tradition...

        • ... criticism that the looks were too monochromatic was ridiculous ... several designers have WON showing almost entirely black collections, so the criticism was particularly bullshitty ... laura bennett made a great comparison in her blog for this episode... plopped a tiara on his head only to dump a bucket of pig's blood on him.

        • ... no one wants to wear a "despair dress" ... heidi needs to put the crack pipe down ... nina, too, needs to put the crack pipe down ... that bag is hiddy ... ticky-tacky ... color combo is a bit nauseating ... vegan hipster clothes

        • if you think Lifetime ("Television for Women") was going to let there be an all-male finale, then you are smoking buttercream silk charmeuse crack.

        (pics from lifetime and T Lo site)

        hence, end of this morn's fiber break ... at least i know a bit more about the designers' collection so i can prepare for this thursday's a mix of oooes, aaahs, and what the fuh?!

        fiber break deconstructed ... made a bee-line for a couple of my go-to PR blog posts, tom & lorenzo's project runway posts and david dust's posts. (as a side note - tom & lorenzo's projectrungay blog - is about fashion - therefore mixed in with PR episodes are many things fashion.) if i want a little extra fiber, my next go-to-read that is right on TLo's and dust's heels is blogging project runway.

        sifting T LO's rungay posts ... the labels makes it really easy to catch up on project runway. here's a little quickie road-map about projectrungay -
        • T LOunge - on the evening of the show, T LOunge serves as a place to share real-time (eastern time zone) comments while PR is airing. (episode 13 T LOung comments here).
        • episode highlights - posts include, at a minimum, commentaries on the winner, loser, and anything else noteworthy-ish, such as the loser who should not have been auf'd AND therefore the designer who should NOT have stayed. (episode 13 posts here).
        • season compiled - the blog post labels make it really easy to stroll through episode highlights. (season 8 posts here).
        sifting ddust's posts ... it's all about the great recaps! frankly, just go to any PR posts by david. fun! fun! FUN!

        Friday, October 22, 2010

        sure i'll work late! then i can dine at ...

        ... aperto, a potrero hill neighborhood italian restaurant before driving back home. thursday night's dinner (my third time at aperto, and my second time this past week!) included a glass of the barbera d'alba val del prete serra de gatti (piemonte, 2008), the house-made roasted eggplant-goat cheese ravioli with fresh summer tomato sauce and micro basil, and sharing the chocolate soufflé over great conversation with leslie. yum!

        (and if i leave work by 5:30, before dinner, i can have a little dessert at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous.)

        got work next week? yes, lots! i'm sure i'll be dining at aperto again some time this coming week! (note to self: dine at sunflower one evening, so said a random guy who walked into sunflower as we passed by. okay random guy - will do!)

        hipmtfn (ttAR): my healthy obsession continues

        a go-to-read ... tyler's AR is one of my go-to-reads, especially as i am finding myself somehow intellectually (and perhaps even spiritually) compelled to move toward repositioning and re-framing where i am (if that makes any sense ... nevertheless, i digress and will address in a separate post).

        i proclaimed my puffy-heart for tyler's advanced riskology last week over here ... and i remain entirely hooked. to share my obsession, i am going to post my comments to tyler here on girlnutkin and hope you check out advanced riskology!

        AR last week ... as mentioned, i posted a comment that i left for tyler's article titled every decision is life or death. why i commented? his article reminded me of how one may place self-limiting/self-imposed barriers on decision-making. and i found this statement he made quite thought-provoking ... "Every time you decide to do something that drains your energy instead of brings you life, you’re choosing to die instead of live."

        a recent AR article ... how to get a year of experience in 6 months (click article title to read on tyler's site). the opening paragraph piqued my curiosity, and i felt immediately compelled to comment because i felt very connected to what he shared. so here is my comment to his post ...

        love this! “… it gets tiring sometimes, but I still love every second of it. I don’t have time to “get there” the normal way. and so totally agree with this and many other characterizations you’ve shared. thank you!

        for me, just yesterday someone commented “you work too hard!”, and i said “thanks!” not the expected answer in the current work environment i’ve chosen and a puzzled, confused look followed from my co-worker.

        by the way, for some context – 3 years ago, i decided to put my consulting practice on pause, so (here’s my take on it within 2 weeks after i started .) hopefully more to come about my thoughts of civil service, but that’s it for now. anyway …

        … your post and yesterday’s co-worker’s sentiment reminded me of something my brother forwarded to me a while back because he and i both have civil servant/government jobs. for anyone who is in a “work for the man” situation, like government or any other large bureaucratic system, he shared this guys 10 paradoxical commandments; i think it’s an interesting lens to use at a work environment for those who get that your statement “Don’t take it easy. Don’t go slow. Don’t pace yourself. Don’t follow the rules. Those are the fences erected to keep you in the very place you’re trying to escape.” i think others’ peanut-gallery comments like – slow down, there’s always tomorrow, why do you care so much?, and it’s not going to make a difference – are just acknowledgments and reminders of the fact that i’m doing what i gotta and wanna do! i’m gonna make a difference, even if it means more time. time is just the means to getting to where i want to/am going to be, so i’m going to totally make the best of it!

        thanks for my morning rant & rave, and keep on sharing!

        tyler's response ...

