creating ANTHROCUBEOLOGY ... over here - sharing ideas about re-contextualizing workspace communities - exploring how peer-to-peer shared interactions can affect workspace cultural shifts.

visit me on being an anthrocubeologist and @anthrocubeology where i mash-up my interests behavior design and servant leadership - inspired by improvisation. i share my observations, perspectives, and stories about interactions, workspaces, and choices. 

with more than 40 years in a variety of work spaces - doing chores at home, working part-time jobs during high school and college, volunteering (while employed and unemployed), owning a consultancy, and serving the public and private sectors - i have come to realize that, in addition to my chemical engineering college degree, i am earning an advanced degree through lifelong learning -
anthrocubeology: the anthropology of cubeopolis 
anthropology, as defined (over here) by the american anthropological association, includes the traditional sociocultural anthropology, biological (or physical) anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. 
cubeopolis (kyu-BOP-oh-liss) - def: 1. (the manner of naming greek city-states, that is, “-polis” -meaning city, citizenship or of the people) cubicle city, may also be referred to as cube farm. 2. collection of workspaces.
i ponder the sociocultural experience, the physical setting, and decisions each person makes to connect or disconnect with others in cubeopolis.

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