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#31dayreset: catch-up day 2

thanks @happyblackwoman for my day 1: start here. now onto the next assignment.

(check out 31 days over here)

day 2: take an honest assessment of your life ... for this assignment, this involved looking at my current reality in a two-part exercise. the purpose of this exercise is -
  1. to force you to own up to exactly which areas you’d like to improve upon in your life. 
  2. to give you encouragement to build on what’s already great about it.
to start off, rosetta asks that i look at seven areas in my life and identify what I LIKE and what I DISLIKE.

seven areas ... rosetta provided the seven areas to take an honest assessment of my life, so here we go -
  • Lifestyle (satisfaction with where you live/living environment, how you spend your leisure time)
    i like ... the come and go freedom to choose (activities, personal time, socializing, exercise, etc.); proximity to family; and options to experience diversity of food, cultures, activities, etc.
    i dislike ... distance and convenience to the types of activities i enjoy (urban setting); not yet established consistent/disciplined management of my time around various pursuits and interests; not having as many like-minded folks to bounce ideas and create things more regularly in the areas of servant leadership, creative expression, and possibility-thinking and doing; the much less prevalent, hyper (or heightened?) intense critical thinking and discourse comparable to what i did more of when i lived in san diego; not having a pet; and being slow about kick-starting anthrocubeology.
  • Work (satisfaction with where you work right now, what you do to earn your living)
    i like ... the intended mission and objective of the place i work, where its located (in the city); reading technical/trade journals and magazines (and i get paid to do so - woo-hoo!); problem-solving, working with people, and sharing information to further a better environment for all.
    i dislike ... elements of the organization's culture that can/does result in workplace dissatisfaction; doing less technical work compared my previous work where i did much more technical work; traditional structure; and can't have pets at work.
  • Education (satisfaction with your educational attainment to date – college, vocational school and other learning goals)
    i like ... the accomplishment of earning my engineering degree; the skill sets (of problem solving) from my college experience that i've used throughout life; and taking courses for personal and professional development.
    i dislike ... the limited flexibility i had to take courses outside my college major and thus not formally learn (during college) about other areas such as social sciences, arts, and physical sciences; not establishing a consistent time frame for creating my anthrocubeology website.
  • Finances (the current state of your budget/money management, salary, net worth, debt-to-income ratio)
    i like ... i can provide for myself and the lifestyle i enjoy; am not in debt; have been saving money/investing.
    i dislike ... i will not retire as early as i would have liked; i am not donating money to causes as much as i had done so in the past; i am reliant on a financial planner rather than doing so directly for myself; and being not as organized in my recordkeeping.
  • Health (the current state of your mental, physical and spiritual health – mind, body, soul)
    i like ... my continued exploration of mental/mind and spiritual/soul development, my on-going participation and successes with health month and tiny habits as part of improving my physical/body health.
    i dislike ... being overweight; managing my physical health with meds; not spending more time reconnecting with my reiki abilities; and spending not as much time doing iyengar yoga.
  • Family (the quality of your relationships with family members, siblings, children)
    i like ... being physically closer to family (compared to being in SD) and therefore spending time with my immediate family.
    i dislike ... the frequency of (not as much) interactions with my extended family/relatives and getting to know them better; and not establishing a more consistent amount of time that i spend with my immediate family.
  • Relationships (the quality of your relationships with friends and romantic partners)
    i like ... the loving friends that i have.
    i dislike ... not taking time to be as open and available to a romantic relationship; and not being around as many like-minded, possibility-thinking and doing friends and colleagues.

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