Thursday, April 26, 2012

week 4 at MUT Level E #improv

MUT's level E improvisors
OVER HERE is what we've learned 
through week 3 in Level E with Made Up Theatre

what about week 4?! ... we learned five more short-from improv games and refreshed with two games we learned the past weeks.

mixing it up ... for our fourth class, sean flew solo keeping us moving through our games. class was a great mix - quick, short games mixed in with "scene" games. good times, with a few challenging times, and that's what makes it FUN! here are the games we played in our fourth class on april 22, as well as the other three weeks before.
  • our fourth class
    meet sean

    • dirty hand randy
    • scene replay (kinda how it's described here)
    • home shopping network (a repeat ... so a few folks who weren't at week 3 could learn the game)
    • foreign movie  (kinda how it's described here)
    • 185 (a repeat ... because it's fun)
    • last action joke 
    • object freeze  (kinda how it's described here)
    • our third week
    • "A -B -C-B," so says Bobby

        • home shopping network (kinda how it's described here)
        • sound effects (kinda how it's described here)
        • siamese twin
        • world's worst ... (kinda how it's described here)
        • love song (yes ... a bit of a repeat from week 1 with a little tweak)
      • our second class
        • chain murder (like LCD)
        • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song
        • what are you doing?
        • new choice (like other choice)
        • say it differently
        • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
        • blind lines
        • forward reverse
      • our first class
        visit made up theatre

          • story / instruction manual
          • cassanova / pick up
          • love song
          • playground insults
          • moving bodies

        OUR NEXT PERFORMANCE ... our graduation from level E will showcase what we've learned during our short form improv experience. save the date . . .
        • where: made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's). 
        • when: sunday, may 20
        • what time: 
          • door opens at 7:30 pm.
          • show begins at 8:00 pm (pretty promptly).
            the show will run about an hour.
        • how much: $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please). 
        committing to make bold choices...
        join us at our performance in several weeks

        Sunday, April 15, 2012

        MUT Level E #improv ...

        MUT's level E improvisors
        short-form, indeed ... after a year of long-form improv, we will be performing short-form improv in five weeks. (woo-hoo!)

        and whether it's long-form or short-form, i am STILL LOVIN' @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, yelp).

        three weeks into our short-form improv fun ... here are the games we have learned (or revisited) to date
        (of the MANY(!) short form games listed on the interweb). AND we have a couple of games where we sang -
        • our first class
        • "A -B -C-B," so says Bobby
          • story / instruction manual
          • cassanova / pick up
          • love song
          • playground insults
          • moving bodies
        • our second class
          • chain murder (like LCD)
          • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song
          • what are you doing?
          • new choice (like other choice)
          • say it differently
          • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
          • blind lines
          • forward reverse
        • our third week
          • home shopping network (kinda how it's described here)
          • sound effects (kinda how it's described here)
          • siamese twin
          • world's worst ... (kinda how it's described here)
          • love song (yes ... a bit of a repeat from week 1 with a little tweak)
        visit made up theatre
        meet sean
        and the love song tweak? well, rather than singing our lines in the order that we were standing (e.g., one after the other), we were focused on sean who pointed to the next victim WHOMEVER in WHATEVER order. 

        Sunday, April 8, 2012

        #31dayreset: catch-up day 4

        thanks @happyblackwoman for my day 3: write a love letter to your future self. now onto the next assignment.
        (check out 31 days over here)

        day 4: identify your values. for this exercise, it is the precursor to the next several days, when i'll develop a personal mission statement. for day 4, it's about the first step - identifying my values, what matters most to me, things that mean a lot to me in my life, what i care about. to do so -
        • list . . . take time (~15-min) for a free-for-all list of all the things that mean a lot to me in my life, all the things i care about
        • choose . . . from my list, choose my "top 10"
        as a side note: this once again reminded me of a december reverb10 prompt. the first reverb10 prompt was one word - encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. explain why you are choosing that word. now imagine it is one year from today, what would you like the word for 2011 to be?

        in my one word response/blog post, i included my 1994 "epiphany" that resulted in mission, vision, values statements. since then, i have revisited them just a few times to tweak my words. for my 31 day reset, i will work fresh and not necessarily just copy from what i've had. who knows what new and different thoughts may emerge?!
        reset 10 ... well, my top 10 = reset 10 came from a free-for-all list of 45 words that i wrote in my 31 day reset notebook while listening to my theme song live your life by yuna. these reset 10 will be part of day 5's next step in developing my personal mission statement. in no special order other than alphabetical, the words i have chosen are -
        • authenticity
        • community (sense of, e.g., family, friends, neighborhood, etc.)
        • curiosity
        • equity
        • foresight
        • forthright
        • imagination (update) expression (conceiving of and sharing possibility thinking)
        • love (update) connecting (establishing loving, deeper connections with family, friends, etc.)
        • self-awareness (update) identity (discovering one's self through relfection)
        • service

        (just chugging along on
        blog-journal synching for 31 day reset)

        #31dayreset: catch-up day 3

        thanks @happyblackwoman for my day 2: take an honest assessment of your life. now onto the next assignment.