        Hey Shirley. If you’re not met with resistance, then you’re probably not doing anything interesting.

        I say keep rocking the boat and ignore the peanut gallery the best you can. :)

        ... and i am looking forward
        to my next AR rant & rave (in a good way!).

        Thursday, October 21, 2010

        paying karma forward ...

        karma was given to me ... more than 2 years ago as a gift - thanks to jamie!

        this kit has roamed around parts of my personal cubeopolis. and while i've enjoyed it, i've always had the intent of passing it along; however, i've just never felt the "right time, right person" moment until ... two days ago.

        enjoy good karma, carrie!

        some days, the fetal position works

        thumb-sucking works ... simply stated, yesterday evening after reading an email at about 6 pm, i took advantage of the cubeopolis offerings of unused space (aka under my desk) to convulse, curl up in the fetal position, thumb-suck, and hug my pink piggy-bank for moral support.

        minutes later? ... all better! thanks to andy for choosing to high five toward options and solutions rather than choosing to whine about circumstances. we gots us some plans brewing! but just in case ...

        ... we still have space under our desks.

        Wednesday, October 20, 2010

        keeping it fair for both sexes

        i had no idea, and now i do.
        turns out these products are EEO. go figure!

        spanx me? ... no spanx for me, however, i do own one pair (or two) of assets ('cuz i loves me my target store bargains!) - same enough, eh? the story of sara blakely & spanx is awesome. nevertheless ... really? man spanx? YUP! REALLY!

        stadium gal? ... i first heard about stadium pal from a david sedaris story (over here and see video below).

        whoops! looks like the market has changed since david's story-telling moment.

        with the stadium gal, women can pee into the Female Urinary Pouch, with it being "totally discrete, completely hidden beneath loose fitting jeans or pants (use your best judgement)". really? stadium gal? YUP! REALLY!
        bonus - sedaris reading on david letterman.

        "knowing that no sensible female would ever

        voluntarily choose to pee in her pants ... "

        "In an open-air sporting arena, a piping-hot thirty-four-ounce bag of urine
        might go unnoticed, but not so in a ..."

        f|back (oct '06): on this day 4 years ago ...

        ... i was taking advantage of social-meal-fests with friends. four years ago around this time, i had a whirlwind social calendar - out and about with friends - lunch, dinner, happy hours, brunch, snack - any drink and chow opportunity! i had sent the movers ahead of me so that i could meet my belongings in the bay area. meanwhile, i was staging the last of my belongings to squeeze stuff into my car. on this date, oct 20, four years ago, yummy lunch at a fave lunch restaurant vagabond kitchen with several fave friends ... ah, the memories.

        (repost 10/20/2006)

        thank you, see ya, and will miss ya!

        yet again, another lunch at the fabu vagabond!
        long time friends since being in SD

        Cool Slideshows
        • dash (known since 1992) - wearing the r|wear (right on!) ... and having the Vagabond Black Ink Linguini Shrimp ... Four Large Shrimp Tossed in Black ink Linguini with Onions, Garlic, Chorizo and Green Chiles. Topped with Manchego Cheese, Roasted Peanuts and a drizzle of Chili Oil.
        • david (known since 1993) - wearing ... well, wearing a pink polo ... and having the Caribbean Chicken Salad ... A filet of Chicken Breast Grilled with Herbs and Caribbean Spices, cut in Medaillons and served over Mixed Greens with Cucumbers, Tostones, Plantanos Maduros and Lime. Sweet Caribbean dressing.
        • shannon (known since 2000) - wearing salmon ... and having the Caribbean Filet Mignon Sandwich with Avocado ... Thinly Sliced Filet Mignon Marinated in a Caribbean Dressing of Olive Oil, Garlic, Honey, Ginger, Herbs and Spices. Served Grilled with Spread Avocado and Spicy jack Cheese on Toasted Telera Roll.
        • moi (the one moving) - wearing a smile and having the Red Curry ... Onions, Garlic, Coconut Milk, Red Curry, Lemon Grass, Ginger, Palm Sugar and a touch of Chili Pepper. Served on a Bowl over Jasmine Rice and garnished with Fried Shallots, Shredded Kaffir Lime leaves and Scallions.
        never disappointed with friends chatting over a tasty meal. heard at the table ... girlfriend, dating, new truck, clearance, friend pregnant, walter claudio, intern, qualcomm stadium, daybed, santa barbara, tennessee, new jersey, oakland, season tickets ...

        thanks all for being great friends!
        and thanks, dash, for lunch!

