Sunday, December 29, 2013

oh @GlobalNiche ...

@AnastasiaAshaman @TaraAgacayak @zibbyz ... thanks for all the GlobalNiche lovin'. Just taking a little time out this Sunday to say -

Puffy Heart!

GlobalNiche fix ... Go figure, I realize in addition to GlobalNiche's website, another great place to get my GlobalNiche fix on-the-run is at GN's Pinterest. (D'OH!)

2014 venture with GlobalNiche ... I am excited that 2014 brings about the opportunity to serve GlobalNiche as a peer-group leader for those who are looking to buddy-up with others in the Udemy GlobalNiche SUM-it UP program.

As I am getting prepared, I am looking to help people -
  • discovering ... for articulating one's vision and goals through self-reflection;
  • branding ... one's self for professional (and personal) development endeavors;
  • navigating ... with one's off-line collaboration efforts, considering and learning about on-line tools and resources, and
  • connecting ... with others who can support one's vision & goals
- basically - discovering and wrangling one's potential on- AND off-line endeavors. 

More eyeball to eyeball moments ... 

In addition to the virtual world of GlobalNiche - 
Google Hangout with Silvana and Anastasia
... and I am actually connected via my phone.


- I look forward to those moments where we get to meet-up in person -

With Anastasia at Gioia Pizzeria in San Francisco

polishing in public 
with baby steps!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

congrats @LeadByGrace and ...

thanks Kelly ... for the little shout-out to shirlnutkin* in your first post - And So It Begins, on your blog Transformation - where you share your experiences with facing and overcoming life's curve balls on Parenting, Friendship, Fitness, and Faith.

transformation ... kelly's blog (twitter) is her kick-off to kicking-ass (in that awesome way), as she usually does!

mind you, kelly is a single mom of three kids; she balances and maneuvers parenting, working (full-time), continuous learning, and volunteering ... and doing all with and by grace.

when a mutual friend (who had worked with kelly for about a decade) learned that kelly started a blog, he commented -
"Pretty gutsy of Kelly. She is amazingly productive and driven, and making it public is impressive."
- and rightfully so.

when kelly and i met ... kelly had already begun her transformation. i met her in 2004, after she had a gastric bypass. at the time, she had one child.  if i recall correctly, one of my energy project developers was selling a power plant to her company. we were both on the environmental-related side of the transaction. more notably, though, we both learned early-on about our mutual perspectives, philosophies, and values in life. we have continued to keep in touch throughout the years and pick-up very quickly from where we left off.

about kelly as she shares her journey ... in kelly's second post - Look Back to Move Forward - she shares her life's events as she continues her transformation, beginning in 2003.

the short version -  starting out at a weight of 360 pounds, kelly made a mindful decision to have a gastric bypass in late 2003. since then, she has been fluctuating around 190 pounds. her goal is 165 pounds. and while she doesn't mention it in her second post, i know she works full-time, participates and volunteers for many activities, is faith-based, and understands the value of community.

in kelly's words - excerpts from her second post ...
"I stood up from a meeting and the chair came with me... voluptuous thighs, the chair was suspended 6 inches off the ground ... room was full of co-workers ... At 360 pounds ... I was no longer willing to tolerate being overweight."
"I had tried every fad diet out there ... the social stigma ... obesity is a form of socially accepted discrimination ... successful weight loss is further complicated by potential physical restrictions or related comorbidity health issues."
"Food was my coping mechanism; it had been my entire life. In 2003 ... made the decision to have a gastric bypass ... implementing the life-style change ... manage life’s curve-balls so food is used for its intended purpose in lieu of coping... make the conscious decision to use a healthy tool instead."
"My goal in November of 2003 was to weigh 200 pounds and maintain that weight within 5% ... loss of 160 pounds ... buy a scale from the store as it only measured up to 300 pounds ... reached my goal, ten years and two children later I have maintained my weight within the 5%."
"The lowest weight I have achieved in the past 10 years was 175 pounds ... felt more in control and successful (i.e. work, personal goals, etc.) ... I have hovered more in the 190 pound range ... goal ... achieve and maintain my (doctor approved) goal of 165 pounds."

- and finally, her closing statement of her second post -

"Time for a lasting change 
and that is exactly what I am going to do"

*admittedly, it's Kelly's little mention 
that re-ignited shirlnutkin-ness 
from its hibernation.

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