        (check out 31 days over here)

        day 3: write a love letter to your future self. for this assignment, it builds upon day 2's exercise and involves another two-part exercise to put dislikes into perspective by writing a love letter to myself -
        1. Write yourself an inspiring letter about how your life will be improved in the next 30 days.
        2. Type and paste letter into; set your letter to be sent to you exactly 30 days (or more) from now!
        (as a side note ... this reminded me of one of my december reverb10 prompts - future self Imagine yourself five years from now. What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead? (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago. What would you tell your younger self?).)

        post 31-days reset ... now for my love letter to my future self ...
        dear future shirlnutkin, 
        congrats on all the progress you've made so far! now you have even more to be grateful for in each area of your life, including :
        • Lifestyle: You love . . . enjoying and accessing both the urban and suburb offerings at your leisure; being mindful of how you choose to spend your time to support the areas of my life; meeting and engaging (face-to-face and virtually) with like-minded people who have a natural and inspiring high level of intensity; making space for having a pet; using technology creatively and efficiently; helping people connect with their passion; writing articles related to anthrocubeology; being sought to speak about anthrocubeology; and posting and writing at least 3 days a week to your anthrocubeology website while also commenting on other related sites.
        • Work: You love . . . affecting, initiating, and creating a cultural shift in the workplace - one that strives for discovery and authenticity; sharing knowledge in meaningful and transferable ways; taking advantage of telework; serving in a change management / servant leadereship role; repositioning r|cat to support anthrocubeologist development; and creating a expressive and organized workspace. 
        • Education: You love . . . creating and engaging in learning opportunities including: listening to the history of philosophy podcast and other podcasts; reading books contributing to becoming/being the anthrocubeologist; attending talks, lectures, and speeches; learning how to cartoon; continuing improv and  learning other performance-related self-expression; engaging others about being an anthrocubeologist;  and exploring on-line classes and training consistent with lifestyle improvements. 
        • Finances: You love . . . creating an accessible and organized financial recordkeeping system; optimizing my financial circumstances; saving and budgeting with personal goals and lifestyle in mind; having additional income; and donating to and providing microloans for various causes that resonate with me.
        • Health: You love . . . having a health-minded and active lifestyle at a healthy weight; practicing reiki at least once a week (to later increase); continuing to develop through improv;  and restarting iyengar yoga.
        • Family: You love . . . reconnecting with your extended family; being mindful of creating space to spend time with immediate family; and compilng a dvd for my mom and brother of our famliy videos and pictures.
        • Relationships: You love . . . meeting like-minded, new people; deepening relationships with friends and family; and being open to romance in my life.
        your life is so much better now, and it's all because of your hard work. keep it up! 

        (just chugging along on
        blog-journal synching for 31 day reset)

        happy 2012 easter

        have a great easter sunday

        wait wait wait 
        let's do this right
        easter bunny? 
        happy easter greeting ...

        Saturday, April 7, 2012

        #31dayreset: catch-up day 2

        thanks @happyblackwoman for my day 1: start here. now onto the next assignment.

        (check out 31 days over here)

        day 2: take an honest assessment of your life ... for this assignment, this involved looking at my current reality in a two-part exercise. the purpose of this exercise is -
        1. to force you to own up to exactly which areas you’d like to improve upon in your life. 
        2. to give you encouragement to build on what’s already great about it.
        to start off, rosetta asks that i look at seven areas in my life and identify what I LIKE and what I DISLIKE.