        Tuesday, October 19, 2010

        f|back (apr '09): my maiden voyage with facebook

        i was unfriended ... within my first week on facebook in early apr 2009. however, that hasn't deterred me from using facebook as another social tool. this morn, while i was checking/changing my facebook settings (per the recent news of facebook privacy issues), i do realize what i consider to be a facebook benefit - congratulating a friend in florida who accepted her marriage proposal from 215 ft undersea. that's worth knowing - esp. after it was posted within an hour of the proposal. nevertheless, here is my 1st unfriending during my 1st week on facebook (me victim. him culprit.)

        (repost from 04/13/09)

        so the facebook story goes ... within the 1st week of reluctantly (although rather curiously) joining facebook last september, i casually friended a childhood friend (at the suggestion of a mutual childhood friend) and then i was summarily unfriended by that childhood friend - all within 3 days.

        this current tv clip ... reminded me of that "remove" move (albeit uneventful).

        (chuckle - chuckle)

        last time yip-yap with childhood friend? ... some 30 years ago. three-zero. thirty. 30 years ago.

        super poke huh? ... because i'd been on fbook not even a week, i knew very little about sheep and pokes and other fbook time sink opportunities (although pho queen made sure my ignorance would not last long). the unfriending was a result of your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine-but-i-kinda-figured-it-out-and-so-did-pho-queen.

        the messaging experience on fbook? ... start of communications on 09/24 at 8:35 pm (pacific). end of communications on 09/26 at 11:52 pm (pacific). oh well.


        Monday, October 18, 2010

        what's a porch? (part 2)

        part 2 for my friend, shelley (and others) ...visit part 1 is over here. images are from cornell university's all about birds over here). the birds to the right include ...
        learning 'bout birds ... now, i am taking a l'il bit of time to learn about and enjoy the birds in my backyard and along my walks. and most enjoyable - love hearing them sing - especially in the morning. head over to the all about birds birding basics.

        click on the image to the left to learn the basic skills to identify birds.
        porch me, shelley!

        an east coast visit to diva is long past due

        began my 2007 virgin-leaf-peeping vacation in northampton hanging out with diva ... did a little dining, dishing, drinking, and (re)decorating. enjoyed a fab italian din with a bottle of fulignano sangiovese di toscana 2004. and had a few v-one vodka drinks (meh) while watching playoff baseball. fun times. and before 2007, met up with diva in 2004 in boston during a wicked snowstorm (nor'easter) ... dining, dishing, drinking, and shivering, so we managed to warm up at flash's, which was around the corner from the hotel i was staying (awesome find). did get to catch the museum of fine arts gaugin tahiti exhibit (fabulous).
        yup! i'm past due.
        miss you, diva!

        Sunday, October 17, 2010

        f|break: sunday morning

        really? ... one can value one's (and others') tweets?!
        if you are on twitter, have your morning fiber break with


        curious about mine? ... $2.55 or $25
        (different algorithms, eh?)

        f|back (jan '06): celebrating after yesterday's garage sale

        flashback from 2006 (aka old blog posts) ... i am realizing a garage sale or donating my stuff is in my future, as i am going through my current year 2010 julie morgenstern-ing SHEDn and kit cole-ing CYCCYLn. thanks to old blog posts, i am reminded that on saturday, jan 14, 2006 (back in san diego), a few things happened - i wrote my first blog post (re)declaring i would be relocating from san diego to the bay area, i had a garage sale and went to dinner (at the was-open-back-then parallel 33) with my neighbors matt and marlena, i chatted and hugged garry (my landlord), and i pet scud (the dog - who later lost his battle with cancer). below are posts from those memories ...

        (repost from 01/15/06)

        GARAGE SALE FUNYesterday (Saturday), our little compound had a garage sale - which was preceded by the garage clean out on Friday. Matt, Garry, Scud (an awesome bassador) and I sifted through "lots o' stuff". (That's Garry with Scud.)

        The garage has served as a fine haven and a functional office annex for files, office supplies, reference books, and office equipment. Moreover, the garage has served to perpetuate my packrat nature (with my 1,000+ sq. ft home office also contributing to my tchotchke paradise). With three other neighbors sharing access and storage to the garage, the challenge was met to organize and winnow the contents. (In the early spring, I will be contributing more "stuff" at the neighborhood's garage sale day. Meanwhile, the purging process has begun.)

        AN APPETITE TO SPARE ... Saturday's garage sale was well worth the effort. Afterwards, Matt, Marlena (Matt's wife), and I used some of the proceeds for a great dinner at the nearby Parallel 33. By the way, when in San Diego, Parallel 33 is a “must” dining experience. The food is so tasty, and the service is wonderful. Just adjacent to Parallel 33 is a slightly nondescript blue building, which houses Blue Lotus - essentially the sister restaurant/lounge to Parallel 33 - same menu, different atmosphere. Totally check it out!

        (repost from 01/30/06)
        Just a little place on the web
        to say "bye" to Scud ...

        he's the bassador (basset hound / lab mix) that lived downstairs with Matt & Marlena, and every once in a while, he hung out in my office. Bye Scud ... !

        lovin' the memories!

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