Thursday, April 26, 2012

week 4 at MUT Level E #improv

MUT's level E improvisors
OVER HERE is what we've learned 
through week 3 in Level E with Made Up Theatre

what about week 4?! ... we learned five more short-from improv games and refreshed with two games we learned the past weeks.

mixing it up ... for our fourth class, sean flew solo keeping us moving through our games. class was a great mix - quick, short games mixed in with "scene" games. good times, with a few challenging times, and that's what makes it FUN! here are the games we played in our fourth class on april 22, as well as the other three weeks before.
  • our fourth class
    meet sean

    • dirty hand randy
    • scene replay (kinda how it's described here)
    • home shopping network (a repeat ... so a few folks who weren't at week 3 could learn the game)
    • foreign movie  (kinda how it's described here)
    • 185 (a repeat ... because it's fun)
    • last action joke 
    • object freeze  (kinda how it's described here)
    • our third week
    • "A -B -C-B," so says Bobby

        • home shopping network (kinda how it's described here)
        • sound effects (kinda how it's described here)
        • siamese twin
        • world's worst ... (kinda how it's described here)
        • love song (yes ... a bit of a repeat from week 1 with a little tweak)
      • our second class
        • chain murder (like LCD)
        • irish drinking song (like irish drinking song
        • what are you doing?
        • new choice (like other choice)
        • say it differently
        • 185 (as in "185 ____ walk into a bar, ...)
        • blind lines
        • forward reverse
      • our first class
        visit made up theatre

          • story / instruction manual
          • cassanova / pick up
          • love song
          • playground insults
          • moving bodies

        OUR NEXT PERFORMANCE ... our graduation from level E will showcase what we've learned during our short form improv experience. save the date . . .
        • where: made up theatre - 3392 seldon court, which is off of osgood road (near fry's). 
        • when: sunday, may 20
        • what time: 
          • door opens at 7:30 pm.
          • show begins at 8:00 pm (pretty promptly).
            the show will run about an hour.
        • how much: $5 per person (for convenience, cash only, please). 
        committing to make bold choices...
        join us at our performance in several weeks

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