        seven areas ... rosetta provided the seven areas to take an honest assessment of my life, so here we go -
        • Lifestyle (satisfaction with where you live/living environment, how you spend your leisure time)
          i like ... the come and go freedom to choose (activities, personal time, socializing, exercise, etc.); proximity to family; and options to experience diversity of food, cultures, activities, etc.
          i dislike ... distance and convenience to the types of activities i enjoy (urban setting); not yet established consistent/disciplined management of my time around various pursuits and interests; not having as many like-minded folks to bounce ideas and create things more regularly in the areas of servant leadership, creative expression, and possibility-thinking and doing; the much less prevalent, hyper (or heightened?) intense critical thinking and discourse comparable to what i did more of when i lived in san diego; not having a pet; and being slow about kick-starting anthrocubeology.
        • Work (satisfaction with where you work right now, what you do to earn your living)
          i like ... the intended mission and objective of the place i work, where its located (in the city); reading technical/trade journals and magazines (and i get paid to do so - woo-hoo!); problem-solving, working with people, and sharing information to further a better environment for all.
          i dislike ... elements of the organization's culture that can/does result in workplace dissatisfaction; doing less technical work compared my previous work where i did much more technical work; traditional structure; and can't have pets at work.
        • Education (satisfaction with your educational attainment to date – college, vocational school and other learning goals)
          i like ... the accomplishment of earning my engineering degree; the skill sets (of problem solving) from my college experience that i've used throughout life; and taking courses for personal and professional development.
          i dislike ... the limited flexibility i had to take courses outside my college major and thus not formally learn (during college) about other areas such as social sciences, arts, and physical sciences; not establishing a consistent time frame for creating my anthrocubeology website.
        • Finances (the current state of your budget/money management, salary, net worth, debt-to-income ratio)
          i like ... i can provide for myself and the lifestyle i enjoy; am not in debt; have been saving money/investing.
          i dislike ... i will not retire as early as i would have liked; i am not donating money to causes as much as i had done so in the past; i am reliant on a financial planner rather than doing so directly for myself; and being not as organized in my recordkeeping.
        • Health (the current state of your mental, physical and spiritual health – mind, body, soul)
          i like ... my continued exploration of mental/mind and spiritual/soul development, my on-going participation and successes with health month and tiny habits as part of improving my physical/body health.
          i dislike ... being overweight; managing my physical health with meds; not spending more time reconnecting with my reiki abilities; and spending not as much time doing iyengar yoga.
        • Family (the quality of your relationships with family members, siblings, children)
          i like ... being physically closer to family (compared to being in SD) and therefore spending time with my immediate family.
          i dislike ... the frequency of (not as much) interactions with my extended family/relatives and getting to know them better; and not establishing a more consistent amount of time that i spend with my immediate family.
        • Relationships (the quality of your relationships with friends and romantic partners)
          i like ... the loving friends that i have.
          i dislike ... not taking time to be as open and available to a romantic relationship; and not being around as many like-minded, possibility-thinking and doing friends and colleagues.

        (just chugging along on
        blog-journal synching for 31 day reset)

        Thursday, April 5, 2012

        #31dayreset: catch-up day 1

        thanks  @happyblackwoman 

        for the opportunity to participate in 
        from rosetta thurman's happy black woman

        blog catch-up ... indeed, it is april 5, and although i am caught up in my journal notebook, i've got a bit of catching-up on my blog, which i will be doing today and tomorrow - posting assignments on my blog to sync up with my notebook entries.

        tidbits on why i joined ... it just felt like THIS is the month to reset ... i enjoy the self-reflection as i had done so in reverb10 in december 2010, i have been in the process of refreshing my 2012 mash-up goals, and i wanted to "double up" with experiential activity i am doing with nicole maxali's soulwork: creating, acting, living. (also, there is something yet to emerge through my writing that i have yet to discover.)

        day 1 assignment ... beginning with 3 choices to make, the day 1 assignment as shared by rosetta includes -

        • choose a reset notebook to use everyday to "... record your responses, insights and "aha moments" throughout the challenge" 
        • choose a personal mantra "... a positive phrase or affirmative statement that you say to yourself for the purpose of motivation or encouragement ... write it on the first page of your reset notebook as a blessing on everything that will be written and accomplished this month."
        • choose a theme song "want following you around during your daily journey to reset your life ... brings about some kind of motivation or inspiration ... play song as you begin your day or in the background as you reflect on and complete each assignment"

        day 1 responses ... my choices -
        • my notebook ... i choose a brown and beige “RevolveR” notebook (i also have a red moleskine, which i carry around regularly.) i want to have my 31 days reset in a dedicated journal. and the revolver notebook is something new to me. giving it a try.
        • my mantra ... it really wanted my mantra not only to serve as inspiration but to be part of my journey -
          "in querencia, be the catalyst who serves."
          - where i share on my blog post what querencia means
        • my theme song ... although i had batted around a different song, on day 2 i heard a song, which cemented my theme song for this 31 day reset -  “Live Your Life” by Yuna, with the lyrics and a video on my blog 
        (just chugging along on 
        blog-journal synching for 31 day reset)

        Wednesday, April 4, 2012

        short form #improv soon

        MUT's Level E Improvisors

        LOVE @madeuptheatre (on web, facebook, yelp). and WOW! it has actually been a little more than a year since my first class on january 31, 2011 with made up theatre (aka MUT). (WOW!!!)

