on developing me

If you try to find meaning in everything you do,
you will imbue everything you do with meaning.
- James Autry

servant leadership ... i am exploring my servant-leader journey. as described by robert k. greenleaf -
"the servant-leader is servant first ... it begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. the conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead ... the difference manifests itself in the care taken by the servant - first to make sure that other people's highest priority needs are being served."
here is my evolving journey from some markers in life - 1994 | 1999 | 2011 | present. in early 1994, i had an epiphany ...

"There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and
breathe in their ENVIRONMENTAIR, LAND, and WATER. Egos stand firm
on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that
to get one step closer they must go one step FURTHER.

... and from this came a declaration of my personal mission, vision, and values, which in turn shaped not only a consulting practice i pursued but also what i strive to pursue in life. 

in 1999, i was introduced to the to joseph jaworski's synchronicity: the inner path of leadership. in jaworski's book, robert greenleaf and servant leadership were referenced, among many other authors and like-kind perspectives.

fast-forward to 2011, i learned about the on-line greenleaf academy and completed the academy's course work of the foundations of servant leadership and applying the key practices of servant leadership. while reading greenleaf's biography as part of the foundations course - don frick's robert k. greenleaf: a life of servant leadership - i knew i would be attending my first greenleaf conference in 2012, and i did. thank you greenleaf center! and in fact, in 2013, i co-presented "Who's a Servant Leader, Anyway?" at the center's annual conference.

i believe and recognize my servant leadership journey is reflected in my 1994 epiphany, creating anthrocubeology, my philosophical interest in the epistemology of knowledge and ignorance, and a who knows? - simply peace.

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