        (just a quick post about where we are with our level e class) 

        MUT level E = short form improv ... with nearly 100 hours of learning long form improv and after 5 performances of long form improv shows, my 6th performance will be short form improv.  it's quite different from long form, however, it's neat to see how our scene work helps out with some of the short form games we are learning.  

        visit Made Up Theatre
        of the MANY(!) short form games, we've learned (or revisited) other games in addition to those during our first short form class (where we actually SANG!) -  
        • chain murder (like LCD)
        • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song)  
        • what are you doing?
        • new choice (like other choice)
        • say it differently
        • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
        • blind line
        • forward reverse
        - and we are going to learn more. MUT level e consists of eight 2-hour classes. we've just finished our second class, so with easter sunday off, we'll finish up in late may. with that said, we'll likely have show in late may or early june. stay tuned! 

        looking forward to 
        my 6th performance
        giving short-form improv a whirl
        and hope to see you there!

        Tuesday, April 3, 2012

        f|break: yuna

        music ... thanks @yunamusic (on web, facebook, youtube, tumblr) for such a beautiful song - live your life. admittedly, i heard yuna's song for the first time yesterday evening on conan - yuna's first live national television debut. lovely.

        as a side note - i am participating in happy black woman's (aka rosetta thurman) 31 days to reset your life challenge - her april 2012 #31dayreset. for day 1 (april 1), participants were asked to -
        • choose a notebook (for responding to the daily assignment)
        • choose a personal mantra (to be written on the first page of the notebook - as a blessing for all written in the notebook)
        • choose a theme song (to play daily when completing each daily assignment), and
        • share with others about the above three, including why we chose the notebook that we chose

        - and as a participant, i have completed day 1 (which i'll share later), AND i changed my theme song monday night after hearing yuna perform live your life.

        enjoy a music fiber break with yuna (over here)
        for ~3:18 minutes with the beautiful lyrics live your life

        Find your light
        Don’t hide from what you are
        And rise before you fall
        And hope for something more
        Live if you really want to
        All my life I’ve been looking for something amazing
        It’s almost like I’ve been stargazing
        The sky is right above me
        We were meant for something bigger than this
        Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself cause you don’t have to
        All my life my dreams just seemed so far away
        And now it’s like they’re here to stay
        I hold it close to me
        We were meant for something bigger than this
        Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself cause you don’t have to

        (shhh) i kinda cheated ...

        ... on @fluevog (on web, google+facebook, youtube) with tod - tod's shoes (on web), that is. however, the my fluegasm is at 24 - yes, i have a new pair of boots, BUT more on that a little later.

        my little indiscretion ... it happened in nevada. yes, i was in vegas in early march. i've waited nearly a month to confess this little indiscretion. indeed, this is my moment of -
        "what happened in vegas ... isn't quite staying in vegas" 
        with a personal day in vegas after a cubeopolis-related activity, i scored my s'mores mocha and a new pair of shoes. i spent a bit of time at the forum, which houses a bunch o' stores (major big time walk-a-thon!).

        spring is in the air ... my excuse to shop at the forum? i "needed" another power cord for my laptop. right, a power cord ... and i HAD TO buy it THAT DAY- just like i HAD TO buy a pair of blue, patent leather mary janes because i don't ... uhm ... have a pair of ... uh ... shoes - i mean mary janes ... i mean blue shoes. i mean, it's the spring season. although it's not quite part of the spring 2012 colors via pantone, i'm sure i could sport some fun, blue nail polish.

        thanks jeff ... meanwhile, today, i received a nice message from jeff, who graciously introduced me to my first pair of tod's -
        "Just wanted to say 'hello'! I hope all is well with you, and that you are loving your new Mary Jane's that you purchased while visiting Vegas. I recall that you are a John Fluevog devotee, so I was hoping they measured up to your expectations. 
        It has been a bit breezy here and chilly, but in no time it will be 100 degrees. Nothing that you will ever have to worry about living in the Bay area!!! 
        Have a great week, I will be in touch."
        and yes, i am enjoying my tod's ... thank you, jeff! 

        adriana | nuni
        now for my 24th FLUEGASM ... yes, back in january, the official count was 23. and if you are reading this and shaking your head left to right, then don't read on. just don't. this is my little moment to share what makes my feet happy and what puts a smile on my face. and i'm going to enjoy it without disapproval. i approve!

        i purchased my 24th fluevog from the flue-daddies at the haight street fluevog storeand with the moral support and guidance from j-ro, who cheerfully selected a few boots and shoes for my feet, i'm loving my nuni boots described as -
        "Featuring a men's swing toe last, eyelets and speedlaces, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Nuni is both militaristic and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while still looking adorable. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Nuni boots will look great with age. Drawn as a Radio BBC boot meets a work site boot, The Nuni is named after our favourite deep sea diver with a "take no prisoners" attitude. A thankful person is a happy person."
        i am a thankful person.
        thank you to jeff at tod's 
        and jim at fluevog -
        my shoe godfathers!
        (oh - and thanks to joanne, of course.)

        Monday, April 2, 2012

        f|break: dance-tacular

        thanks @StevieRyan (on web, facebook (stevie), facebook (vh1 stevie)youtube) for the awesome craziness you bring to pop culture's characters crazy people. you are now part of my guilty pleasure couch potato moments (and i have thinned out my dvr, so i'm sure not to miss any of your sketches).

        enjoy a fiber break with stevie (over here)
        for ~ 3:28 minutes with dance mom abby lee miller 
        (the real dance mom abby over here on lifetime, in case you didn't know) 

        fear and shame are the number one tools ...
        ... dancing robot that runs on glitter, make-up, and flintstones' chewables
        chloe better shoot right out of abby's ass ... top of that pyramid
        ... start careers ... local exotic dance facilities ...

        Sunday, April 1, 2012

        springtime thanks to @billn6 and ...

        a springtime thanks to ...
        delicate flower, harold's girl, moronicus, joe's pizza, oracle, 
        and mom and dad,
        as i refresh and reignite 
        my 2012 mash-up goals
        from my 2012 goals mash-up
        since SD and BA, pre-cubeopolis and cubeopolis, 
        you have been greatly appreciated touchstones in my life!

        and now it's springtime 2012 ... i'm cleaning and re-cleaning house (figuratively and literally). i'm refreshing my 2012 mash-up goals to reignite the excitement of it all. YET before i dig in too deep and reflect on my 2012 mash-up goals, a few thanks for the on-going support for a few* who've been around for the long haul (pre-cubeopolis) -
        • for @billn6 (aka delicate flower, shacked up with harold's girl... remember the comment you made last year when i wrote about what i'm doing with my yhd2011? you shared - 
        "You are way too organized lady. Don't let that engineer-organinzed brain stop your creative brain."  
        • for @jenimvt (aka harold's girl... oh, soul sister! i cannot thank you enough for your 2007 hospitality - hanging out with delicate flower, junior, and senior. how did we get separated at birth? well, aside from not having the same parents, your being quite a bit younger, and our being different ethnic backgrounds, i mean HOW?! and for that, i have appreciated our banters via text messages, facebook, and the magic of the revolving smartphones we have owned!

        • for moronicus ... in addition to the napkin-life-planning-at-chili's-back-in-the-day, remember that comment you made (circa 2006!) about dating and giving me a moniker? you shared -
        "I'll start with Marianas Trench ... shirlnutkin's way too deep to explore, and if you do manage to go there, she'll crush you like an eggshell."
        • for joe's pizza ... indeed i have ALWAYS valued and grown from my commute-calls to you in sun-diego! and i appreciate your thinking i'm not a "safe" choice when you shared -

          "... assigning a “safe” choice may be the riskiest decision in terms of achieving [one's] goals."
        • for oracle ... your nifty spews have ALWAYS been appreciated (and i am sure your family appreciates your words). who'd have thunk that a decade later since first voice-voicing, we are still voice-voicing?!

          "sometimes logic must give way to equity."
        • for mom and dad ... and of course, the support of and belief from my mom and dad has shaped me in ways for which i likely am only scratching the surface, while i continue to dig deep into my soul. with april a bit melancholy (since my dad's death in april 2002), perhaps it's why i reflect more deeply around this time of year. 

        for this, i will share a 3 part blog post as i refresh my 2012 mash-up goals knowing of the support from friends and family. (and separately, i must say to delicate flower and harold's girl ... it's been TOO LONG for the eyeball-to-eyeball. must get the visuals before senior is in high school.)

        thanks again, 
        delicate flower, harold's girl, 
        moronicus, joe's pizza, oracle, 
        and mom and dad

        * this is not to say that others have not been supportive. 
        it's just saying that back in the SD days (crossing into the millenium), 
        these peeps have shared my on-going evolution, unconditionally and graciously. 

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